[Action Spring 2016] Like Naruto? Watch This!

This Spring anime season has been amazing and while it has reached its end, there are plenty of viewers who have yet to start. Why? Well, who wants to start an anime they know little about? What if we said than anime was a lot like your favorite series? Well, here we present to you a new little article called Like This, Watch This! We are going to take a look at your favorite anime and match you up with another one that could be the start of a new love!

Now, for this one, we have Naruto. What? What could possibly be like this cult-like anime? Well, if you like Naruto, watch these great anime! They’ve got action and adventure; you just can’t resist.

About Naruto

  • Episodes: 220
  • Aired: October 2002 - February 2007

If you have never heard of Naruto, do you even watch anime? Naruto is about a boy who has lived with the hatred of the villagers in Konohagakure due to the fact that the nine-tailed fox that nearly destroyed the village was sealed within him as a child. Now, Naruto is a trouble maker, doing anything to get attention, but you know what, he wants to be the next hokage! Will this trouble making, failure of a ninja actually become hokage?!

Like Naruto? Watch Boku no Hero Academia!

Like Naruto? Watch Boku no Hero Academia!

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: April 2016 - June 2016

Quirks have given normal people amazing powers and while 80% of the general population has a quirk, the remaining 20% are left defenseless without one. Midoriya Izuku’s parents both have quirks, but it turns out that Izuku doesn’t have one! All of his life, Izuku has looked up to his hero All Might and dreamed of becoming a hero just like him. Even the absence of a quirk hasn’t deterred Izuku. Lucky for him, though, All Might has chosen Izuku to be his successor! Thus begins Izuku’s life at the prestigious UA High, where heroes are made.

3 Major similarities between Naruto & Boku no Hero Academia

1. Everyone Belittles the Hero

Naruto is a character who no one believes in. They think he’s an idiot, a class clown. Naruto is someone everyone can relate to because he’s not perfect. Naruto has a lot of mistakes. In Boku no Hero Academia, Izuku plays the same part as he did not manifest a quirk like the others. Everyone thinks Izuku is worthless and foolish because he doesn’t have a quirk. And like Sasuke to Naruto, Katsuki is there to make sure that Izuku knows how much of a loser everyone thinks he is.

2. The Hero is Ambitious

Despite being weak, Naruto dreams big in order to prove everyone wrong. Naruto works towards his dream of being Hokage. Likewise, Izuku has never let his lack of a quirk deter him from his dream of attending UA High and becoming a hero. Even when everyone has no faith in him, including his mother, Izuku knows that he wants to be a hero and nothing will stop him.

3. Never Underestimate the Little Guy

Let us not forget the fact that Naruto has always surprised his fellow teammates with his abilities! Boku no Hero Academia is no different. Izuku may seem lacking in many ways, but in this short 13 episode season, Izuku has proven he has more to offer than meets the eye. Izuku is always showing off his bravery in the face of danger and his power right when he needs it.

Liked Naruto? Assassination Classroom!

  • Episodes: 22
  • Aired: January 2015 - June 2015

Alright, technically Assassination Classroom came out in 2015, but the second season just came out! If you have hesitated to watch Assassination Classroom, you shouldn’t. There are some major similarities between Naruto and Assassination Classroom. You just don’t want to miss this anime, especially since the sequel just ended! Now, we aren’t saying Naruto is better than Assassination Classroom, but you should check it out first and make your own call.

3 Major similarities between Naruto & Assassination Classroom

1. Special

Like any shounen anime, Assassination Classroom has a protagonist a bit more special than the rest! In Naruto, Naruto had great power thanks to his being the vessel for the Kyuubi. In Assassination Classroom, Nagisa is our special protagonist who is a little better than the rest. Nagisa may be unassuming than the rest, but he has proven that he uses it to his advantage, surpassing the others as an assassin with his ability to hide his presence and thirst for blood. It sounds a bit odd, but it is definitely an interesting ability. However, what makes Nagisa so special? How does he use it to his advantage? Well, watch on and find out!

2. Goofiness Galore

There is no doubt that Naruto is completely goofy. Hell, Naruto invented the sexy-no-justu just to seduce or distract other shinobi. What a troll! Assassination Classroom brings to you the same goofiness in a whole new setting with a different cast. Every time things seem to get a little too serious, they throw you a curveball and you find yourself laughing uncontrollably. Koro-sensei just makes it all better with his goofiness and perversion. How could you ever take Assassination Classroom seriously? The class even forces Nagisa to cross dress! Whoops. There is no end to their antics.

3. Teachers are Better Than You Thought

Now, let’s get just a tad bit serious here. Naruto is constantly showing the passion teachers have their students, as goofy and irresponsible as some of them are, the teachers have nothing but love for them. They’ll do anything to protect their students or make them stand above the rest. In the same way, Assassination Classroom showcases a teacher that everyone is supposed to kill, yet each student develops their own relationship with the teacher. Koro-sensei may appear to be a grotesque monster, but his heart is made of gold and he protects his precious students at all cost. Let’s not forget that Koro-sensei also revives their belief in humanity again!

Final Thoughts

Now, you have these two great new shows this season. Don’t hesitate to enjoy them! If you love Naruto, you will definitely have some fun with Boku no Hero Academia and Assassination Classroom.
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