7 Seeds 2nd Season Review – A New Journey, New Challenges

A New Journey, New Challenges

  • Episodes : 12
  • Genre : Adventure, Psychological, Drama, Sci-Fi, Romance, Adventure
  • Airing Date : March 26, 2020
  • Producers : Gonzo

Contains Spoilers

7 Seeds 2nd Season Introduction

Continuing exactly where the first season leaves off, Ango has been exiled from Summer A due to his attempted assault on Hana, and how she was washed away in her efforts to escape. Not willing to leave Ango alone, Ryo goes with him. On their journey, they encounter the Summer B team. Shocked by their lack of survival skills and how they tend to not take their situation seriously, they show their own version of tough love as they test their skills. But as it turns out, Hana happens to be alive and washed up on a beach, but has little to no memory of how she ends up there. Befriending some animals, she goes on a journey to reunite with Arashi and the rest of mankind.

Why You Should Watch 7 Seeds 2nd Season

1. Evenly Paced

Like part 1, the second season covers A LOT of material. What the second season does better than the first is evenly pace the story. The problem with the first season was that it moves so fast and tries to fit so much (about 10 volumes worth!). However, the second season more-or-less covers the same amount of material but does a much better job of balancing things out. It’s kind of easy to take this approach considering that a majority of the story focuses on Ango and Ryo encountering the Summer B team, and how they deal with some culture shock.

2. Ango and Ryo’s Exploration

What the second season does excellently well is further exploring Ango and Ryo. While season one obviously gives us their backstories, the second season masterfully demonstrates how their upbringing negatively affected their development. While nearly every character in 7 Seeds is naturally distrusting of others at first, Ango and Ryo take it to a whole new level. When Ryo and Ango see how Summer B tends to be casual with their situation, they react in a very shocking manner. They have no concept of what having fun is. Due to their upbringing, they’re always on alert and season two of 7 Seeds further explores Ango’s PTSD through his interactions with Natsu.

3. Great Development

What this story does best is further develop the story and characters. While a good percentage of the development is focused on Ango, members of Summer B, most notably with Natsu and Semimaru, get their chance to develop thanks to the influences of Ango and Ryo. In season two, you see Semimaru is still the same snarky jerk, but he’s lightened up and is no longer selfish, while Natsu becomes more confident and assertive. Hana, towards the latter-half, is put through some unique trials and tribulations, and you see how she has to grow in a new world almost on her own.

Why You Should Skip 7 Seeds 2nd Season

1. You need to watch season one first

In order to follow season two, you’re going to need to watch season one. If you come into season one without watching season two, you’re going to be lost. You’ll have an idea of what the world the characters live in, but without watching season one, you’re not going to know who the teams are, how they were selected and why. Considering it’s based on a manga that tells one continuous story, the series is meant to be watched consecutively.

2. No Season 3 Confirmed Yet

Considering how much season two has improved and where the series ends, as of present, there is no confirmation on whether or not we are getting a season three. Since the manga has been over for a little over two years now, not continuing or ending the anime would be beyond inexcusable. Yes, we could read the manga, but considering how music plays a role in this series and how excellently cast the characters are, continuing the anime to the end is the right thing to do.

Final Thoughts

Season two does a great job of overcoming some of season one’s most notable flaws but as we shared before, it’s conditional that you watch this series as a whole. With the way the world has gone crazy this past year of 2020, 7 Seeds is certainly one of those titles that people need to watch. The way things are, a lot of people think the world is literally going to Hell in a handbasket, and 7 Seeds is definitely the perfect anime to watch as a critique of the human condition. Granted, the circumstances are different, but the themes and the lessons that need to be learned are fundamentally the same. So, what do you guys say? Do you think 7 Seeds is the anime we need right now? Do you want this anime to continue to the end? If you have any thoughts, please share in the comments!

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7-Seeds-wallpaper-347x500 7 Seeds 2nd Season Review – A New Journey, New Challenges

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