6 Anime Waifu Like Vignette from Gabriel DropOut [Recommendations]

Gabriel DropOut is one of those cases where the main heroine is nowhere near the top of the popularity ratings, but the best friend is best girl. It's probably only slightly surprising because Gab's name is actually in the title. It's not Vignette DropOut. But oh well, Vignette turned out to be perfect waifu material, with Satanichia taking the runner-up prize. The good girls are often popular though, regardless of their exact personality, because while wacky or funny girls may be amusing, they don't always make the best partner. So today we're going to be looking at some girls who are a bit like Vignette, and who fans of the little devil might want to check out!

What are the main points we'll be looking at for today? Well firstly, as we already mentioned, Vignette is a good girl. She's sensible, organised, she studies hard and has displayed an inability to perform any kind of wrongdoing. She is, ironically, an angel. The second main point about Vignette is her relationship with Gab, in that the two are virtually inseparable. Although Gab might always be causing her hassle, in a way Vignette likes looking after her hopeless friend, and has probably forgotten what life was like before they were together. Lastly, Vignette stands out in the group because she is one of the only "normal" people. This makes her more relatable and means she often ends up looking after or advising the other, sillier, characters.

Now with that brief summary of our winged friend, let's have a look at today's selection of waifu.

1. Yui Funami from Yuru Yuri (YuruYuri: Happy Go Lily)

  • Ep: 12
  • Air Date: Jul 2011 - Sept 2011

One of the four main characters in Yuru Yuri's ever expanding swathe of cute girls, Yui Funami is one of the most sensible, normal characters in the series. Her job is seeming to prevent the whole thing from descending into madness, and provide a relatively ordinary meter stick by which to measure the other, more insane, characters against. Among Yui's exceptionally normal traits are her ability to cook, an interest in reading and her general reliability. Oh, and of course, her plain, but cool, short black hair look. It's no wonder she's thought of so highly by the other girls.

Much like Vignette, Yui is perhaps the pillar that holds the strange group of friends together. She picks up after others' mistakes, stops bad situations getting out of hand, and dishes out simple advice to her juniors and simple minded friends. Both Vignette and Yui seem surprisingly mature for their age, being fully capable of looking after themselves in their apartment, on top of trying to get other's to be more responsible. In this sense, they are kind of like the mother of the group, though Yui is perhaps a little more tired of dealing with the kids. Overall Yui fills the same responsible girl role in her group as Vignette does, but is probably a cool waifu rather than a cute one.

2. Mizuki Usami from Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru! (This Art Club Has a Problem!)

  • Ep: 12
  • Air Date: Jul 2016 - Sep 2016

Have you ever been really into something and everyone around you is just chill about it. Too chill. They need to take things more seriously! That's Mizuki Usami's life in her school's art club, where everyone else either wants to do nothing at all or worse, they only want to draw anime girls. So poor Usami spends much of her time trying to set the art club back on course and basically start doing more "proper" art. Unfortunately, she seems to be the only person around that doesn't have a screw loose, or at least, her screws aren't quite as loose as everyone else's.

Although driven slightly mad by her fellow art club friends, like Vignette, Usami is supposedly the only sensible person in the cast, though her romantic interests are having a bit of an affect on that. In her mind, her way is the right way and other people need to get it together and do as she says, or they're going to fail! Which to be fair, may well be true for some of the characters. Also like Vignette, she's often taken aback at times and actually gets quite easily embarrassed despite her strong front. She's also quickly thrown off course by sudden surprises or an unexpected turn of events. For example when Usami's crush Uchimaki does something weird and when Vignette meets Gab's older sister, the girl's reactions are fairly similar. Usami is a similar type of waifu to Vignette but in a (slightly) more romantic scenario.

3. Mikan Yuuki from To LOVE-Ru

  • Ep: 12
  • Air Date: Apr 2008 - Sep 2008

While her brother Rito is off being chased by idols, assassins, and alien princesses, Mikan Yuuki does the washing and gets dinner ready knowing that he'll be back home by the evening. She's the responsible little sister who's taken on the role of the big sister, or perhaps mother, in the house, as everyone else is apparently incapable of cooking, cleaning, washing clothes, or just generally looking after themselves. Still the youngest member of the cast though, sometimes the others are able to pull themselves together enough to give Mikan a break, or at least cause a little less trouble.

