Aksys Games Summer Tour - Waku Waku Sweets Impression

Waku-Waku-Sweets-Key-Art-Aksys-Games-Summer-Tour Aksys Games Summer Tour - Waku Waku Sweets Impression

Waku Waku Sweets is an interesting inclusion into the Switch library. Making full use of the Switch’s motion controls, Waku Waku Sweets packages a baking experience with a charming story. In Waku Waku Sweets, players take the role of Lime, an enthusiastic, young girl whose wish is to become the town’s #1 pastry chef.

As an employee of Fil Rouge, the town’s beloved bakery, Lime must memorize new recipes, create confectionaries, and deliver sweets to customers and new friends. Look forward to your journey into Waku Waku Sweets this December 5, 2019, on the Nintendo Switch.

Charming Aesthetics and an Intuitive Presentation

Waku Waku Sweets presents itself earnestly, diving straight into the heart of its premise. Without much delay, Lime simply wakes up and charges straight into her new job. That directness is conveyed throughout from its story to its game mechanics.

During the tutorial, players are introduced to how the motion controls function. In a series of minigames, the game engages with its controls in a logical fashion. Pouring a cup requires you to tilt the Joy-Con. Mixing batter requires a circular motion. Using a sieve to lighten flour requires you to sift it by shaking left and right.

By combining an obvious visual and logical action, the game makes its controls intuitive and fun. What might initially seem like a quirky mechanic, quickly becomes a thoughtful and engaging part of the experience.

Customization and Character Interactions

To better personalize your adventure, the game allows some customization. From several outfits and hairstyles, players can choose a dress for the occasion or simply pick a style that fits them best.

Building rapport with the townsfolk is also a mechanic within the game. Each day has a limited amount of time, and each interaction with town residents takes time away. Depending on the day, Lime may have no work at the bakery. This opens up more time to interact with various parts of the town and its respective characters.

Upon interacting with characters, some may ask for certain items. If the player has an item available, they can give the item, resulting in a better relationship with the story’s characters. Being mindful of the time, knowing when to bake certain treats, or proper use of your wages can open up new possibilities as a pastry chef!

Final Thoughts

Waku-Waku-Sweets-Key-Art-Aksys-Games-Summer-Tour Aksys Games Summer Tour - Waku Waku Sweets Impression

While brief, my time with Waku Waku Sweets left me with a positive impression. I don’t often play games with motion controls, but Waku Waku Sweets invests that potential into its core mechanics, effectively conveying the charm of baking.

Although this game won’t be for everyone, I think it’s safe to say Waku Waku Sweets will appeal to an audience looking for a relaxing game with a thoughtful and cute presentation.

Given the amount of cooking, I was surprised there was no multiplayer option. However, even without that, Waku Waku Sweets keeps things fresh and engaging with its diversity of minigames and town events. With such an intriguing premise, I hope to see Waku Waku Sweets bake its way into a new fandom.

Waku-Waku-Sweets-Key-Art-Aksys-Games-Summer-Tour Aksys Games Summer Tour - Waku Waku Sweets Impression


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