6 Anime Like Soul Eater [Updated Recommendations]

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Are you craving for some action packed scenes, hysterical comedy, awe-inspiring adventure, or a unique supernatural world? Then look no further as Soul Eater will gladly show you this! Soul Eater was originally a manga written and Illustrated by Atsushi Okubo whose anime adaptation was handled by Studio Bones which then began airing in April of 2008. It had 51 episodes during its run and was followed by a spin-off called Soul Eater NOT!. It’s a good anime showcasing teamwork, friendship and hearty adventures with companions.

In Death City, there is an academy called Death Weapon Meister Academy where students are trained to stop the monstrous Kishin from rising. In the academy, there are humans who have weapon genes, they have the ability to transform into their weapon form. But to be really useful, humans who are good at fighting, called Meisters, wield them. The Meisters’ goal is to collect 99 defeated evil humans plus one witch in order for the demon weapon to turn into a death scythe.

Take note that this is an updated list of our former article about 6 anime like Soul Eater. After reading this article, why not read it for more recommendations? It’s below this one so feel free to check it out. Now on to our list!

Similar Anime to Soul Eater

1. Noragami

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Jan. 2014- Mar. 2014

Iki Hiyori found herself staring at her own unconscious body after being in an accident. In the hospital, she meets a young man claiming to be a delivery God and he explains to her that her soul has slipped out of her body. Wanting to get back to her body, she pleads to the God to change her back to normal again. The God will only heed her wishes if she makes a wish to him for 5 yen. Thus starts the unpredictable life of Hiyori in the world of Gods, spirits, and demons.

Noragami is definitely a must watch when you are looking for something very similar to Soul Eater. The very obvious resemblance between these two is how some characters in both shows are able to transform into their weapon forms and are wielded by strong fighters. In Noragami, souls that are left untainted after their death due to accidents or being murdered can be claimed by any God by giving them a new name. They are called Regalias who can transform into different items that help the God in times of need. Gods and Regalias have the same relationship between Meister and Demon Weapon. They must work together as one team in order to be more powerful when fighting deadly creatures that lurk at every corner. Both shows are done by studio Bones so expect the high-quality visuals and soundtracks that Noragami will offer.

Noragami - Official Trailer

2. D. Gray-Man

  • Episodes: 103
  • Aired: Oct. 2006-Sept. 2008

D. Gray-man has the same big cast like Soul Eater has. It centers around friendships, teamwork, and camaraderie. D. Gray-man is good when it comes to character progression just like how it is with Soul Eater. The sequel, D.Gray-man Hollow, is currently airing so go ahead and watch it! The story revolves around the adventures of Allen Walker as he becomes an exorcist to stop the Millennium Earl in his plans and to gather innocence during his missions.

D. Gray-man and Soul Eater have the same overall concept when it comes to world building. Another one that was produced by studio Bones, D. Gray-man features exorcists fighting against Akuma to make the world safe, just like what Soul Eater primarily does. If Soul Eater has Death Weapon Meister Academy, which is run by Shinigami, D. Gray-man, on the other hand, has the Black order that is run by the Vatican. Both are organizations that are intent on maintaining order in their respective world.

Also, just like how demon weapons in Soul Eater are important, one big factor in D. Gray-man is their weapon called innocence. Innocence is not humans per se, but these are shards that can bond with chosen humans for them to be used as a purifying weapon. Compatibility between a human and an innocence is highly important, just like in Soul Eater where Meister and Demon weapon must have the same wavelength. In Soul Eater, If wavelengths between Meister and Demon weapon are low, it can result in the death of one of the two parties, but if it is high, it can manifest a far greater power. While in D. Gray-man, If synchronization rate is too low, then humans can turn into monsters called the fallen ones, but if it is higher, the innocence will exceed more of its potential.

D.Gray-man - Season 1 Part 1 Trailer

3. Blood Lad

  • Episodes: 10
  • Aired: Jul. 2013-Sept. 2013

Staz Charlie Blood is supposed to be your average Otaku who likes to collect games, manga, and anime related things, but he is not, as he is a noble vampire that governs one of the territories of the demon world. Meanwhile, we have Fuyumi Yanagi who enters a portal towards the demon world that opened in her bedroom. There, the two meet and Staz immediately takes a liking to the girl until a monster kills Fuyumi turning her into a ghost. Staz, therefore, goes on a quest in search of how to revive Fuyumi.

