6 Tips for Choosing Anime

Anime-group 6 Tips for Choosing Anime

Most anime fans out there already have it down on how to choose the right anime to watch! Some have watched so much anime that it's probably gotten to the point of checking out almost every single anime series available.

If you really love anime, you don't have a preference in choosing a series that's right for you. Instead, you may continue to watch any anime in order to discover new and amazing series that might be your next favorite show.

The tips presented in this article could probably help out anime veterans, but mostly to help out new comers to the anime scene!

I want to start off by welcoming our new Otaku friends to the world of excitement and friendship we have for each other. Know that you are not alone and always have a place to come to if you have questions, need advice or share your thoughts about your anime experiences. To start things off, if you're having trouble figuring out the right anime to watch or simply just trying to find an anime in general, the tips in this article may help you.

1. Anime Year of Release

Anime-group 6 Tips for Choosing Anime

When the anime was released can affect the feel of the show. I say this because some older anime series out in the world can be poor in quality as far as graphics and audio compared to present day.

This includes having weak characters or storylines that you can't engage with. I feel this is one of the first steps in picking the right anime.

I do have to say this though, if you're a beginner or a newcomer to anime, watching some of the classic series may be the perfect introduction you're looking for! Watching a classic anime series can actually help you understand more about the development of anime in general.

You'll be able to see the graphics of animation transform before your eyes as you gradually progress into the present. I recommend starting with the classics, there's more appreciation for it.

2. Anime Genre

Anime-group 6 Tips for Choosing Anime

Choosing the genre of an anime you would like to view would have to be the next step. This is another important topic that will help narrow the choices of anime to suit your viewing pleasures.

Whether it be action, comedy, drama, horror, fantasy, etc. You'll definitely be able to find what your looking for as soon as you know what genre interests you more. Of course, not one genre will be matched with a single anime series.

In fact, I feel most anime series have a minimum of three genres that fit their description. It's almost impossible to find an anime that is based off of a single genre and knowing this, will most likely direct you to other genres as you continue to find the perfect anime.

3. Anime Theme

Anime-group 6 Tips for Choosing Anime

The next step would be to choose a theme that would definitely help you on your way to finding the right anime. By choosing the theme, you're picking the setting of the series, wether it be, the future, post-apocalyptic scene, maids, harem, martial arts, androids, psychological, etc.

The list literally goes on as you have a wide variety to choose from. Once you have decided on a theme for the type of anime you would like to watch, the better your chances are at finding the right anime. There will be just a few more steps to complete, and then you can commence your addiction to anime.

4. Anime Research

Anime-group 6 Tips for Choosing Anime

Next is the important part! Once your choices have been narrowed down to a handful, (maybe a little more) of anime to watch. Out of the choices you can pick from, you'll want to find out what it's all about, that's why it's important to do some research on the show.

Find the summaries for the anime by using your trusty search engine, and read the brief introductions for the anime. This should help you decide if your interested in it or not.

If you really want to be sure that you won't waste your time watching an anime, then I suggest reading some reviews. Although, reading the reviews can be a bit tricky, the reviewer may not be into the same genre, theme or style you're into.

So when reading them, use them as more of a guideline, don't take their opinions to heart. In fact, don't take my opinion to heart, I myself am just a guideline!

5. Length of the Anime

Anime-group 6 Tips for Choosing Anime

When doing research for an anime you can decide to watch a series based on two options, whether you want to watch an anime that is simple and gets to the point or to watch an anime that is in great detail with explanations about each character and even the physics behind why things are happening.

Choosing one of these categories will determine the length of the anime. I also believe, under the right circumstances, that it's very possible you could choose an anime that is still ongoing.

Picking one of these anime series will in fact have you waiting until the next show airs. This isn't a bad thing, you will still be able to watch as many anime series as possible while still being up to date with current shows.

Although, you can definitely watch more episodes and even complete an entire series at your own pace. Having an equal balance in both ongoing and completed series is a great way to catch up on great anime!

6. Manga and Anime Comparison

Anime-group 6 Tips for Choosing Anime

This part is something that many don't know, especially for newcomers. A lot of anime series are based off of the manga books, but not all! Manga is similar to comics in America, but without any limits or restrictions holding them back.

Manga is the original idea which an anime series is based on. It is in these original versions that you will know the real story, details, and actions that could be different from the anime. A lot of shows do follow the manga storyline, but it's somewhat rare for it to follow the story exactly.

That is why it's also important to know if the anime is a good comparison to the manga, there's more sympathy for the story and characters. Unfortunately, I do not read any of the manga because I simply can't find time for it. I wish I could, I have to rely on the anime series. This isn't bad at all, just know that you're not alone and have someone to relate to.

This concludes the tips for choosing anime. I do believe if you follow this guide, you'll be able to find exactly what you are looking for.

When you do figure out the perfect anime to watch, you can check out the link to "5 Legal Sites to Watch Your Anime Online" that has a list of the best websites to watch anime from. These recommended websites have really good image quality and almost every anime known to man. You'll definitely find what you are looking for!

What do you think about this article? Are there other tips you think should be on the list? Let us know in the comments below so others may become an Otaku like ourselves!

Anime-group 6 Tips for Choosing Anime

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