6 Manga Like Beelzebub [Recommendations]

What do you get when you take a delinquent and add in some supernatural parenting? You get Beelzebub by mangaka Ryuhei Tamura. Lasting for 28 volumes over the course of several years, it was quite easy to see that shounen fans got a truly fun manga to enjoy. With the series being long over now though, we here at Honey’s Anime have always searched for other manga similar to Beelzebub. After many hours of reading various works, we think we have a solid list and as always, we wish to share this list with all of you out there.

Welcome, fans of Beelzebub, to our 6 Manga Like Beelzebub list. Today we have a really awesome list for you guys to enjoy and hopefully find some new manga to read. With stories about possessive demon girls and other quirky action stories, our manga like Beezebub list will make you forget the pains of not having Beelzebub in your life anymore. Alright, if you think you’re ready for this list we ask of you one simple thing. Read below and enjoy our 6 Manga Like Beelzebub list!

Similar Manga to Beelzebub

1. Maga-Tsuki

  • Authors: Taguchi, Hoshino
  • Genres: Comedy, Ecchi, Romance, School, Shounen, Harem, Supernatural
  • Volumes: 13
  • Published: Feb, 2011- Feb, 2017

In the mind of Yasuke, today was going to be the best day ever. A chance to be alone with Akari—the girl of his dreams—has just opened up and Yasuke rushes to make this use of this situation. In his haste, Yasuke destroys a mirror in the shrine he goes to and a cute girl comes forth. The girl then curses Yasuke that if they separate from one another he will be cursed and die. One mistake has just changed Yasuke’s life forever but is it for the worst?

Starting off our list of 6 Manga Like Beelzebub we look at Maga-Tsuki. While not action heavy like mangaka Tamura Ryuuhei’s Beelzebub series, Maga-Tsuki does have a fair amount of comedy and a very similar story of being burdened by a supernatural being. We love Maga-Tsuki and we know fans of Beelzebub will love it too. Thus, we definitely recommend checking Maga-Tsuki. Protagonists Oga Tatsumi and Yasuke may not know each other and may also be from two very different manga but their stories are pretty dang similar if we do say so ourselves.

2. Hajimete no Aku

  • Authors: Fujiki, Shun
  • Genres: Comedy, Romance, School, Shounen
  • Volumes: 16
  • Published: May, 2008- Jun, 2012

Watari Kyouko has enjoyed what many would consider a nice and calm life. Initially when her sister-like friend Eiko and her brother Jiro come to live with her, Kyouko was happy to be reunited with someone she really cared about. However, when one morning Kyouko wakes up chained to the bed because Jiro wishes to “operate on her” she begins to realize maybe these two aren’t exactly the best roommates. In fact, Jiro and Eiko are actually from a secret organization with the intentions of world domination. Can Kyouko deal with these two people or will she end up being a science experiment?

While Oga from Beelzebub might be a delinquent, he was living a normal life till he was forced to take care of baby Beelzebub. Ironically, the same could be said of Kyouko in Hajimete no Aku who now is surrounded by two very dangerous individuals. Created by mangaka Fujiki Shun Hajimete no Aku will take you into a school shounen story that feels as odd as Beelzebub’s world. Filled with comedy from the pseudo-dangerous situations that befall our female lead Kyouko, Hajimete no Aku is truly a great manga. Though it also makes us paranoid as we wonder if our own roommates may or may not be part of some secret organization…

3. Ore ga Akuma de, Aitsu ga Yome de.

  • Authors: Aruma, Rumi
  • Genres: Comedy, Demons, Fantasy, Romance
  • Volumes: 2
  • Published: Oct, 2011- Jan, 2013

In the world of Anzam Nia, demons like him are judged by how many souls they get. If a demon wants a soul they must fulfill a wish from a human as an exchange. However, Nia has continued to not succeed in finding anyone who is willing to sacrifice their souls to him and thus is kicked out of the demon world and thrown into Japan. Running into a young girl who mistakes the demon as an angel, Nia now has a means of hopefully using the girl for a contract and get home! However, the girl’s wish of Nia is to get married to her. Thus, begins a very odd romance story between a human girl and demon male.

Many who have read Beelzebub loved the story not for just the action but for the great character interactions as the series progressed. Equally Ore ga Akuma de, Aitsu ga Yome de mirrors those interactions providing manga fans a nice romance tale filled with comedy. Despite only being 2 volumes long, Ore ga Akuma de, Aitsu ga Yome de doesn’t feel rushed and hits all the right notes to make our list of 6 Manga Like Beelzebub. If you didn’t feel the action in Beelzebub and wanted just an unconventional romance comedy, then we recommend reading Ore ga Akuma de, Aitsu ga Yome de. Now let’s hope an anime comes out for Ore ga Akuma de, Aitsu ga Yome de because we think that would be pretty awesome.

