7SEEDS Season2

7SEEDS-manga-Wallpaper 7SEEDS Season2

7SEEDS-manga-Wallpaper 7SEEDS Season2

7SEEDS Season2


Airing Date:
Spring 2020


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When a girl Natsu awakens, she's surrounded by the ocean.
Together with Arashi, Semimaru, and Botan, she reaches to an island after she has been abandoned on the ocean with stormy weather.
The island has an unexplored forest where enlarged plants and violent animals and insects attack the explores, and force them into survival with a risk of losing lives.
During the survival, they have told the unbelievable story from a person who calls herself a guide.
The story is about "7 S E E D S Plan", which aims to keep the young people in a freezer before the human extinction and keep the human seeds for after a catastrophe.

The girls surprise at the fact they are chosen for the plan.
The youngsters who are chosen for the "7 S E E D S Plan" continue their survival in a severe environment where the world itself changed dramatically.

Characters & Voice Actors

Natsu Iwashimizu: Nao Toyama

Team Summer B. She is afraid to show herself to others, and often misunderstood by others and doesn't like to communicate with others.
Arashi Aota: Jun Fukuyama

Team Summer B. He has a strong sense of justice and protects Natsu for any reason. Worried about his lover.
Semimaru Asai: Katsuyuki Konishi

Team Spring B. A selfish bully-like person who lacks the ability to coexist with others. Is a typical delinquent who is raised in an unstable family environment.
Hana Sugurono: Yoko Higasa

Team Spring. An optimistic girl who has the survival skills being taught by her father.
Ran Shishigaki: Mayumi Asano

Team Autumn. The leader of Team Autumn. He can speak multiple languages. He knows construction.
Takahiro Aramaki: Nozomu Sasaki

Team Winter. Used to play baseball as a pitcher at the high school, which is the regular visitor for Koshien. He has a sensitive personality.

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Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Yumi Tamura
  • Director: Yukio Takahasahi
  • Assistant Director: Kazuya Aiura
  • Script: Doko Machida, Shigeru Morita, Aoi Akashiro
  • Series Composition: Doko Machida
  • Character Design: Yoko Sato
  • Animation Director: Yusuke Ikeda
  • Sound Director: Yota Tsuruoka
  • Music: MICHIRU

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