Aldnoah.Zero Season 2 Airs Jan 11, Excited Yet?!

If you haven’t already seen the first season, you have to.

There’s no, “well, maybe,” you simply have to. This is one of those few shows that just hit you in the face as soon as it starts with one of the strongest openings I have ever seen. Featuring lyrical talent from the ever incredible Mika Kobayashi and song compositions by Hiroyuki Sawano, directed by Ei Aoki and created by Gen Urobuchi (both worked together before for Fate/Zero), you will not be disappointed by starting this show.

The only disappointing thing is it ended, but not for long with season 2 coming out right around the corner of the New Years!

Aldnoah.Zero Plot

Aldnoah.Zero is all about that space, what’s interesting about this show is that they take history and change it.
In 1972 the Apollo 17 mission found more than just rocks on the moon, they also found a hypergate that lead to the surface of Mars. By use of this hypergate astronauts found a type of enchanted utility known only as “Aldnoah.” This utility, along with ancient Martian technology, is what leads to the superiority of astronauts and all those that choose to relocate from Earth to Mars, creating the Versian Empire.
Tensions grow between the two planets and a war breaks out in 1999, causing the hypergate to explode (along with most of the moon), during a battle on the moon’s surface.

After the battle on the moon a ceasefire was established, and lunar bases set up by the Vers after being cut off from Mars. The peace was shaky, but there was peace. Fifteen years later, the Martian Princess Asseylum Vers Allusia decides to come to Earth for a more prominent peacekeeping mission.
Soon after landing, before speaking to world leaders, Princess Asseylum is assassinated. The Martian Vers Orbital Knights descend upon Earth in their giant landing castles, bringing with them death and destruction with their mechs called Kataphrakts and leaving none alive in their wake.

Aldnoah.Zero Main Characters

Inaho is what you would call a parent’s dream child, highly intelligent and exceedingly calm with a knack for anything involving book smarts. His parents are indeed dead, having died prior to the 1999 attack from Vers, so he lives with his sister.
This cold calm allows him to find his way through the impenetrable defenses of the Kataphrakts, finding the small weaknesses they hold as he and his friends fight for the freedom of Earth.

Princess Asseylum is a dreamer, forever dreaming of the day when both Mars and Earth can be at total peace and share the wisdoms each has to offer.
Her assassination was used as a casus belli by the Orbital Knights to invade the Earth and conquer for the blue planets resources. She was very close to Slaine Troyard.

Slaine is a Terran, that is to say he was born on Earth. His father was sent to Mars to study the Aldnoah drives and Slaine tagged along with his father. They crash landed and Slaine and his father became indentured under the royal family, allowing him to get close to the Princess.
Because of his Terran birth, he is looked down upon as a lesser in Vers and treated as nothing more than a servant.

Official Trailer Season 1

Season 2

Not much is known about the second season of Aldnoah.Zero, aside from the air date of January 11th 2015.

I have no doubts about the series however, so personally I am looking forward to another season of this incredible show.
If you haven’t started the first season, I repeat, do it now! With the stunning visuals, incredible fight scenes and an opening New Orleans died for, you will not be disappointed!

Official Trailer Season 2

by Nathaniel Loomis