While Mikan fills the same "sensible character in a mad world" role as Vignette, because of her younger age, her position feels slightly different. Although she does still end up giving frequent lectures. In the same way that Vignette focuses her attention on Gab, who she kind of considers a lost cause, Mikan always keeps an eye on Rito, despite her constant complaints that he's hopeless. Having this one person to dote on is actually an important part of their lives, and both Vignette and Mikan are shown to be a little lost when that person isn't around. Closely linked to this, both girls are seemingly incapable of actually being mean, with Vignette not really understanding what evil is, and Mikan always stopping short of actually getting mad or dishing out any punishments. Mikan's situation is significantly more ecchi than Vignette's, but their characters are able to remain surprisingly similar.

4. Rin Tooyama from New Game!

  • Ep: 12
  • Air Date: Jul 2016 - Sep 2016

Being part of a game development company requires a certain degree of professionalism and sensibleness. One would think. As it turns out this is only partly the case at Eagle Jump, where workers play with lightsabers and sleep in their underwear. Art director Rin Tooyama is one of the more mentally sound employees, holding things together and reminding new employees that they are in fact working amongst adults. Overwhelmingly pure and friendly, Rin is a woman who can do no wrong, and wouldn't want to either.

Rin is a bit like an older version of Vignette: she's taken a leadership role, is less easy to anger, and also leaves people to their own devices a bit more, as the adults around her are at least a little more capable than Gabriel DropOut's lot. More often than not she's just giving out friendly reminders rather than telling anyone off, which isn't quite as funny but is certainly much more elegant. Like Vignette and Mikan before, Rin is actually prioritising one person in particular with all her care: her co-worker and friend Kou, who often receives more than just friendly reminders. Vignette and Rin both feel like people who are impressively organised in a way which many of us can only dream of being, though Rin wouldn't be very good at her job if she wasn't. So if you want to see a more mature version of Vignette, then Rin is a perfect example.

5. Éclair Martinozzi from Dog Days

  • Ep: 12
  • Air Date: Apr 2011 - Jun 2011

Just 14 years old and already a knight and Captain of the Imperial Guard? Not too shabby. Éclair Martinozzi reports directly to the princess of Biscotti and despite her age is one of the finest knights in the kingdom. Though she gets given a run for her money when heroes arrive from another world with unreasonable amounts of power. Fortunately, war is just a game in the world of Dog Days, so the worst thing Éclair is likely to get is her clothes torn off. Actually, that sounds pretty bad. A loyal pup if ever there was one, floppy eared Éclair is a great friend, but not someone you'd want to be on the wrong side of for too long, as she does get a little naggy.

Used to living the army life (though probably a bit softer), Éclair has always been one for being sensible, organised, and never slacking off, which when compared to her more fun-loving companions, does make her stand out a little. While Vignette and her have a similar attitude and personality, Éclair is a little stiffer, and perhaps more accustomed to ordering people to do things, rather than telling them. Her position or expectations don't really help her much though, as she still gets quite easily shut down by her more lively, or wiser, companions. A little bit harder, but also a little bit fluffier, Éclair is like a Vignette put through training camp.

6. Rumi Yokoi from Tonari no Seki-kun (My Neighbor Seki)

  • Ep: 21
  • Air Date: Jan 2014 - May 2014

Are you the one that messes about in class, or do you study quietly? Do we want to know the answer to that? Rumi Yokoi at least is one of the good girls in the class. Always taking notes, listening to the teacher, answering questions, or at least, she was. But try as she might, Seki from the seat next to her is just a little too distracting. Whether he's playing a very creative game of shogi or rigorously polishing his desk, he's just too much of a distraction for her to handle, and so logically she has dedicated her time to stopping his antics. Not that she's been particularly successful so far mind you.

If this was Vignette and Gab, Vignette would have just hit her by now. Honestly, Rumi has saint-like patience. She and Vignette both share a desire to stop other people screwing about: partly for the other person's benefit, but also kind of for their own. If Gab stops screwing about Vignette gets a break, if Seki stops screwing about, Rumi gets a break. As the two also have a fairly calm demeanor, it's, even more, fun to watch them flip out when things start getting weird. Vignette's reunion with her Cerberus and Rumi's reaction to Seki's increasingly absurd antics give off a very similar feel. So for short bursts of a sensible but very confused girl, go check out Rumi.

Final Thoughts

Despite their similarities, each waifu is different in their own way. Vignette's quirk is her demonic heritage, whereas Yui might be the coolest girl on the list, and Éclair has loads going on with the dog ears and whole Imperial Guard thing. We are going to miss Vignette though, and we really hope there's a girl about this season who can remind us to clean our room. We'll just keep forgetting otherwise.

So who from the list do you already know? Do you have any pre-existing preferences? Or are you going to check out some series now that you know who to look out for? As always be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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