Agents of Mayhem's Carnage a Trois Trailer Finds Pleasure in LEGION's Pain

What You Need to Know:

  • Over the past few weeks we've been unveiling more members of the Agents of Mayhem cast and today we have another special team to look out for, Persephone’s final squad of agents, Carnage a Trois. Check down below for each character's breakdown as well as the wicked trailer that shows the team in action. If you'd like to hear some of the awesome sounds from the Agents of Mayhem soundtrack, then click here!

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Character Breakdowns


Ex-US Army Drill Sergeant and master tactician Braddock comes from a long line of military lifers. Nobody knows the LEGION grunts better than Braddock; she trained most of them before they were recruited away by LEGION. This discovery led Braddock to leave the beloved Corps and join MAYHEM, where she uses her trademark cigar to mark the target for laser mortar strikes that obliterate her enemies.


Next up is Yeti, an elite Russian soldier who took part in a super-secret “cold-warrior” program designed to create super soldiers to fight the threat of LEGION. Most were driven mad, but Yeti survived, escaped and joined MAYHEM. Saints Row fans will recognize Yeti’s stature and intelligence; he was formerly Oleg.


Our final Carnage a Trois member is everyone’s favorite roller derby girl, Daisy. Bold and brash with no filter, Daisy is one of the best heavy weapons experts around. She's a tough anchor for any squad with quick movements, thanks to her derby-fueled finesse and powered skates. She uses her massive minigun to spray the battlefield, killing everything in sight.

Official Trailer

Agents of Mayhem - CARNAGE A TROIS [US]

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All of these new reveals are pretty epic to be honest. I look forward to more exciting news.

honeys anime character
Yeah me too! I honestly can't wait until this game drops!