Adventures of a Female Cop – Police in a Pod Vol. 1 [Manga]

Adventures of a Female Cop
  • Mangaka : Miko Yasu
  • Publisher : Kodansha
  • Genre : Seinen, Slice of Life
  • Published : June 2021

Police officers are somewhat a touchy topic nowadays, and rightly so. Police brutality and corruption is nothing to scoff at as civilian lives are literally at stake. On the other hand, generalizing that all police officers are bad worldwide isn’t really fair for countries with actual good cops. That being said, being a police officer isn’t an easy job either. Faced with a lot of prejudice and whatnot, one must have patience beyond belief. Or maybe, just be a badass female cop. That’s exactly what Police in a Pod is all about.

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Discussion Time

New police officer Kawai gets disheartened as she faces constant mistrust and taunts from those she apprehends. Since she doesn’t really have a deep reason for joining the force, she readies her resignation letter only to postpone it as she gets a new female director. Not just any female director, a very badass one at that. The more she spends time with her, the more she reconsiders submitting her resignation letter.

Why You Should Read Police in a Pod Vol. 1

1. Slice of Life Indeed

As we follow Kawai and her director as they go about their daily routines, we see things through a police officer’s lens, albeit fictionally. Since the series doesn’t have any fixed plot, we have no idea what the next chapter holds. However, every chapter doesn’t fail to make us smile at least once or twice. Typical to slice of life series, Police in a Pod has a very relaxed tone and the gravest dilemmas are nothing but mundane. Be it a confrontation with a professional criminal or perhaps a heated encounter between one’s relative, everything hits somewhere close to home.

2. Sitback, Relax, and Read

With such a calm set up, we rarely get annoyed or frustrated. Of course, those scenes still exist, especially when Kawai gets taunted and shouted at. However, those scenes don’t really pan out, so we can’t really get angry even if we tried to. Even though it’s a series about cops, we don’t really see any action from them. Perhaps that’s because they’re just cops on the streets, which mostly means enforcing traffic rules. That being said, it’s a good title to pick up to pair your casual morning coffee or a short read before a good night sleep.

Why You Should Skip Police in a Pod Vol. 1

1. Not Really Too Convincing

The lack of tension is good and all, but it somehow costs the series depth. In order to finish the arc quickly and calmly, the series creates an unrealistic thought process and rationale. For instance, the serial burglar that acted as a sacrifice in order to highlight Fuji’s badassery just somewhat decides to spill everything out without the slightest resistance. What’s more, he’s amicable enough to teach Kawai a thing or two. That guy definitely doesn’t act like a criminal. Of course, it doesn’t always turn out like this, but when it does, it’s too glaring not to notice.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for something light and relaxing to read, do give Police in a Pod a try. It’s definitely not the best within the genre, but it still delivers a chill read. But if you’re looking for an action-packed series or something that provides depth, then this isn’t the series for you.

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