Essentially, Blood Lad and Soul Eater deviate when it comes to the plot, but if you are looking for the same vibes you had with Soul Eater, then take this and watch it when you have the time. The Gothic feel around this anime blends well with its action-packed scenes and its comic relief scenes. It is also full of quirky characters like Soul Eater. Soul Eater and Blood Lad are rich with supernatural concepts that will keep you entertained all the way.

BLOOD LAD Anime - Official Dub Preview Trailer - Own it 9/2/14

Any Anime Like Soul Eater?

4. Kekkaishi (Barrier Master)

  • Episodes: 52
  • Aired: Oct. 2006-Feb. 2008

Legend has it, that five-hundred years ago, there was a lord that unknowingly kept luring supernatural beings towards him. He was then protected by Tokimori Hazama until his death. Despite this, his power stayed on the land. So Tokimori created the Hazama clan to protect the sacred land called Karasumori. Fast forward to present day, Yoshimori Sumimura and Tokine Yukimura are the current heirs of the Hazama clan. Together they fight for the safety of Karasumori while learning little by little the truth behind the sacred land’s secret.

Kekkaishi is another show about killing demons. Just like in Soul Eater where Meisters and Demon Weapons take missions to destroy Kishin and maintain order, Kekkaishi are demon exterminators that protect the Karasumori or also known as the sacred land. Both showcase splendid action scenes and occasional comedy in them. It’s a good old fun watch, so why not give it a try?

4. Busou Renkin

  • Episodes: 26
  • Aired: Oct. 2006-Mar. 2007

From the same creator behind the classic legend, Rurouni Kenshin, comes another great piece that is Busou Renkin. One Night, our dark brown haired hero Muto Kazuki was killed after saving a girl from a monster. The girl, Tsumamura Tokiko, felt responsible for his death. She then replaced his heart into a Kagugane which in the process made him able to materialize a weapon called Busou Renkin. With his new life, Kazuki embarks on a journey as he joins the Alchemist army to stop the monsters that haunt the people.

Busou Renkin and Soul Eater present us with a “your best weapon is yourself” aspect. Humans who have acquired a device named Kagugane are able to create weapons called Busou Renkin based on the user’s personality. Just like how DWMA focuses on stopping Kishin and making strong death scythes, there is an organization called Alchemist Army that focuses on killing homunculi and create the Philosopher’s stone. If you want something like Soul Eater, then you can’t go wrong with this.

6. Servamp

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Jul. 2016-Currently Airing

For our next recommendation, we have chosen Servamp. Servamp is made by the mangaka Strike Tanaka which was adapted into an anime by Studio Brain’s Brain and Platinum Vision. Shirota Mahiro likes everything that is simple. After his classes are done, he decides to go to town and along the way saw a cat lying helplessly on the ground. Of course, the simplest thing to do is to pick it up so he did. What he doesn’t realize is that the cat he calls Kuro is nothing ordinary. To make matters worse Mahiru accidentally made a contract with Kuro, proclaiming that he is the vampire “sleepy ash”. Now stuck in a contract, Mahiru is pulled into the world of Eves and Servamps.

Servamp’s main concept is the relationship between an Eve and a Servamp. Same as Meister and Demon weapons, Eves are humans who have control over vampires called Servamps (Servant Vampire) in exchange for giving them blood. Eves can also acquire a special weapon called Lead with the help of their Servamps. Having a Servamp means having great power, so a person who is indecisive and unsure about his path can be deadly to the Eve as they can be overwhelmed by the Servamp and kill them. Just as when Meisters and Demon weapons are not on the same wavelength. It’s airing right now so why not give it a shot!?


That’s it for our 6 anime like Soul Eater. All of these shows are filled with action, supernatural elements, and of course comedy. These shows also heavily rely on teamwork. One cannot fight without the help of the other. So, did we manage to get you to watch something? What are more animes like Soul Eater that you may want to add? For more anime similar to Soul Eater, then go look at our previous article regarding this anime.

