A Manga to Inspire Your Wanderlust — Saguri-chan Tankentai

Attention to all fellow otakus! Corona-chan has taken over the world and compels every human being to self-isolate for the sake of safety and well-being of others and thyself. Depending on our circumstances, that didn’t affect us much as we have built resistance and gotten used to living indoors and not bothered by the world. Well… not entirely because we need to make sure out stamina level is at least on the positive side.

But no matter what comes our way, we otakus and non-otakus will rise up and overcome this crisis by reading and savor an adventurous and educational manga series called Saguri-chan Takentai.

We know what you’re going to type in the comments (maybe): we are living in a modern age where everything can be done from home with the power of the internet! That doesn’t mean we can stay indoors and away from the sunlight as if we are vampires and hiss like a cat forever. A little exaggerating, but you get the point.

The exploration covers all sorts of areas; they can be butterfly catching, visiting historical buildings, climbing to the top of the mountains, and admire the sunset, ocean, or town or camping at the mountainside. The possibilities are endless.

A Manga for Inspiration

Let’s begin with the plot of the story, Tsugumu meets his childhood friend Saguri, who was born with a weak constitution, and finds out that she is now a healthy girl. During their childhood and because of her health condition, Saguri has a considerable collection of books and field guides and shares them with Tsugumu. Got the context?

In this manga you get to experience a journey with a cute, energetic, and brave girl. The manga is also filled with the knowledge of the great outdoors. As you read through the manga, you will get to see many unique characters who eventually become part of the group in an almost natural way.

Every chapter provides knowledge and information on specific activities and the location of interests. You can use this as a foundation to learn and understand the procedures for only a little.

How to Capture the Moment

One of the biggest highlights of this manga series is the fantastic artwork from all the sceneries the main characters visited. Those one-colored pages make us go nuts and think to ourselves, how long did it take for Yoco Akiyama (Mangaka of this series) to complete them. Those pages made us feel as if we have visited those places and develop a newfound respect for the history behind those places. Despite those experiences, it makes us consider exploring them in person.

With camera development is still ongoing, people could now afford to purchase cameras that could create decent quality nowadays, or you can use your mobile phones. Time is precious to everyone and taking photos at the right time, and angle would bring immersion and memories to your friends, loved ones, and yourself in the future. Remember to tuck in your arms as you take photos for better stability. You wouldn’t want blurry photos and get scolded by experienced photographers… In case you are serious about being a photographer, bring a few lens and tripods if you can.

It's More than Mountains and Castles

If you’re not into historical sites, don’t worry, you can also get to experience outdoor camp or going to local restaurants that serve cuisines that you might not be able to find anywhere. Depending on the restaurants, they might be designed for their patronage to relax and appreciate nature.

As for the camp, make sure to bring enough provisions for everyone in your group, keep the environment clean, and treat other campers with respect. To learn more about camping, we would like to recommend a manga series Yuru CampΔ.

In most cases, it is essential to start somewhere easy and build your strength and endurance for a long journey. By journey, we mean walking and standing for a long period. Take Log Horizon as an example, they have to journey across Japan to reach the goal to save one friend. You know what they say, leave no one behind.

This may come as a surprise for some people, but taking a stroll in a park or going to familiar or new places don’t solely provide physical benefits. They give inspirations to anything that you are working on in life and reminds us that there are times where we need to take a step back and reflect on what we should have done better for everyone. By everyone, they can be your family, friends, colleagues, or your lover.

To encourage your friends to join your journey, you might need to ask permission from their parents, depending on the age and situation, and off we go! Your parents will thank you later if you help their child become fit.

Final Thoughts

To summarize Saguri-chan Takentai (Saguri’s Exploration Party). It has a wholesome, energy-filled adventure by a group of high school students, filled with incredible artworks on special scenes and locations. It showcases how much things the world has to offer and potentially be our next vacation—the educational aspect of the historical sites, culture, physical activities, and food.

That is pretty much it. It may apply to some people who love to explore or interested in exploring, but here goes. Remember, it is not about the destination, it is about the story of the journey that you carry along as you go.

If you want to go fully-strap with exploration equipment and are interested in reading manga give Saguri-chan Takentai a try. You probably won’t regret it. Leave a comment below if you have a favorite scene, activities, or places that you always wanted to visit.

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