A New World, a New Naofumi In The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2!

The beginning of several episodes of The Rising of the Shield Hero wasn’t loved by us here at Honey’s Anime for several varying reasons. Thankfully, one big change in the series—which we knew was coming—took the issues we had and fixed them for the most part. The new world Naofumi and his party have been teleported to what this season needed and here’s why we think many of you will agree with us, that it saved this second season as a whole.

Returning to His Former Rage

As the shield hero, Naofumi was given a very rough start as he was ostracized for his “weapon” and it created a lot of rage within our isekai protagonist. Thankfully with the help of Raphtalia and Filo, Naofumi’s inner rage began to settle down for a more tough-guy persona but in season 2 that rage is returning, and Naofumi kind of needed it.

Naofumi’s calm demeanor was a welcome sight for our Shield Hero but it also made him kind of soft in our honest opinion. Naofumi was quick to still get annoyed and often had a stoicism to him but season 2’s setting changed Naofumi to his old self. Filo was kidnapped by a merchant, and being treated poorly made our Shield Hero reignite his Wrath Shield and he was almost tempted to use it despite the risks we know come from the deadly shield. Naofumi needs to get tougher again as the situations he’s about to deal with—like rescuing Raphtalia—will push him to make tough decisions and he needs just a bit of that former anger he had.

New Setting, New Challenges, New Friends, and New Foes

The Spirit Tortoise was a solid enemy for Naofumi’s party to deal with in the opening episodes of season 2 but how our hero handled the fights felt…too familiar. Now that Naofumi and his party have been reduced to their initial levels in a new world—which also has changed their abilities and stats—Naofumi’s previous tactics aren’t going to cut it here. This new world has also given Naofumi new allies and new foes alike which keeps The Rising of the Shield Hero season 2 from feeling like a re-trend of season 1.

Kizuna Kazayama, the Hunt Hero, is the newest ally to join Naofumi after his party is initially trapped in a strange fake dimension that she too was tossed into. Kizuna’s weapon seems extremely powerful but as we discover, it gives her a big disadvantage as she can’t use it on human enemies. So while she has more levels than Naofumi in her world, she isn’t a saving grace in every battle. The new foes too, like Kyo—the Book Hero—and his companions also are showing that Naofumi will need to think differently to best survive this new landscape and return safely to his original summoned world.

Most Won’t Predict What Will Happen Next

Be honest with us, our fellow readers. How many of the scenarios in season 2 of Shield Hero were you able to figure out because you know what Naofumi and his party could do? Probably most of them and that is understandable. Now though, Naofumi is in a new world with new shields and even his allies have new stats/abilities. Can you still predict what will happen next? We’re sure that with this landscape very different from the previous one, every situation that’s been presented so far has become a bit harder to predict and that is why this new world was so necessary!

Final Thoughts

The Rising of the Shield Hero season 2 didn’t have the best start in our opinion and we knew what was coming but were worried it wouldn’t fix the season. Thankfully, after several episodes in this new setting, The Rising of the Shield Hero season 2 has really begun to head towards a more positive direction—not for Naofumi and his allies—and we can’t wait to see how the remainder of the season will play out.

Do you think this new world Naofumi is in has really pushed the series in a better direction or does it still fail to deliver in the same way as season 1? Let us know in the comments below! Be sure to keep stuck to our shielded hive here at Honey’s Anime for more coverage of The Rising of the Shield Hero and other summer 2022 anime series!

Tate-no-Yuusha-no-Nariagari-Season-2-Wallpaper-3-444x500 A New World, a New Naofumi In The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2!


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