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In the Apocalyptic wasteland known as Freeze City, wolves have become extinct for nearly 200 years. The remaining werewolves are forced to hide their true nature and try to live as humans, or be hunted down like dogs. Blood, sweat and moonlit desires, Wolf’s Rain is the quintessential werewolf anime.

The tale follows a pack of unlikely heroes, the last four remaining wolf/human-shape-shifters, in their quest to Paradise. Canine thirst and a telepathic connection leads Kiba, a lone white wolf, to Cheza, the mythical Flower Girl who can lead this pack to Paradise. But Kiba isn’t the only one in search for Cheza as her psychic abilities leave her open to other, less favourable characters. In a post-apocalyptic world torn asunder into gothic arches and dark slums, can the pack find Paradise and live in peace?

In the same vein as Wolf’s Rain, if your carnal desire is to sink your teeth into the werewolverse, the supernatural, or a world gone to the dogs, here are six series sure to make you drool.

Similar Anime to Wolf’s Rain

Similar Anime to Wolf’s Rain

1. Ginga Densetsu Weed (Ginga Legend Weed)

  • Episodes: 26
  • Aired: November 2005 – May 2006

Like Wolf’s Rain, Ginga Legend Weed offers the viewer fur-raising, battles with fast, heart pounding action, as well as loveable characters. Weed, a young pup who has never met his father, comes under the care of an English Setter named GB following the death of his mother. GB is bent on getting the young Weed, to Futago Pass, a dog utopia deep in the Ou Mountains, to reunite him with his father, Gin.

The adventure is only just beginning as the two find that Ou has been turned into a canine wasteland by a four-legged beast that was once a dog. The duo join forces with other dog-soldiers lead by a German Shepard named Jerome, to combat the savage, gene-manipulated canine monster (after his escape from a scientific lab).

This is only just a taste of the action as Weed and his canine friends battle other power-hungry dogs, twisted cannibalistic baboons, as well as a militarized Russian, German Sheppard hell bent on conquest (among others!). Every episode will have you itching for more as you follow the pack on their quest for survival, freedom, and above all, peace. Wolf’s Rain and Ginga Densetsu Weed have similarities in plot that are hard to match, not just in regards to canine battles but also in the noble characters and the search for a place where they belong. As they fight tooth and claw, both Wolf’s Rain and Ginga Densetsu weed are ultimate outcast stories; just don’t expect to see any shape-shifting humans!

Ginga Densetsu Weed Opening Redo

2. Ōkami to Kōshinryō (Spice and Wolf)

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: January 2008 – March 2008

Although different in tone, Spice and Wolf is also about a canine journey in quest for paradise. While the slower paced action is a little different from Wolf’s Rain, the deeply involving story and admirable characters make the two series very similar. After the village she has blessed with fertile harvests has advanced and abandoned its old traditions, a wolf goddess, Holo, begins a search for her own paradise. The goddess takes human form and enlists the help of a traveling merchant, Kraft Lawrence, to help her find a new home in the snowy mountains to the north where she can live in peace.

Their quest becomes a journey that allows the two to learn from each other as the goddess meets with the practical care of the human merchant. His love and attention come to show her a side of humanity she’d come to think had all but disappeared. But even with the help of Kraft, will the goddesses’ wild nature threaten her very survival?

In both Wolf’s Rain and Spice and Wolf, we find were-creatures in worlds they no longer belong in. Both Kiba and Holo find their wild nature conflicting to the passion they feel within them and the need to fit in. It is only through the redeeming power of their other halves that they can find the paradise they are searching for. Be it through the help of a mythical psychic like Cheza, or through simple things that make us human, like Lawrence. At heart, Spice and Wolf is also a story about persecution; as Holo’s feral nature puts her at risk of being tracked and hunted down by a very powerful enemy, the church. In both Wolf’s Rain and Spice and Wolf, the characters must overcome formidable opponents and come to terms with their true wild nature in order to survive.

Spice and Wolf [Eng. DUB] DVD Trailer

3. Ergo Proxy

  • Episodes: 23
  • Aired: February 2006 – August 2006

Although no wolves are involved in this futuristic thriller, the action packed journey as well as the tone and the atmosphere make Ergo Proxy and Wolf’s Rain, very similar. While they may seem unrelated at first glance Ergo Proxy shares the common theme of survival in an barren apocalyptic landscape removed from the outside world. Twists and turns at every corner, Ergo Proxy is set in a futuristic barren land where man is confined to domed, sterile, robotic super-cities.

A series of brutal murders committed by robots infected with a computer virus leads detective Re-I Mayer in a search for truth and justice. Wolf’s Rain and Ergo Proxy are deeply physiological, dark, enthralling and equally just as exciting. Both stories follow the heroes as they try to make meaning out of their existence in a world they no longer belong in. Like Wolf’s Rain mysterious, philosophical undertones, Ergo Proxy will leave you scratching your head wondering if anything can survive, not just the world, but also reality itself. Harsh circumstances of apocalyptic proportions that force Kiba and his pack to make decisions and adjust to a changing landscape of diminishing possibilities are key elements that are mirrored in Ergo Proxy’s twists.

Every possible dead-end that one could imagine in a futuristic quest for super technology is explored in this action packed thriller. Can apocalyptic technologies that doom humanity to a diminished existence result in anything but death, disorder and destruction? What and who, is really human, and who can you trust?

