Deep Silver and DeviantArt Collaborate to Launch Agents of Mayhem After Hours Art Series

What You Need to Know:

  • The folks at Deep Silver have some big plans in store for their upcoming action title, Agents of Mayhem, and so they've partnered up with the world's largest art community DeviantArt which will help to close the gap between the gaming and art world.
  • Deep Silver has commissioned 12 popular artists from DeviantArt to create candid portraits of each of the Agents enjoying their time away from saving Seoul in the battle with Dr. Babylon and LEGION. These stunning re-imaginings of each Agent of MAYHEM will be released on an exclusive DeviantArt hub for the next 24 days. On alternate days, fans will get the opportunity to take a closer look at each of the deviant artists. Each artist has captured the essence of the Agents’ private lives; some relax by honing their skills, while others have more unexpected pastimes.
  • We have a list which we'll share with you down below, that details all the specific dates when certain artists will reveal their works to the world. Maybe you're one of them?! Or perhaps you're familiar with a certain artist's work? Whatever it may be, be sure to support these great people who put the time in to make sure the community grows in a healthy way. To see all the artwork, be sure to check out the official DeviantArt Agents of Mayhem page.

Source: Official Press Release

Official List of Artists

July 25th: syncmax

July 26th: GUWEIZ

July 28th: Ciaparo-Sans

July 30th: elsevilla

August 1st: larienne

August 3rd: TamberElla

August 5th: CGlas

August 7th: NanFe

August 9th: Valentina-Remenar

August 11th: Table-Taffy-Studios

August 13th: GENZOMAN

August 15th: MartaNael

honeys anime character
I can't wait for this game to come out! It's going to be such a blast.

honeys anime character
Yeah and the team is really putting a lot of effort behind the artwork to really illustrate how passionate they are.