6 Anime Like Takt Op. Destiny [Recommendations]

We are loving the musical sci-fi anime series Takt Op. Destiny, a blend of impressive battles, classic action, and post-apocalyptic road trips, everything coming together through classical music. We've picked six more titles that will keep you company between weekly episode releases, and after the completion of this season. The elements we focused on are great soundtracks, universes where music—or another element—is prohibited, a leading duette of opposite characters with unique talents, like Takt and Destiny, colorful animation, emotionless-looking leading female characters, and a game-like aesthetic. Let’s take a look!

Similar Anime to Takt Op. Destiny

1. Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song (Vivy -Fluorite Eye's Song-)

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: April 2021 - June 2021

Vivy is the first autonomous AI tasked with singing beautifully and bringing happiness to the masses. However, she has long been forgotten and is now part of an attraction in an amusement park. A strange creature from the future shows up, Matsumoto, who convinces Vivy to help him prevent a great tragedy, the war between AIs and humans. This is the beginning of a time-traveling adventure that will bring Vivy across challenges far too big for any being with consciousness, human, or AI.

Vivy -Fluorite Eye’s Song- is a beautiful anime series about the power of love, music, and empathy. With breathtaking animation and quality direction, this is an easy pick for fans of Takt Op. Destiny, who will appreciate the way the camera moves, and the use of light and color palettes to bring forth the story. This is also a series about the power of music, with a memorable OST, and about fighting for those you love. Vivy is fighting to prevent a dark future of carnage and mayhem, where AIs have taken over humanity. This premise reminds us of the D2s and the threat they pose to humans, as well as the appearance of Conductors and Musicarts who can counter them. There is also the connection between Vivy and Destiny, a Musicart resembling Sophie’s sibling and Takt’s friend - are they artificial creatures or something more?

Vivy -Fluorite Eye’s Song- Trailer

2. Listeners

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: April 2020 - June 2020

Listeners is set in a world where music does not exist anymore. Α mysterious amnesiac girl, μ, has a jack on her body, just like an amplifier. She meets Echo, a lonely boy without meaning in his life. Together they trace back the history of music, especially rock, rediscover the joy it brings into people’s lives, and create a new era of music on earth, while fighting and surviving, in epic mecha fights.

Listeners has a looser plot than Takt Op. Destiny, but it carries a similar feel, as a sci-fi musical adventure. In a desolate, post-apocalyptic setting, two kids travel together. This road-trip feel reminds us of the journey to New York City Takt, Sophie and Destiny set on. The animation studio behind Listeners is MAPPA, which might not indicate a strong similarity by itself, but at least, prepares us for great quality! Dark creatures, the Earless, roam the planet, much like the D2s pose a constant threat to the Takt Op. Destiny cast. There is something in the way Echo and μ share their passion for rock music that brings forth emotions we usually take for granted in our daily lives.

Listeners Trailer

3. Guilty Crown

  • Episodes: 22
  • Aired: October 2011 - March 2012

In 2039, Japan is under the rule of GHQ, an authoritarian militaristic regime, which came into power after the outbreak of the Apocalypse Virus. Japan pales in comparison to its former glory, and while GHQ claims that it protects the country, the guerilla group Funeral Parlor is fighting from the sidelines for independence. With all this happening in the background, we are introduced to loner student Shuu Ouma, a fan of the popular band fronted by Inori Yuzuriha, who is secretly part of the rebellion. Shuu’s power, the “Power of Kings” awakens, and he is now able to draw weapons out of people’s bodies, making him a sought-after warrior for the rebellion.

Guilty Crown reminds us of Takt Op. Destiny in many respects: it is a sci-fi action anime, with excellent music, epic battles, and a totalitarian state that imposes control over the citizen’s freedom of expression. Takt is not as expressionless as Shuu Ouma, but the two male protagonists share a special talent, with Takt creating a maestro’s baton out of his arm, and giving Destiny her weaponry, and Shuu being able to draw weapons out of Yuzuriha’s body. The main duettes’ bonds feel similar, a mix of adoration and conflict.

Guilty Crown Trailer

Any Anime Like Takt Op. Destiny ?

4. Senki Zesshou Symphogear (Symphogear)

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: January 2012 - March 2012

Kanade and Tsubasa form the idol duette Zwei Wing, who have to sing to power up their mystical weapons, the “Symphogears”. Their mortal enemies are aliens called Noise, a powerful tribe of outer space invaders. When Kanade sacrifices herself to save a young girl, Hibiki, during a Noise attack, Tsubasa withdraws from action. A few years pass by, and Hibiki’s powers awaken: it is revealed that a piece of Kanade’s Symphogear is lodged inside Hibiki. Hibiki and Tsubasa join forces to protect humanity from Noise, and a musical adventure begins.

Symphogear is for anyone who loves Takt Op. Destiny, but wishes it was more idol-focused, instead of using classical music as its main inspiration. Sci-fi and action combine with pop music, in a colorful mix with cute girls. The main duette, Hibiki and Tsubasa, use music to power up the Symphogears, like Takt and Destiny work in unison, as Conductor and Musicart. We are sure you are going to enjoy this musical adventure with moe elements.

5. Dimension W

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: January 2016 - March 2016

Dimension W is a fourth dimension, discovered in the future. Humanity uses energy emanating from this space, to fuel its technological advancement. To that effect, they create “coils”, special devices that allow them to access Dimension W and use the energy. However, the production of coils is soon monopolized, restricting access, and giving rise to illegal trading. Kyouma Mabuchi is a Collector, someone who hunts down illegal coils, and Mira Yurizaki is an android, somehow connected to the beginning of coils. When their paths cross, they have to work together to explore Dimension W.

Dimension W is another great sci-fi anime, and, even though the illegal element is not music but coils, the premise is very similar. With a special power restricted by a big corporation in Dimension W, and the power of music restricted by the government in Takt Op. Destiny, we see how the first is a strong recommendation in our list. Also, Mia Yurizaki is an android, and Destiny is a robot-like resurrection of Cosette; both are seemingly emotionless but hold great power. Both storylines slowly reveal what happened in the past, each character’s background, and how the restrictions in these universes came to be.

Dimension W Opening

6. Lost Song

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: April 2018 - June 2018

Rin and Finis perform magical songs, the first in a remote village, and the second in the royal palace. When Rin’s power is exposed, after healing a knight, she finds herself in deep trouble: Prince Lood sends the army to her village, to capture her and exploit her magical powers. Rin has to desert her quiet life, and sets on a journey to the capital, along with the kind knight, and her brother. There, she will meet Finis, and their fates will come together in unexpected ways.

Lost Song is the dark horse of this list because it follows a different pace than the rest of the anime series we recommend. It might not be a heavily action-oriented anime, focusing more on drama, and its fantasy setting reminds of medieval Europe, however, music is at its core, and the two leading ladies don’t quite get each other but have to work together. Both storylines have exciting twists and turns: Lost Song has an impressive and unexpected big reveal midway, while Takt Op. Destiny slowly reveals the backstories of its characters, in intervals, adding to the drama.

Lost Song PV

Final Thoughts

And there you have it, six anime like Takt Op. Destiny that will entertain you, move you, and keep you on your toes with adventure, emotions, strong leading characters, and amazing melodies. From AI singers to princesses fighting with songs, and from lonely kids on a planet without music to pop idol fighters, we have something for every taste!

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