Ergo Proxy Promo Trailer

Any Anime Like Wolf’s Rain ?

4. Ōkami Kakushi (Masque of the Wolf)

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: January 2010 – March 2010

For those howling at the moon for more wolves, darkness and gore, Okami Kakushi is the perfect mystery that will keep you at the edge of your seat. In the remote city of Jouga, all is not what it seems. Tales of giant wolves that once lived in the old city are rumoured to still haunt those parts. When people start vanishing with no explanation, Kazumi Hiroshi, a new resident to the city, starts to wonder if what he is being told is true, or if something more sinister is at work. In the meantime, he must adjust with moving to a new town and caring for his wheelchair-bound sister. All the while his father’s focus is set on writing the perfect story about the giant wolves.

Behind the scenes, a group in wolf’s masks led by a mysterious masked female wielding a crescent-moon shaped scythe, roams the night in search for victims to soothe her blood thirst. Who is she and what is behind her need for bloodshed? Are the stories that surround the mysterious old part of town true? Or is the blood thirst due to the darkest nature of humanity? As his curiosity leads him to uncover the mystery, our unlikely hero may be getting in way over his head.

This hyper real super-tale offers all the gore and so much more. Both Okami Kakushi and Wolf’s Rain delve in the hunting down of creatures and people that no longer fit the status quo. In a fight for truth, a piece of paradise, or just peace, the stories enthral you in the parts of our nature we often try to escape. While Wolf’s Rain delves into the darker side of humanity, with Okami Kakushi, expect to go even darker (until all you see is the black of night, the red of blood and the silver of the moon on the reflection of Wolf’s masks!). The only difference between them is who’s doing the hunting.

Ookami Kakushi Opening HD

5. Witch Hunter Robin

  • Episodes: 26
  • Aired: July 2002 – December 2002

Although there is also no mention of shape shifting werewolves in this tale, Witch Hunter Robin has the same apocalyptic tone, as well as the heart pounding supernatural storyline that is equally as engrossing as Wolf’s Rain. Although the styles differ, the two can be said to inhabit the same parallel (and paranormal) universe.

The ultimate witch-hunt is underway when STN-J, the Japanese sect of a secret organization in charge of hunting down witches who misuse their power, gets a new member. Questions begin to mount as the witch-hunt swells into an all out battle that could engulf the entire organization. For Robin, a witch herself, the need to balance her powers with her responsibilities as a witch hunter becomes a balancing act that may overcome her very need to subdue her power. The treatment of the witches incarcerated and the very nature of her duties come into question as Robin becomes increasingly weary of the organization she once found herself working for. Fear of being labelled a witch and hunted down herself, Robin must take a stand or risk facing persecution.

Both Wolf’s Rain and Witch Hunter Robin deal with characters coming to terms with their supernatural abilities. By merely trying to survive, the characters face organizations, (like STN from Witch Hunter Robin) or people (like Quent the werewolf hunter from Wolf’s Ran) designed and trained to kill them. In their need to assimilate, their fight brings them head to head against a world that seeks their annihilation.

Witch Hunter Robin Promo

6. Inuyasha/ Inuyasha: The Final Act

  • Episodes: 167 / 26
  • Aired: October 2000 – September 2004 / October 2009 – March 2010

The classic and now iconic super-adventure, Inuyasha, is one we are sure you can’t miss! The story begins when Inuyasha, a half dog-demon teams up with Kagome Higurashi, a 15-year-old girl from Tokyo (who travels back in time by falling down her family’s well to feudal Japan). Be ready for a wild ride as you delve into the realm of spirits, demons, and dark curses that will pique your otherworldly desires for spellbinding plots and characters to match.

Ostracized by demons and humans alike, the unlikely duo embark on an epic adventure to try and recover the magical Shikon Jewel. This powerful device is sought after for it’s magical properties, pieces of which are scattered throughout Japan. The pair will stop at nothing until they are able to recover every piece, fighting off monsters and demons (some of them their own), along the way. A flurry of violence, romance and magic mix in a fantastical world brimming with over-the-top action that will keep you coming back for more; as its 2010, 26 episode revival left us salivating. A truly thrilling series that beckons the viewer into worlds of enchantment and possibility, if you sleep on Inuyasha, you are truly missing out!

Although Wolf’s Rain is different in tone and setting, the adventure and action are a match. Aside from the obvious wolf correlation, expect loads more magic, and a few less tears. While Kiba and the pack face supernatural apocalyptic feats, Inuyasha has Kagome as his better half, which makes the duo a pack of their own. Like Wolf’s Rain, expect to see all the mishaps that come with being part feral beast; you simply won’t need that box of tissues as readily available this time.

Inuyasha Promo [Adult Swim]


Don’t forget to check out the charming, coming of age tale, Wolf Children (2012) from Madhouse Studios. Also, don’t miss the classic Studio Gihbli film, Princess Mononoke (2004) if you haven’t fallen in love with it already. Perhaps it’s simply because dogs are a man’s best friend that we can’t help but root for the underdog, or werewolf so to speak. For those who fell in love with Wolf’s Rain, it is hard to find a story that matches the action and adventure with the subtle qualities that make the series so powerful. Do you agree with our list? Let us know which canine, apocalyptic or supernatural thriller satisfies that itch for you.

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