Alice in Deadly School

Alice in Deadly School

Comedy, School, Shounen

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Hoods Entertainment

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Yuu and Nobu are practicing a comedy skit on the school roof. At the same time, creatures that aren’t human are overflowing the school.
If you get bitten by the creatures either you die or become the same as them.
Will Yuu and Nobu, along with the other surviving students, manage to escape these supernatural creatures...

Characters & Voice Actors List

Yu Kuroo

Voice Actor: M・A・O

Nobuko Hyakumura

Voice Actor: Chihira Mochida

Shizuka Murasaki

Voice Actor: Hikaru Akao

Kiriko Tounuma

Voice Actor: Ayaka Suwa

Yumiya Akashima

Voice Actor: Nozomi Yamamoto

Kazuma Aoike

Voice Actor: Masami Takano

Iori Hikami

Voice Actor: Aya Akiyoshi

Asayo Takamori

Voice Actor: Amina Satou

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Iku Asakusa (Alice in Project)
  • Director: Shigeyasu Yamauchi
  • Script: Yumi Kageyama
  • Character Design: Hijiri Tateishi
  • Original Illustrator: Asami Sekiya
  • Music: Prhythm / epx

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