A Well Deserved Break in A Gentle Noble’s Vacation Recommendation (Vol. 1)

  • Authors : Misaki, Momochi, Sando
  • Publisher : Tokyopop
  • Genre : Adventure, Historical, Fantasy, Isekai
  • Published : August 2020

A Gentle Noble’s Vacation Recommendation Introduction

During these undeniable outrageous times, it is a given that each and every one of us can definitely use some sort of break. Well, it’s better if it's some paid vacation to a wondrous fantasy world. Unfortunately, though, we can’t get everything that we want, and if fate is feeling a little bit more naughty, then we can’t get anything we want. But there’s absolutely no need to focus on the bad what ifs, right? If we can somehow transfer to a fantasy world per truck-kun, summoning, or some other way, then what should we do? No worries, there’s an available tourist guide manual in manga form.

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

Unlike most other isekai stories where some rando in our world either gets resurrected, summoned, or something to another world, A Gentle Noble’s Vacation Recommendation features an MC that is transported from one fantasy world to another fantasy world. Pretty nifty, right? As if not enough to pique our interest, our MC, Lizel, is a pretty cool guy who didn’t even panic after learning of his fate. Instead, he took some laid-back but reasonable measures such as hiring an all-in-one body guard, Gil. Obviously, we are into an amazing journey of out of this world sightseeing.

Why You Should Read A Gentle Noble’s Vacation Recommendation (Vol. 1)

1. Cool Headed Fancy MC

Quite typical in isekai stories are patriotic, valor-thirsty heroes who want to defend the world from evil. We can’t blame them, though. We’ll also probably amass as much power as we can and fight the demon lord or something if we’re given the chance to do so. However, the bane of that is that the MC is either annoying, hot-headed, immature or a combination of two or all. In this series, we’re not having any of that. Lizel is a pretty chill dude who even openly explained his situation to Gil the first time they met. More so, he made reasonable and logical deductions regarding his own situation. We’re definitely avoiding obvious plot traps here.

2. Fantasy World Exploration

Probably Lizel’s main goal in this series is… well, to have a vacation. His pretty laid back attitude apparently comes with an ‘I’m sure everything else will rightfully fall back to where it was, so I just have to wait for it to happen’ point of view. Whether that is true or not, we’re yet to see. What we are sure of, though, is that Lizel is enjoying his time dawdling in this new world he helplessly found himself in.

Why You Should Skip A Gentle Noble’s Vacation Recommendation (Vol. 1)

1. Isekai Minus the Game System

When we say isekai, a lot of people would almost immediately wonder how the game-esque system in that story goes. Unfortunately, such a thing doesn’t happen in this series. Don’t get us wrong, there are still a lot of scenes of adventuring, guilds, battling, and such, but there won’t be a character screen or prompt windows to give the readers a quantitative evaluation of the characters. We know that there are people out there who love that feature, and this heads up can save you some time.

Final Thoughts

A Gentle Noble’s Vacation Recommendation is something that we can consider like a light isekai story. It has everything an isekai ought to have: a transported MC, adventuring, fantasy, and monsters. However, reading it doesn’t require heavy thinking or aggravated emotions. Contrary to that, it’s actually pretty relaxing to read. It’s just like traveling to a new place and discovering a lot of new things as we travel to new locations.
By: Christian Markle

Odayaka-Kizoku-No-Kyuka-No-Susume-novel-300x427 A Well Deserved Break in A Gentle Noble’s Vacation Recommendation (Vol. 1)


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