6 Anime like Dusk Maiden of Amnesia [Recommendations]

Who doesn’t like a good ol’ fashioned love story? Yes sir, a love story with a talking ghost girl, a boy who has the ability to see ghosts, and a paranormal club that stumbles upon the dark events from their town’s past. Okay, that’s not your everyday romance, but that’s exactly what Dusk Maiden of Amnesia gave us and we loved it! Filled with an even balance of ecchi, humor, romance and mystery, Dusk Maiden makes for a pleasant and enjoyable anime to experience. But do you have a craving for more romantic mystery anime after finishing Dusk Maiden? Then give some of these anime below a try! These are 6 anime like Dusk Maiden of Amnesia.

Similar Anime to Tasogare Otome × Amunejia / Similar Anime to Dusk Maiden of Amnesia

1. ef - A Tale of Melodies

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Oct. 2008 – Dec. 2008

Ask most people what anime is most similar to Dusk Maiden and people will most likely respond with ef - A Tale of Melodies. The basic story is split between two plotlines, one about Yu and his various friends in the past and the other focusing on their current places in life. Their intimate lives and intertwined pasts are revealed throughout each episode, leading to the eventual truth of the entire anime.

Just like Dusk Maiden of Amnesia, ef tales of melodies is an anime on the cusp of mystery, drama, romance and the supernatural all rolled into one. Also, just like Dusk Maiden, the flashbacks are an essential part of the story within Tales of Melodies. Other than the past being a major part in figuring out the underlying questions in either anime, there are much more to distinguished. The first similarity one will notice is that the visuals are very much alike. By that we don’t only mean the backgrounds and character designs, but this includes the imagery within the series itself. Not surprising, considering they both have the same director Shin Onuma (yeah, kind of hard to describe, but you’ll see what we mean once you watch the two series). Second of all, they have the same feel to them. Both start off innocent and seem “normal” to the naked eye (as far as normal can be when it includes being able to see a ghost girl).

As you continue to watch either of them, a slight change occurs where elements of surrealism come into play, with the anime slowly revealing the sad but all-too-real truth. Both of which have to do with each anime’s Yuko and her past. Oh, did we forget to mention the female lead in ef tales of melodies is also named Yuko? And lastly, without giving out too much detail, the endings are very similar, with Dusk Maiden’s described by some as a cheesier ending of ef’s. But this is a sequel, so it is warned you should watch ef Tales of Memories beforehand in order to understand who the characters are and… basically why everything's as it is in general.

2. Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi (Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

  • Episodes: 11
  • Aired: Apr 2011 – June 2011

Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day is about Jinta Yadomi and Meiko “Menma” Honma and their group of friends. Unfortunately, Meiko was killed in an accident when they were young, resulting in Meiko’s friends slowly distancing themselves from each other. One fateful summer, Meiko appears before Jinta and tells him she has to have her wish granted in order to move on to the next world. Giving off a nostalgic sense of childhood while also giving off a feeling of maturity, Anohana the Flower We Saw That Day (yeesh that’s a mouthful to say every time) is a perfect anime for pulling at one’s heartstrings and making you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. But just like Dusk Maiden, the story is bittersweet.

The most obviously similarity between the two would be how the main character is the only one who can see the ghost girl. If Teichii is Jinta to Anohana, then Yuko is Meiko to Anohana as well. Another similarity would have to be how both Meiko and Yuko are bound to the Earth, unable to free themselves without the help of their friends and fulfilling their final wish. But plot isn’t the only thing these two anime have in common; they also share several similar themes to one another. The main motif in both works would be dealing with one’s problems in a healthy and positive manner. In Dusk Maiden, Yuko became bound to the Earth because of her rage and anger aimed towards the townspeople who wronged her. In Anohana, Jinta and his friends grow apart after Meiko’s death, never talking less mention the topic to each other.

Other minor similarities include the romance, mystery, and drama elements prevalent in both. Both are also aimed at an adolescent in mind, so the themes of love and friendship are also explored as well. All-in-all, Anohana The Flower We Saw That Day is an anime that seems like Dusk Maiden of Amnesia but feels like a Studio Ghibli film.

3. Another

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Jan 2012 – Mar 2012

Another is an anime about yet a high school student who has just started his new life at Yomiyama North Middle School. This student, Kouichi Sakakibara, tries to adjust accordingly once in his class of 3-3. But unbeknownst to Kouichi, dark dealings surround the class he’s been placed, involving the mysterious deaths of his fellow peers and the ostracized eye-patched Mei Misaki. As Kouichi’s relationship grows with Mei, the entirety of Class 3-3 begins to experience the curse supposedly set upon their unfortunate classroom. In a nutshell, Another takes the dreary and horror elements of Dusk Maiden, focusing more on the gory details rather than any romance lovey-dovey themes.

Another’s anime design is very similar to Dusk Maiden’s in both quality and in visual appeal. The facial structure of characters (eyes, expressions), body proportions, not to mention the backgrounds are flawless in detail. If one was to watch Another then switch over to an episode of Dusk Maiden, you may think they were animated by the same studio; but in actuality, Silver Link animated Dusk Maiden while Another was animated by P.A. Works. Just as in Dusk Maiden, Another has a macabre, unnerving atmosphere to it. Straight from the get-go of Another, the music (along with the gloomy shots of the town) puts the viewer on guard, always making the audience expect something dreadful or horrid is about to happen.