Well then our dear anime folks, till next time, now signing off!~

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Original Article Below

Good old Soul Eater. I actually started this show while in the middle of season three of bleach. Someone told me that it was a great condensed version of bleach that was supposed to bring closure and a swift, good ending. Boy, did it ever! This show has 51 episodes which I feel was just about right. It wasn’t too long and drawn out (*coughInuyashacough*) but it wasn’t too short either. (Hey, I DID enjoy Inuyasha though)

My favorite character has to be Black Star. He was great; even if he was there for comedic relief most of the time. Death the Kid was also funny with his OCD and the need for things to be symmetric. The music for this show is great too! My favorite part however, is the fact that the weapon partners, Soul eater, Tsubaki, Liz and Patty, can actually turn into weapons. Yet, they have their own different and unique personalities. I think this is a great spin on weapon toting heroes and heroines. Because countless anime out there will pretend like the main weapon has a soul or personality, but the viewer never really sees it!

Soul Eater is jam packed full of action, sci-fi, adventure, and comedy. It’s perfect if you’re wanting a slightly mild version of bleach with enough action and drama to keep you hooked, or if you’re just looking for a great show all around that touches on almost all major genres! With that in mind, here are six more!

Similar Anime to Soul Eater

1. Soul Eater Not!

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Apr 2014 – Jul 2014

You should know that this would obviously be my first choice. Soul Eater Not! is a side story to Soul Eater. While it isn’t an official sequel, it still has enough merit to stand on its own. Soul Eater Not! is a bit more heavy on the comedy while keeping the action and supernatural aspects, and introducing a bit more of a Slice of Life genre to the Soul Eater franchise.

Soul Eater Not! follows Tsugumi Harudori, who one day sees that her leg is transforming into a weapon. She is then promptly pulled from school in the real world and sent to the Death Weapon Meister Academy, where she is to learn how to be a proper weapon and exist in everyday life. She enters the Normally Overcome Target (NOT) class and meets two girls whom she befriends.

They both have the potential to be her meister towards the end. However, things start happening in the school, so while they learn to harness their abilities, they start dealing with the incidents one by one. Not to be forgotten, the main characters from Soul Eater, such as Masa, Black Star, Soul Eater, etc. also make appearances in the show as well!

2. Ao No Exorcist (Blue Exorcist)

  • Episodes: 25 + 1OVA + 1Movie
  • Aired: Apr 2011 – Oct 2011

It brings me great pleasure to suggest Ao no Exorcist to you. I loved the entire series from start to finish. Heavy on the supernatural and action, this shonen show rocks! I did successfully one shot this show in a day because it was just that good and engaging.

Ao no Exorcist follows Rin and his twin brother Yuiko raised by their father, an exorcist. One day, they learn that they are sons of Satan while their father is tragically killed. Rin breaks his promise to his father and unsheathes his sword releasing his demonic powers. From that point forward, he always has his demonic powers and characteristics. At his father’s funeral, he meets a man who agrees to become his guardian.

Rin enrolls in an academy to learn how to be the strongest exorcist, and to his surprise, he learns that his brother is actually already a veteran exorcist and his teacher! The academy serves to keep the human realm and the world of demons separate. Unfortunately, Satan has set his sights on the human realm and wants to use Rin. So, as Rin sets out to become the strongest exorcist, can he make it in time to prevent Satan from coming to our world? Check it out to find out!

3. Bleach

  • Episodes: 366 + 4 movies
  • Aired: Oct 2004 – Mar 2012

Liked Soul Eater? Want more? Well good news!!! You can have your cake and eat it too! Next on this list is Bleach! As I stated in my intro, Soul Eater is a shorter version of bleach. So if you saw Soul Eater and even remotely enjoyed it, you’ll definitely like bleach! Bleach is rich in action, adventure and the supernatural, just like Soul Eater.

Bleach follows Ichigo Kurosaki, and ever since he was a child, Ichigo could always see ghosts and spirits. One night, while out and about, a spirit attacks him. While another death god named Rukia is supposed to save him, she can't due to her injuries and transfers her powers to Ichigo.

