Sci-Fi, Music

Airing Date:
Winter 2021

Hoods Entertainment

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Five years after the mysterious disappearance of several major cities around the world, a group of young girls aim for stardom with the Theatrical Material System—a 3D hologram system that allows you to perform on stage.

Characters & Voice Actors

gekidol-key-visual Gekidol
Seria Morino: Hikaru Akao

After seeing Izumi Hinasaki perform with the Theatrical Material System, Seria longed to stand on the stage herself. She has the ability to perfectly copy other people’s performances and quirks. She has a treasured stuffed animal named Alice.
gekidol-key-visual Gekidol
Airi Kagami: Chihira Mochida

A member of the theater group Alice in Theater. Cheerful and unflappable, she takes care of Seria as her theater senpai. She was Izumi Hinasaki’s partner when she belonged to Alice in Theater.
gekidol-key-visual Gekidol
Izumi Hinasaki: Ayaka Suwa

A former member of Alice in Theater. She left the group in order to advance her career and currently belongs to Super Material Theater. She was the one who originally recognized Airi’s talents and invited her to join Alice in Theater.
gekidol-key-visual Gekidol
Kaworu Sakakibara: Kana Hanasawa

A director and actress of Alice in Theater. She might appear slovenly, but she has a first-rate eye for talent. She invited Seria to join Alice in Theatre and is actively trying to get her a role. She appears to have some history with Takezaki, the producer of Super Material Theater.
gekidol-key-visual Gekidol
Doll: M・A・O

An acting doll that’s part of the stage set produced by the Theatrical Material System. She has no emotions and usually functions as an acting partner for performers to practice. She lacked a name until Seria dubbed her “Alice.”
gekidol-key-visual Gekidol
Akira Asagi: Nozomi Yamamoto

A founding member of Alice in Theater. A tomboy with a laid back personality, she’s kind to all the other girls. She can sometimes be pretentious and refers to Seria as “Seria-hime” (Princess Seria). She’s not a fan of dresses and skirts.
gekidol-key-visual Gekidol
Manami Fujita: Asami Takano

Another founding member of Alice in Theater. Her nickname is Rabumin. She is also active as an indie idol, mainly performing at free concerts. She is very excitable and loves to gossip.
gekidol-key-visual Gekidol
Kazuharu Yamamoto: Aya Akiyoshi

A member of Alice in Theater. She’s sometimes referred to as “air” by other members of the group, since she doesn’t have much presence. She’s taciturn and often leaves sentences unfinished. Akira often acts as an interpreter.
gekidol-key-visual Gekidol
Mayuri Nakamura: Amina Satou

A member of Alice in Theater. She usually helps out at her parents’ cafe and is well-known as a habitual latecomer. She’s used to serving customers, so she handles fans without a hitch.
gekidol-key-visual Gekidol
Makoto Higuchi: Sarara Yashima

Seria’s classmate. She once auditioned for Super Material Theatre. Although she comes across as bad tempered, she’s actually kind and caring. She always keeps an eye on Seria because she cares.
gekidol-key-visual Gekidol
Hirokazu Takezaki: Kousuke Toriumi

A producer who established Super Material Theater to spread hope after the city disappearance incident. His goal is to create the ultimate entertainment. For some reason, he sees Alice in Theater as a rival.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: "Gekidol !" by Seria Morino (CV: Hikaru Akao), Airi Kagami (CV: Chihira Mochida), Mayuri Nakamuira (CV: Amina Sato), Akira Asagi (CV: Nozomi Yamamoto), Manami Fujita (CV: Asami Takano), Kazuharu Yamamoto (CV: Aya Akiyoshi)
Main Staff
  • Director: Shigeru Ueda
  • Script: Keiichiro Ochi
  • Character Design: Hijiri Tateishi
  • Sound Director: Tetsu Motoyama
  • Original Illustrator: Asami Sekiya
  • Music: Prhythm / epx

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