The Smart Horror Story That is King of Eden

  • Mangaka : Takashi Nagasaki, Ignito
  • Publisher : Yen Press
  • Genre :  Horror
  • Published : September 2020

We love ourselves a good lore story. Especially if the story is a well-woven masterpiece. Now that Halloween is just around the corner, we find ourselves craving for that spooktacular piece. Be it monsters, zombies, vampires, or even a new breed of virus that’ll keep us away at night. Of course, it’s a huge plus if the story is unique and cool. We actually found that in King of Eden, so without further ado, let’s get some reviewing done.

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

Unbeknownst to the world, a new deadly virus has emerged. It’s some form of rabies that turns its victims into rabid killers, hunting and killing anybody it sees. The virus also makes the victim change appearance at an unimaginably quick pace, turning the victims into abysmal biting monsters. But if you’re thinking this is just another zombie story, you’re only half right. Instead of taking over the world, the monsters infected by the “Wolf” virus kills each other eventually, and the last one commits suicide. Now, one mysterious Teze Yoo claims that his job is to kill that last one.

Why You Should Read King of Eden

1. A Colorful Start

The volume started in a very colorful start, which is kind of ironic thinking of how dark the manga actually is. When we say colorful, it literally means colorful. The first chapter is in full-color, and we absolutely love it. Is it because of overflowing generosity, did the story call for it, or is it an early Christmas gift? We absolutely have no idea, but we are very thankful for that. In our book, that more than deserves a plus.

2. Terrifying Creatures

Living up to the horror genre, those infected with the Wolf virus are absolutely terrifying. From their inhuman shape, a set of razor-sharp teeth, to their animalistic instincts, these guys will surely haunt us in our dreams for the next few days to come. Still, we can’t just put the book down. Although they look grotesque, they also somehow captivate us in a way that we want to see their forms the more we read it. By the time we’ve seen their entirety, we are already at the point of no return. But hey, we’re not complaining.

3. A Movie in the Making

When you read that title, we’re not exaggerating. Our protagonist, Teze Yoo, is revealed to have the virus itself. How? He was part of the group of archaeologists who first excavated the tomb containing the virus. All but four of them survived, and Teze is one of those. Even though he himself has been infected, he hasn’t transformed. He somehow has an immunity to it and nobody knows why. He then takes it upon himself to exterminate the monsters created by the virus. That sounds like a synopsis for a blockbuster film, and if it does, remember that we’re the first to foresee it.

Final Thoughts

The King of Eden is nowhere short of being a masterpiece. From the art, plot, and everything else. It’s something that we absolutely advise everybody to at least try. We understand that we all have our tastes and whatnot, but this is one of those cases wherein we egg everybody to give it a shot. If it’s not, then no harm is done. But we are betting that a lot of those who will try it will love it.

King-of-Eden-manga The Smart Horror Story That is King of Eden


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