Now as a death god, he helps take over for Rukia by defeating the evil spirits, or hollows as they are called, which are terrorizing his town. He also finds out that a few of his classmates have powers too! Befriending them, he sets out on a mission to find out more about these hollows and the death god lifestyle.

Any Animes Like Soul Eater ?

4. Hagane no Renkinjutsushi (Fullmetal Alchemist)

  • Episodes: 51*
  • Aired: Oct 2003 – Oct 2004

It’s time for a good old throwback! I always try to include one. Fullmetal Alchemist was another one of the very first few anime I ever saw. I could watch this show over and over for the dramatizations. This show also dips heavily into the action, supernatural, and sci-fi genres.

The first rule of alchemy states that something must be lost in order for something to be gained. However, this rule can be sidestepped if one has the mythological Philosopher’s Stone. Edward and Alphonse Elric are raised by their mother after their father left the family. One day she falls ill and never seems to get better.

She tragically dies and the boys are left to be raised by their friend Winry and her grandmother. In an attempt to bring their mother back, the boys try to transmute her back to life using alchemy. How little do they know as transmuting human lives is forbidden. Ed loses an arm and his leg in the process and Alphonse loses his entire body.

Last minute decision, Ed attaches Alphonse’s soul to a suit of armor. Now they are on a very dangerous journey to get the Philosopher’s Stone, and to get Ed’s missing limbs and Alphonse’s body back. However, they aren’t the only ones who want this stone of unlimited power…

5. Pandora Hearts

  • Episodes: 25 + 9 OVA
  • Aired: Apr 2009 – Sept 2009

I also think Pandora Hearts fits this list well. It’s a bit more how-to-do, considering it has a more elegant opening, but that doesn’t stop it from being a great adventure, shonen, fantasy, and supernatural anime with a dash of Mystery.

Oz Vessalius is a very well-to-do boy. He has everything he could possibly want, living a life of luxury. How nice a life like that must be! The only trouble he seems to ever encounter is that his father is constantly absent from his life. On the day he turns 15, he has a coming-of-age ceremony. For some odd reason, he is seized and thrown into a prison known as the “abyss”, where he is saved by a “chain” known as Alice.

With no real clear reason or guidance, Oz is now locked up in the “Abyss”. Now, Oz sets out on a journey to find out why he’s there, why Alice saved him, where she even fits into the equation that is his life, and what this mysterious organization called “Pandora” is and why they need him.

6. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (Gurren Lagann)

  • Episodes: 27 + 2 movies
  • Aired: Apr 2007 – Sept 2007

If you haven’t seen this anime, you’ve been living under a rock. Stop everything that you are doing right now, and watch this show. I’m not joking. Gurren Lagann is probably one of the most enjoyable series that I’ve ever watched. I picked this one because of the action and adventure that's in the show. Soul Eater and Gurren Lagann have similar art styles as well.

In the future, the Earth is ruled by Lordgenome, and he forces all humans to live in subterranean villages. Under no circumstances are humans to ever reach the surface. So they dig down into the Earth’s crust. Well, one day, a boy named Simon finds a drill and then a small gunmen robot. Encouraged by Kamina, the man Simon looks up to, they try to break through the ceiling and out into the world… only to have a giant robot gunman come crashing through the ceiling.

After defeating it, they team up with Yoko to find out just what has happened to the world while humans have been underground, and to save it from Lordgenome…

There we go! That concludes my list of six anime similar to Soul Eater! I should point out that while I did list Fullmetal Alchemist, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood does deserve a special mention in this list. They are good, but the stories are very different. Some of the characters are even different!

If I had to suggest one, why not start with Soul Eater Not!? You can still ride the wave of good feels from Soul Eater. If you want a bit more adrenaline pumping in your veins and the same concept, then go for Bleach!

Did I hit the mark? Are they shows you like? What would you have suggested differently? Fire off in the comments below and let me know how you feel about it!

Soul-Eater-dvd1-300x417 6 Anime Like Soul Eater [Updated Recommendations]


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