Netflix Announces Aggretsuko 2nd Season Coming 2019!

Aggresive-Retsuko-DVD-300x425 Netflix Announces Aggretsuko 2nd Season Coming 2019!

Aggresive-Retsuko-DVD-300x425 Netflix Announces Aggretsuko 2nd Season Coming 2019!

Aggressive Retsuko (Aggretsuko 2nd Season)

Comedy, Slice of Life

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The second Season of Aggretsuko.

Retsuko the red panda is working as an office lady in a first-rate company. Although increasingly unhappy with the work she gets from her annoying boss and her coworkers’ stupidity, she spends her days enduring it without complaint.

That’s Retsuko - whose favourite pastime is going to karaoke alone on her way home from work, and relieving her stress by singing death metal!

This hyper comedy anime shows Retsuko’s daily battles with her individualistic coworkers, like Gori-buchou the hard-working career woman and Washimi the capable beauty of a secretary, in this safari park of a company.

Characters & Voice Actors List


Voice Actor:

A red panda that works in the accounting section at Kyalareeman Commerce. She may have finally become the office lady she always dreamed of being, but in reality, she’s always being pushed around by her boss, who’s always giving her an impossible amount of work, and her selfish coworkers. Unable to endure the rage building up inside her, but unable to say anything about it, she relieves her stress by screaming death metal alone at karaoke.


Voice Actor:

A beautiful secretary bird who works for the company president, quite literally as a secretary bird. She’s a capable secretary who’s always attentive to the president’s needs, but is fed up with the way he uses people and his weak mental state. At work she seems cold but in private she’s actually quite showy.


Voice Actor:

The woman department head of marketing who’s always working hard. She may look intense but behind that is a sensitive heart who often can’t say what’s on her mind. She wears conservative clothes and is actually quite fashionable, but because she looks like that she’s often bullied and often cries into her pillow when she gets home.


Voice Actor:

An old-fashioned Duroc pig who thinks that all women are only there until they get married or pregnant, so they should just serve the tea. Loves golf and drinking parties, and spends every night grabbing one of the young ones from work and walking around drinking. Has his good days and bad days, so his subordinates often ask how he’s feeling as they approach him. If he doesn’t say a word, that means he won’t listen to any objections.


Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Sanrio
  • Director: Rarecho

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