When watching Another, one cannot help but point out the similarities between the character’s of Yuko and Mei, that being their relation of existence to others and the world around them. In Mei’s case, she’s ignored and pretended to not even exist in the same class as the other student’s of class 3-3 with an exception with Kouichi, while Yuko is forcibly invisible to everyone else excluding Teiichi. These force relations with their respected eerie females lead the males to inevitably investigate their past. If you enjoyed the mystery and supernatural elements of Dusk Maiden but expected to see more horror and gruesome action, this series is definitely for you.

Any Anime Like Tasogare Otome × Amunejia/ Any Anime Like Dusk Maiden of Amnesia?

4. Ghost Hound (Shinreigari: Ghost Hound)

  • Episodes: 22
  • Aired: Oct 2007 – Apr 2008

From the studio that brought us Ghost in the Shell comes this contemporary tale about Taro Komori, a 14-year-old boy who was kidnapped at the age of 3. His sister didn’t survive the ordeal, and as a result Taro tries to overcome her death through therapy. Along with his friends Miyako Komagusu and Masayuki Nakajima, not to mention his relative Makoto Ogami, they begin to investigate Taro’s kidnapping and the baffling circumstances surrounding the event. They also have to deal with out of body experiences, entering a spirit world unseen by everyone else and deal with a religious cult and spirits on the way. Oh Nakamura, you never fail to disappoint. With a plot that is slow in pacing, the action within the series gradually increasing as you reach the eventual conclusion.

Similarities between Ghost Hound and Dusk Maiden? Starting with the basics, the plots are more or less the same thing. A group of people from different backgrounds are brought together due to one major event that took place in the past i.e. the kidnapping of the Komori children. These close groups of friends also try to solve various mysteries plaguing not only their town but themselves as well. The main characters in their respected series (Taro and Yuko) have past involving the deaths of their loved ones or those close to them. This troubled past gives these the abilities they currently have; abilities that they never wanted nor had control over in the first place. If you decide to watch Ghost Hound, keep in mind that it’s more centered on narrative and mystery, so don’t expect too much humor or gore as in the previously mentioned series.

5. Denpa teki na Kanojo (The Radio Wave-Like Girlfriend)

  • Episodes: 2
  • Aired: Feb 2009 – Dec 2009

This short but bittersweet series focuses on school delinquent Juu Juuzawa who runs into odd girl Ame Ochibana. Claiming to have been his loyal knight from a previous life, Ame declares her undying service to her “king”. Obviously freaked out by her statements, Juu pushes her away, only accepting her assistance when a deranged serial killer murders one of Juu’s friends. This psychological thriller will pique the mystery-seeking detective in all of us while also providing thought provoking concepts along the way.

On the surface, Dusk Maiden and Radio Wave-Like Girl don’t have much in common, but their similarities are more skin deep once you get to the bottom of it. Already both anime provide an interesting albeit run-of-the-mill mystery that becomes more complex the longer one watches it. The Radio Wave anime, similar to Dusk Maiden and Another, take a turn into a very different path as their stories press onward. Dusk Maiden’s plot slowly shifts from a ghost girl and a living boy that has a crush on her to a literal soul-searching quest, and Radio Wave GF shifts from your stereotypical odd ball girl goes for the typical delinquent boy into a… mystery solving duo that try to capture a serial killer… That’s not even the major turn of events in Radio Wave GF! Unlike Dusk Maiden, this series is more focused on drama without any hint of ecchi jokes or tendencies, so expect a serious plot driven series. As a recommendation, if you liked how Dusk Maiden ended up, you’ll most likely enjoy Radio-Wave GF.

6. Sankarea (Sankarea: Undying Love)

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Apr 2012 – Jun 2012

Chihiro Furuya is a high school student who has a certain taste for a certain kind of girl. To be blunt, he’s a total necrophiliac. He lives his normal day-to-day lifestyle at his home, watching zombie films and fantasizing about his perfect dream girl. Then his pet cat Babu becomes road kill. Thinking that it was unfair for his precious cat to die at such a young age, Chihiro decides to bring him back to life (don’t worry, he has a book that can raise back the dead). While creating the resurrection potion, he comes across Rea Sanka, a rich girl and the headmaster’s daughter of the prestigious Sanka Academy. As she vents her problems out at an abandoned warehouse, she meets Chihiro and learns his attraction to zombie girls. She later drinks his zombie potion meant for his cat, becomes a zombie and they try to experience the normal gf-bf relationship.

The main similarity between Dusk Maiden and Sankarea would have to be the odd relationship between the two main characters. The male characters are in love or fall in love with girls who are dead in the complete sense of the word. Yet they’re okay with having a ghost as a girlfriend (or zombie in Chihiro’s case). It should also be mentioned that both Dusk Maiden and Sankarea while being humorous and lighthearted in nature, there are underlying themes of desecration and exploitation. If you need an example, Rea’s relationship with her father is strained due to his attraction to his own daughter. While the last recommendations have been more plot heavy and mystery themed, this is perfect for the person who just wants to watch an anime for laughs and giggles… and if they enjoy the raunchy humor in Dusk Maiden.


Whether you prefer romantic comedies or romantic mysteries, we at Honey’s Anime think you’ll be quite satisfied with our recommendations, And that brings us to the end of Honey’s picks for anime similar to Dusk Maiden of Amnesia. Do you agree with our selection? Did we forget any specific anime? Post in the comments below what other anime are similar to Dusk Maiden or why you disagree with our choices and we’ll see you next time.

by Danny