A Budding Romantic Relationship - Dear NOMAN Vol. 1

A Budding Romantic Relationship
  • Mangaka : Neji
  • Publisher : Yen Press
  • Genre : Shoujo Ai, Supernatural
  • Published : January 2021

Most humans won’t want to see beings that only the special people can see. To be exact, we’re talking about spirits, ghosts, and monsters. We mean, that only looks nice in shonen manga and if you have some sort of special powers. In reality, however, it’s just straight-up scary. Plus, actually acknowledging their existence makes you a weirdo in the eyes of society. There is absolutely nobody with a sane mind who believes someone claiming they are seeing ghosts.

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

Dear NOMAN revolves around Mashiro, a little girl (literally) who can see spirits of humans and animals called Nomans. One day, she sees a cute Noman that seems to be leading her somewhere. But instead of something wholesome, the Noman turns into a huge monstrosity and tries to consume her. Fortunately, Bazu and a secret government agency are nearby and saves her. She passes out after the Noman has been defeated. When she wakes up, she accidentally kisses Bazu and unintentionally forms a contract with her.

Why You Should Read Dear NOMAN Vol. 1

1. Fluffy romance building from scratch

Before the incident, Mashiro and Bazu had literally no interaction. If not for the accidental kiss and forced master-servant relationship, they probably won’t be interacting. Bazu even tries to convince Mashiro to take a medicine that will erase her memories about Nomans. That said, they literally have to build their relationship from scratch. Mashiro, being an innocent girl, is hated by Bazu. However, it’s interesting to see how Bazu softens the more she spends time with Mashiro. What’s more is that they’re slowly but surely developing feelings for each other, and they’re both clueless about it.

2. It’s not all about them

Even though Dear NOMAN is a shounen-ai series, the story doesn’t just revolve around Mashiro and Bazu’s relationship. They actually do work sending stray Nomans to their next life. What’s nice about it is that some of the Nomans they encounter have pretty interesting backstory. It’s not necessarily always sad, but there’s always something about it. What’s better is that they always end on a good note.

Why You Should Skip Dear NOMAN Vol. 1

1. Borderline pedophilia

It’s important to take note that Mashiro is only a 14-year-old girl. Even though Bazu is Noman who’s a crow in her previous life, there’s still no denying that she looks like a full grown woman. The series indeed has scenes that are heart attack inducing, but it’s also true that Mashiro’s age is off-putting. Yes, it’s arguable that Bazu isn’t really an adult human, but there’s just something eerie about their relationship.

Final Thoughts

At first glance, Dear NOMAN seems like a series about exorcising spirits. However, we get a fuzzy story about a very kindhearted, innocent girl and a caring spirit. Interestingly, even their job of sending away Nomans are surprisingly wholesome. But it may be imperative to take their ages into consideration, though some may like it more that way.

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