A Self-aware Isekai - Buck Naked in Another World

  • Mangaka : Madoka Kotani, Mochiusa
  • Publisher : Seven Seas Entertainment
  • Genre : Comedy, Fantasy, Light Novels, Isekai
  • Published : July 2020


Isekai, isekai, isekai. A trope that has been dominating the market for a while now. Not that we’re complaining. After all, it’s a trope with limitless possibilities. And yes, we’ve seen a lot of what it has to offer. A monster MC? Check! An inanimate object MC? Check! An overpowered MC? Oh, don’t even get us started on that. That said, the genre is filled with both good and bad stories. And although we do give reviews, everyone still has their own tastes when it comes to novels, though that doesn’t change the fact that some are just absolute gems.

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

Most isekai stories start with the main character somehow stumbling upon a new world. Be it with the help of Truck-kun or goddess-chan. Buck Naked in Another World is no different. Our main protagonist, Shuta, finds himself in an entirely new world. The twist is that, as the title suggests, he’s buck naked. He’s been kidnapped and forced to do menial tasks. For one, he’s tasked to chop wood for the entire village. Since he’s only been assigned wood chopping, he’s also only given a piece of loincloth and an axe.

Why You Should Read Buck Naked in Another World

1. A Self-aware Main Character

In this novel, the main character tends to analyze his surroundings quite well. He looks at it at a perspective appropriate to someone in his position. That is a breath of fresh air from the gamut of other isekai stories where the main character being gung ho about the absurdity of the situation. In addition to that, it makes it easier to see through the main character’s thoughts, since we’re literally reading his constant rambling of a thought. Still, it’s nice to see the world as to how he sees it.

2. Casual Writing Style

As we’ve said above, reading this novel is like listening to the main character ramble on and on and on… and on. It’s an endless rant that is borderline a diss track. But for some reason, it becomes its asset. The casualness makes it easy to read. Plus, it doesn’t require that much headspace as we turn the pages. But if you’re looking for poetic masterpieces, this novel definitely won’t meet your standards.

Why You Should Skip Buck Naked in Another World

1. Too Many Dick Jokes

Okay, before you throw nasty comments to us saying we should’ve expected it to have dick jokes based on the title alone, hold your horses first. We did expect it to include dick jokes at the very least. However, the novel keeps highlighting the main character’s buck nakedness. Two chapters in, and that already felt old. That said, the fact that he’s naked, which has already been established from the title alone, could’ve been skipped quite a lot of times.

Final Thoughts

Buck Naked in Another World hopes to bank on the idea that our main character is naked. Removing that fact, it’s our typical isekai. Judging it by the title, you have probably guessed that this isn’t a serious story. Well, that’s both right and wrong. It definitely has comedy in it, but it also gets pretty dark. Heck, it can even be inappropriate for children below 13. As to what we’re talking about, you’d better give the novel a read to find out.

Isekai-ni-Teise-Shitara-Zenra-Sareta-Wallpaper-360x500 A Self-aware Isekai - Buck Naked in Another World


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