6 Games Like .Hack//GU [Recommendations]

As people who love video games, many of us would love to be able to enter a video game world and play from the inside. Gather parties, search dungeons and fight large bosses just seems like a cool concept. Though for now, the best we can do is play MMORPGs. However, not all of us have PCs that can run games like World of Warcraft or Guild Wars 2 and thus what can you do? The simple answer is play a game about characters playing a game.

With an HD updated version of .hack//G.U. releasing soon—titled .hack//G.U. Last Recode—we’ve found ourselves wondering what other games are like .hack//G.U. Thus our team at Honey’s Anime crafted a list in the form of 6 Games Like .hack//G.U. These several games will appeal to anyone who loves .hack//G.U. and some even have similar tales of people playing games within in a game. Alright folks, we won’t keep you any longer. Let us begin this list of 6 Games Like .hack//G.U.

Similar Game to .hack//G.U.

1. .hack//Infection

  • System: PS2
  • Publisher: Bandai, Atari (EU)
  • Developer: CyberConnect2
  • Release Dates: Jun 20, 2002

In 2010 humanity faced a horrible PC based virus known as “Pluto’s Kiss” which destroyed computers around the world. The world found technology like the internet and MMORPGs to be completely nonexistent. Though, in 2012 an online game known as The World releases to the world and explodes in popularity with over 20 million players. Though, a strange situation arises within The World that puts some people into a coma and many believe it comes in the form of legends hidden within The World. A young player named Kite alongside a veteran player named Orca about to crash headlong into one of the secrets of The World named Aura and when Orca ends up in a coma himself Kite uses a new power gained from Aura to save his friend and possibly both The World and his own world outside the game.

Our list of 6 Games Like .hack//G.U. wouldn’t be a good list without mentioning the very frist .hack game released known as .hack//Infection. Like .hack//G.U., .hack//Infection has a very similar story and gameplay style. Players will engage others in a fictional MMORPG setting and must solve quests and defeat bosses just like a real MMORPG. We are always saddened here at Honey’s Anime when we meet those who only started with .hack//G.U. and never have even tried the original 4 games starting with .hack//Infection. If you didn’t understand some of the lore or story to .hack//G.U. and you want to enjoy everything from the lore of .hack then you need to track down a copy of .hack//Infection. Though finding a copy online may be a pricey adventure, just a heads up.

2. Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

  • System: PS2, PS4
  • Publisher: Enix, Square Enix
  • Developer: tri-Ace
  • Release Dates: Feb 27, 2003

On the planet of Hyda IV there exists a young man named Fayt Leingod. Though he has known peace his whole life living alongside his friend Sophia Esteed and his parents—one of which being famous scientist Robert Leingod—found their lives changed forever when an alien race known as the Vendeeni attack. Fleeing, Fayt is separated from Sophie and his parents all while his escape pod crashes into a planet known as Vanguard III. Here on this underdeveloped planet, Fayt will meet with several members of an anti-federation known as Quark and find his story starting truly when he allies himself with them. Journey alongside Fayt and his comrades as they travel through space in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time.

Star Ocean; Till the End of Time may not have anything to do with players in a video game world but that doesn’t stop it from being an epic JRPG. With a fluid battle system very similar to .hack//G.U. and a sci-fi story that keeps the players engaged, Star Ocean: Till the End of Time is a truly wonderful game. Plus, if you don’t own a PS2 anymore you can download Star Ocean: Till the End of Time on your PS4 with upscaled graphics and trophies. Star Ocean: Till the End of Time should be experienced by all those who love sci-fi and those who love .hack//G.U.

3. Tales of Xillia

  • System: PS3
  • Publisher: Namco Bandai Games
  • Developer: Namco Tales Studios
  • Release Dates: Sept 8, 2011

Jude Mathis a young med student will soon meet a young woman named Milla Maxwell. This strange meeting will forever change Jude as he ends up going on a journey with Milla to save the world from an evil terrorist group—named Exodus—who plans on using the spirits of their world of Elympios to gain power. If the both Jude and Milla should fail to stop Exodus their world and Milla’s land will die. However, along the way they won’t be alone as they find others to help them stop Exodus and stop a possible destruction of their home planet.

Tales of Xillia might be just another entry in the popular Tales of franchise but here at Honey’s Anime this is one of absolute favorite entries. Not only can players play the story as either Jude or Milla and see the story through their eyes, but the RPG elements are fantastic which is what we love about .hack//G.U. Even though Tales of Xillia is 6 years old, it still impresses us with awe inspiring graphics and a fun story. If you have played Tales of Xillia let us know in the comments and also tell us which Tales of game is your favorite. Though if you haven’t tried out Tales of Xillia we here at Honey’s Anime recommend it fully.