Any Manga Like Beelzebub ?

4. Rokudou no Onna-tachi

  • Authors: Nakamura, Yuuji
  • Genres: Comedy, Romance, School, Shounen, Harem
  • Volumes: 7
  • Published: Jun, 2016- Present

Known as a loser, Rokudou is basically treated worse than dirt. Everyone—girls included—mess with Rokudou and even strangers seem to look at him like he’s worthless. Hearing from his family that an ancient artifact passed down from his family can make him feel important by destroying demons, Rokudou uses a scroll to hope for this effect. Unfortunately, in the current age the ancient scroll doesn’t defeat demons and instead attracts female delinquents and bad girls to Rokudou. Now Rokudou has to deal with tough and scary girls who are magically in love with him…

Love makes everyone happy but sometimes love can indeed be painful. Just look at Rokudou whose newest challenge is dealing with girls smitten with him who also love to bully him to show their version of love. That is the main premise of Rokudou no Onna-tachi, romance and harem all in a 7-volume package with more on the way currently. With incredible art and some truly laugh out loud moments Rokudou no Onna-tachi is a truly enjoyable manga for those who love the comedy themes found in Beelzebub. Seriously though, we do envy Rokudou but equally, his harem kind of scares us.

5. Dragons Rioting

  • Authors: Watanabe, Tsuyoshi
  • Genres: Action, Ecchi, Martial Arts, School, Shounen
  • Volumes: 9
  • Published: Nov, 2012- Nov, 2016

Early in his life, Rintaro was told he had a rare disease called Henisei Tashu Ijou Syndrome or better known as Hentai Syndrome. If Rintaro lets his cardinal desires take over his body could perish. That leads Rintaro’s dad to take his 6-year-old son into the mountains and train him to remove his sexual drives for 10 years. Now 16, Rintaro has decided to go to school but the school he ends up going to is an all-female school with a bevy of hot females roaming around and fighting in a 3 way wore with one another for school dominance. Making matters worse, Rintaro is spotted by a girl named Ayane who just so happens to lead one of the biggest groups at the school. Can Rintaro use his training to keep him alive or will these girls kill him with not just violence but their beauty?

Before we begin talking more about Dragons Rioting by mangaka Watanabe Tsuyoshi let’s first just mention that having a disease known as Hentai Syndrome just makes us laugh. All jokes aside, Dragons Rioting is a wickedly cool action, harem and comedy manga with some impressive art and an even cooler story. We love the various girls Rintaro meets in the school—even if they seem to like fighting a little too much—and like Beelzebub, Dragons Rioting is a truly enjoyable read. Anime studios out there! If you’re reading this 6 Manga Like Beelzebub article, please consider animating Dragons Rioting as it would be so cool to see Ayane do battle with Rintaro—which is their first encounter—as an animated work.

6. Princess Lucia

  • Authors: Seo, Kouji
  • Genres: Comedy, Drama, Ecchi, Romance, Shounen, Harem, Supernatural
  • Volumes: 5
  • Published: Mar, 2009- Oct, 2015

Princess Lucia hails from a magical world and has sought after Koizumi Yuta—a 14-year-old human male—for one reason. Lucia wishes to have Yuta’s child! Apparently, according to Lucia if they do conceive their child will be so powerful that they could rule the world. Then on top of this ordeal two angels appear before Yuta to stop Lucia from making her plan come to fruition. Can Yuta enjoy a normal life ever again or will he end up having a kid at the age of 14?!

We conclude our list of the 6 Manga Like Beelzebub with Princess Lucia created by mangaka Seo Kouji. We here at Honey’s Anime wish more people talked about Princess Lucia as we really love the awkward romance comedy within this 5-volume work. Mirroring Beelzebub, Princess Lucia really enjoys throwing ecchi and comedy at the viewers in some of the best-timed moments. Our only complaint is that we wish Princess Lucia was a bit longer just so the good times wouldn’t come to an end. Just like Beelzebub though, all great things must come to an end and that’s why we completely understand Princess Lucia not destroying itself by going on too long. After you do finish Princess Lucia though tell us who your favorite girl was of the series by commenting below. We here at Honey’s Anime do love all the girls equally in Princess Lucia but we also have our own personal favorites.

Final Thoughts

Beelzebub was a truly interesting series when it first released in 2009. However, like all great shounen works, an end must come for the series. Thankfully, the mangaka above used their skills and teams to create truly awesome—and very odd—stories that we know you guys and girls will love if you loved Beelzebub. If you have already read some of these titles then let us know in the comments if you think they were good choices for our 6 Manga Like Beelzebub list. Now we must say farewell for now but don’t leave us here at Honey’s Anime for too long as we have even more exciting articles and lists for you to enjoy here on our site!

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