All Aboard the Rachel Hate Train! - Kami no Tou (Tower of God)

We’re sure that you already have a long list of anime characters that you wish would experience asphyxiation in outer space. Characters such as Sakura from Naruto or Malty from Rising of the Shield Hero might come to mind. Unfortunately, we’ll be adding another to your list of hopeful karma. Rachel from Kami no Tou (Tower of God) deserves every bit of hate that can be thrown at her. Her betrayal hurt probably more than what we’ve experienced from other characters. It could be due to how sweet and innocent Bam is or it could be how horrific it is to see someone just so selfish to the point that they’re willing to do literally whatever it takes to get what they want despite who it could hurt. Whatever the case may be, she is super wrong.

-- Spoilers Ahead! --

At the top of the tower awaits your deepest desire. You can even become a god. Tower of God took us by storm with this interesting concept. Bam, who has no recollection of who he is, meets Rachel and his entire life begins to revolve around her. She tells him that she would like to climb the tower to see the stars and even with all the time they’ve spent together, she leaves him behind to achieve this goal. Bam somehow enters the same pathway to climb the tower to chase after her. At the very beginning, he’s warned that when he meets her again, she won’t be the same person that he remembers. We couldn’t have imagined what was to come from this statement.

Loyalty and Lies

During the Crown Game in episode 4, Rachel’s teammate asks if she can kill everyone. Although Rachel can clearly see that Bam is there, she says that it’s okay. This is the first instance where we can see that something is off about her. She doesn’t even seem happy to see Bam. Even after he risks his own life to protect hers, she tells Bam’s friend Khun to lie and say that she isn’t the Rachel that he’s looking for. How could she act this way towards someone who is obviously super devoted to her? As the tests go on, Rachel tries to avoid Bam while he’s still trying to get stronger to be close to her. During a test in episode 9, Rachel gets severely injured to the point that she can’t walk anymore. Bam decides to take her up the tower himself and asks his friends for help.

Jealousy Leads to Betrayal

During the final test in episode 11, Rachel betrays Bam and pushes him into the water to kill him. This leaves us all baffled that she would do this after everything Bam has done. She isn’t even supposed to be able to walk! It’s revealed in the final episode that the plan from the moment Rachel was stabbed was that she would fake her injury so that Bam would help her in the test and then she would kill him. This was because she grew jealous of Bam to the point of hating him. Bam began to make friends with everyone and even developed extreme power. Bam received everything she wanted. She claims that she wanted to see the stars when in reality, she wanted to be the star. This jealousy, along with her tower obsession, caused her to go mad and is what ultimately led to her betrayal.

Final Thoughts

While some may feel sympathy for Rachel, she doesn’t deserve it. Even in her moments of weakness when she really seemed to not want to hurt Bam, her end decision showed exactly what kind of person she is. Her own desires meant more to her than someone who was willing to do anything for her and for that, we can’t forgive her. She could’ve used her feelings to try to become stronger and still stick by his side. Nonetheless, Bam was innocent and loyal and hurting someone like that makes her terrible and she deserves whatever is coming her way. Do you agree or do you feel sympathy for Rachel? Would you do the same thing if you were in her place? Let us know in the comments and thank you for your support!

by Animegoddess