A Story of an Unlikely Love: A Short But Sweet Tale of Love

  • Mangaka : Sora Mizuki
  • Publisher : Bessatsu Friend
  • Genre : Romance, School, Shoujo
  • Published : August 2017


School life will not be complete without crushes, flings, and relationships. The memory of being excited to go to school not because we are eager to learn, rather in the hopes of seeing our crushes are still vivid in our minds. The feeling of our hearts beating wildly when our friends will suddenly push us towards an attractive person. We know that just talking about that brings back a lot of memories: some may be good, while others aren’t so much. Nonetheless, they are all precious memories from the sweet past.

Summer is an especially good time to develop feelings, hence the term summer fling. After all, a lot of festivities happen during the summer. Kimi ga Kirai na Koi no Hanashi (A Story of an Unlikely Love) tells the story of how two high school students fell for each other.

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

Here in Honey’s Anime, we always love seeing a love story unfold. A Story of an Unlikely Love, as the title implies, tells how the fate of a problem student, Risa Kisaragi, and a goodie two shoes student, Hiyoshi Chihiro, entwine. Despite the story’s briefness, it does not fail to pack some good love punch straight into our hearts. Reading this series makes us reminisce about our own tales of school life romance.

Why You Should Read A Story of an Unlikely Love

1. Short But Sweet

Unlike a lot of manga in the market, A Story of an Unlikely Love only has eight chapters. Yes, eight chapters. Despite that, the series does not leave the readers hanging. In fact, we feel fulfilled after reading the very last page. Admittedly, though, we do want some more.

Since the series is quite short, it is easy to assume that Mizuki-sensei has cut a lot of corners. Well, that’s not really the case. Every chapter has a good amount of scenes that make us feel butterflies inside our stomachs. When the final chapter concluded, we are happy to leave the story as is.

2. Good Tinge of Romantic Excitement

A Story of an Unlikely Love is akin to a dish prepared by following a well-thought recipe to the letter. It is a delectable dish that is savory, sweet, and with a good amount of romantic excitement. Actually, we have finished both volumes in one sitting. That may not sound much, but that’s how much of a page-turner it is. The romantic scenes are also not too cheesy nor too cringe-worthy. They have the right amount of sweet romance to keep our beating hearts excited. Not too much and not too few.

3. Summer Enthusiasm Galore

The entire series is set during summer. When we say summer, that means beaches, festivals, yukatas, and, of course, fireworks. When Chihiro and Kirasagi came to the beach to collect trash,--yeah, that doesn’t really sound that enticing--we get to see more sweet moments. The good thing about the series is that it not only focused on their love story, but highlights the activities they do together. The series has made us want to experience those experiences regardless of being with a romantic interest or with friends. We mean, it’s summer! Let’s go have some fun!

Why You Should Skip A Story of an Unlikely Love

1. Pushover Heroine

Chihiro is that typical character that everybody likes. Unlike other shoujo manga, though, Chihiro is good with whatever she’s doing. On the other hand, she just cannot say no to anybody. We don’t mean that she has some kind of problem, it’s just that she does not like saying no to anybody. As long as she can help, then she will help. As such, she’s very easy to take advantage of. In fact, she’s even being asked to do some of the teachers’ jobs. If you can’t stand this kind of character, then better stay clear.

Final Thoughts

A Short But Sweet Tale of Love reminds us of our sweet school romance. It is quite short, but it does not lack anything. It has enough sweet scenes to keep our hearts racing for a week, but not too much to make us cringe and cuss at it. Since summer is just around the corner, this entire series packs another appeal. After all, who doesn’t want some beach romance with a dash of fireworks, right? Right!

Kimi-ga-Kirai-na-Koi-no-Hanashi-manga-326x500 A Story of an Unlikely Love: A Short But Sweet Tale of Love


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