Tales of Xillia trailer | E3 2013 (Official Trailer)

Any Game Like .hack//G.U. ?

4. Xenoblade (Xenoblade Chronicles)

  • System: Wii, New Nintendo 3DS
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Developer: Monolith Soft, Monster Games (New Nintendo 3DS)
  • Release Dates: Jun 10, 2010

Eons ago two large gods—Mechonis and Bionis—have been engaged om a war that has gone on for ages. Though, no war lasts forever and just like the two gods, the war came to a stalemate. Time passes and humans have begun to live their lives on the backs of these now still god-like beings. Separated by distance, the humans have split into two factions one being named Mechon and the other Homs. Ironically, both factions end up engaging in a war for land and power. Losing the fight, the Homs summon a powerful blade named the Monado but lose it during the war. One year has passed and the Monado has been found by a young man named Shulk whose fate will forever change because of this discovery.

First, how awesome is it that characters are fighting on literal gods? Besides that, Xenoblade Chronicles is an extremely addictive JRPG where players will lose themselves in some of the best graphics and gameplay from the Nintendo Wii. Similarly to .hack//G.U. Xenoblade Chronicles has a sequel releasing soon which we are very excited for. Xenoblade Chronicles is a must play for those who own a Wii or a New Nintendo 3DS. Just be prepared for a decently long adventure if you plan on trying to beat it before the sequel releases.

Xenoblade Chronicles (Wii) Trailer (Official Trailer)

5. Eternal Sonata

  • System: Xbox 360, PS3
  • Publisher: Namco, Namco Bandai Games
  • Developer: tri-Crescendo
  • Release Dates: Jun 14, 2007

Real world Polish musician Frederic Chopin is about to enter a dream world while he lays on his deathbed. Chopin ends up entering a world where a young girl named Polka also is destined to die at an all too early age. However, Polka wishes that before her death she can somehow leave a footnote on the world. Chopin sees Polka’s drive and together the two go on an adventure, though is Chopin merely dreaming or is there more to this world then even he understands? Journey into a world of beauty, death and music in Eternal Sonata.

The beauty of games like .hack//G.U. is that players can enter a world that is both similar and whimsical. Similarly, Eternal Sonata captures the feeling of .hack//G.U. by whisking away players into a realm that feels fantastical but also strangely real. We knew while making this 6 Games Like .hack//G.U. list we’d be missing out if we didn’t include the great Eternal Sonata. We fully recommend while waiting for .hack//G.U. Last Recode to pick up and play developer tri-Crescendo’s amazing game titled Eternal Sonata.

6. Sword Art Online: Lost Song

  • System: PS4, PS Vita, PS3
  • Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment
  • Developer: Artdink
  • Release Dates: Mar 26, 2015

The Black Swordsman Kirito may have escaped a deadly death game in the form of Sword Art Online but his drive to play online games hasn’t faded. Kirito and his fellow survivors of Sword Art Online dive headlong into another online game known as ALO or ALfheim Online. Though wherever Kirito goes, danger and adventure seem to follow. Within ALO a new adventure awaits. Welcome to Sword Art Online: Lost Song

Remember the theme of players being in a video game while you’re playing the game? Well, that same idea can be found in our last entry on our 6 Games Like .hack//G.U. list in the form of Sword Art Online: Lost Song. Based on the incredible light novel and anime series, players can control their favorite characters like Kirito, Asuna and Sinon and journey in a world that feels just like any other MMORPG. With tons of quests, hundreds of weapons and items to find and a breathing taking world in both visuals and size, Sword Art Online: Lost Song is truly a great game for those who want to experience a similar title to .hack//G.U. Plus, did we mention that you can fly around and play as Kirito? That alone warrants a play of Sword Art Online: Lost Song.

Sword Art Online: Lost Song- E3 2015 Trailer (Official Trailer)

Final Thoughts

Soon .hack//G.U. Last Recode will release but we won’t forget the joy that the original version bought us when it released on the PS2 in 2006. However, equally the games above are just as amazing and we know if you haven’t yet tried them you’re missing out on some quality games. Though if you have played the titles above, shout out in the comments below and tell us which were your favorites and if you’re excited for .hack//G.U. Last Recode. If you loved this list—which we hope you did—feel free to check out our other articles too here on Honey’s Anime!

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