A Perfectly Normal, Serious Dilemma -- Breasts Are My Most Favorite Things in The World

A Perfectly Normal, Serious Dilemma
  • Mangaka : Wakame Konbu
  • Publisher : Yen Press
  • Genre : Fantasy, Slice of Life, Ecchi
  • Published : June 2020

Everybody got at least one thing they’re passionate about. Be it sports, food, anime, and manga, or anything else. It’s just that other people’s passions could warrant them being labeled as perverts or straight-up land them in jail. Some passions could be easily misunderstood but are totally not weird. Take for example liking breasts to the death but in a very normal, non-sexual way.

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

Chiaki Ichihara is considered somewhat of a prince in their school, even though she’s a girl. She got all that charm, charisma, and coolness that every heartthrob possesses. However, she also has a not-so-secret obsession that she finds it difficult to satisfy. She’s deeply, madly in love with breasts. Not in a sexual way, though. She just likes fondling and playing with them. Of course, she doesn’t discriminate. Logically, people just don’t agree to be fondled, and she doesn’t really have the best boobs out there. Fortunately for her, she met Hana Harumi, who she deemed has the perfect breasts. Hana and Chiaki have a secret spot just for Chiaki to fondle Hana’s boobs.

Why You Should Read Breasts Are My Most Favorite Things in The World

1. Boobs Galore

From the premise alone, you probably already hoped for this, and yes, the series is filled with breasts. Most of it is Chiaki’s, although Hana’s mini boobs also come into view from time to time. Since Chiaki is pretty much obsessed with breasts to the point of failing to function should she miss fondling boobs even for a single day, each chapter is dedicated to her boob-fondling obsession. There are scenes of her fondling from a bra, being a boob sandwich, and even fondling Chiaki’s bare boobs. She even had a nosebleed doing so.

2. Some Cute Yuri Interaction

The focal point of the story is Chiaki fondling the heck out of Hana’s boobs. It turns out, however, that a bond can be created through this bizarre relationship. Hana, although very dense, slowly developed feelings for Chiaki. She even gets jealous when she sees Chiaki being together with her junior in the archery club. That said, there are a lot of scenes wherein Chiaki unknowingly makes Hana blush, making her helplessly fall in love with her deeper. For Chiaki, however, we’re not sure if her head ever thinks deeper than boobs.

Why You Should Skip Breasts Are My Most Favorite Things in The World

1. Shallow Story With No Plot

Breasts Are My Most Favorite Things in The World is literally what the title said. There are a lot of boobs, a lot of fondling, but there’s little to no story. Chiaki fondles Hana’s boobs, and she sometimes makes her blush. That’s basically the blueprint for every chapter. There is also no character development, and the only problem is that when Chiaki fails to have her daily those of boobie time, she becomes dysfunctional, though that’s kinda funny in its own right.

Final Thoughts

We don’t really think we have to say it at this point, but Breasts Are My Most Favorite Things in The World is the perfect series for every boob lover, boob enthusiasts, boob connoisseurs, and perverts out there. Although it has little to no story to offer, it heavily compensates on the other kind of plot. That said, it’s still worth checking out for some good laugh and maybe alone time. If you know what we mean.

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