Aksys Games Summer Tour - Fishing Star World Tour Impression

Fishing-Star_Logo-Aksys-Games-Summer-Tour Aksys Games Summer Tour - Fishing Star World Tour Impression

Fishing Star World Tour is a single-player game that captures the allure of fishing with its motion controls and various environments. With numerous fish to catch, different lures, and different fishing equipment, the world tour promises to be an exciting catch for Nintendo Switch owners.

The Main Attraction: Capturing the Fishing Experience

For the avid fishing fan or for the casually interested, Fishing Star World Tour welcomes players with its controls. At the start, players are allowed three control types: a Joy-Con option for right-handed people (reeling is on the left), a Joy-Con option for left-handed people (reeling is on the right), and for those who prefer an experience without motion controls, the Joy-Con grip allows for reeling with the A button and Rod motions with the left analog stick.

For my first experience, I decided to try out the first option. After a short calibration test, the Joy-Cons responded, and I was off on my world tour. The control scheme is undeniably positive. Although it took some getting used to, the core mechanics of the game were easily understood: cast the line by gently arching your fishing rod towards the screen, reel by spinning the opposite controller and try to lure fish to your bait while reeling your line closer.

Fishing Mechanics, Equipment Options, and Environments

Once a fish takes the bait, the game enters a new mode. To properly catch the fish, you want to reel the fish in while being aware of the line’s tension. Too much tension and the line can break, allowing the fish to escape.

Depending on the fish, the process of reeling can be easy or a vicious tug-of-war. Reeling in the fish close enough will result in your victory (indicated by a blue circle), but the fish will sway from side-to-side, creating tension on the line. By moving the fishing rod in the same direction and reacting accordingly, players must choose when to add tension to the line by reeling in at the appropriate time.

Adapting to each fish is part of the fun, and to make your journey easier, players can customize their fishing equipment. Changing the bait can make certain fish more interested. Switching out the rod can change its characters such as Tackle Strength, Distance, Tackle Power, the Chance Circle, and Attract Power. Taking this into consideration will open up different avenues for fishing.

When it comes to the environment, each stage provides a different visual layout, new fish, and different requirements for completion. The beginning levels were simple enough, requiring the player to capture 2 different types of fish, but as the game goes further, challenges will match the player’s familiarity with the game.

Final Thoughts

Fishing-Star_Logo-Aksys-Games-Summer-Tour Aksys Games Summer Tour - Fishing Star World Tour Impression

It’s amazing how a unique control scheme can make a game so engaging. Despite its simple concept, Fishing Star World Tour keeps players entertained with its core mechanics and execution. If you’re looking for a game that uses motion controls effectively, then you can buy it now digitally on the Nintendo eShop or wait for its physically release on September 26, 2019.

Fishing-Star_Logo-Aksys-Games-Summer-Tour Aksys Games Summer Tour - Fishing Star World Tour Impression


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