An Encyclopedia of Weird Fetishes Pretending to Be a Manga, Welcome to Succubus High!

  • Mangaka : KNUCKLE CURVE
  • Publisher : Seven Seas Entertainment
  • Genre : Ecchi, Supernatural
  • Published : September 2020


Succubi are demons that prey on men’s lust. How? Well, we’re adult enough to know that that could only mean hot and steamy bedroom action. Still, succubi are one of the most famous topics of hentai. We mean, its mere existence is a rapid blinking light on hentai makers’ radar. Not that we can actually blame them. After all, succubi knows how to turn on humans and turning on humans is exactly what hentai aims.

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Discussion Time

Okay, we’ve mentioned hentai in the introduction, however, Welcome to Succubus High! isn’t tagged under that category. It’s tagged as mature, though. Honestly speaking, it’s threading on the very fine line bisecting the part of the mangaverse between hentai and not yet hentai. With that, expect some hot scenes while we follow our protagonist, Inubou Takeru, as he is forced to become a goodwill ambassador in a class of succubi. By goodwill ambassador, they mean the class slave.

Why You Should Read Welcome to Succubus High!

1. Boobs, Boobs Everywhere

As what the title suggests, the protagonist is put in a class full of succubi. This, however, isn’t unusual as in this world, humans and succubi are peacefully living together. How about centaurs, banshees, and other demons, you ask? Well, you’re asking the wrong person. We don’t know either. What we know, however, is that this series delivers on the mature tag. We are treated to see each of the major characters’ chests, and in this world, the average size of that is the size of a watermelon.

2. Weird Fetishes Galore

Right from day one, our protagonist doesn’t get a day of rest. The succubi are fast and quickly get on torturing (read: pleasing) him. Hey, this isn’t something fitting for Halloween. Actually, our protagonist turns out to be into that kind of stuff. As such, he gets treated into a slew of demeaning fetishes from degradation, weird sexual wrestling, and even being treated as bitch. You name it, this manga pretty much has it. If you’re into that kind of thing, then this is the manga for you.

Why You Should Skip Welcome to Succubus High!

1. Lack of Reasonable Plot

Welcome to Succubus High! is pretty simple. It offers succubi, and it gives succubi. No more, no less. The plot starts and ends with Takeru being put as a goodwill ambassador. Everything that follows is basically an excuse for him to be stimulated in different demeaning ways. Of course, he secretly likes it anyway. Nonetheless, reading Welcome to Succubus High! is like looking at a porn magazine. If you’re hoping for a good story, what it will give you are big plots.

Final Thoughts

Welcome to Succubus High! is something that will undeniably turn a lot of people on. However, do take heed that it’s best treated as that -- fap material. The story is mediocre at best and won’t really satiate your hunger for a good story. Though, it might do a fine job satisfying your little friend.

Saki-Basu-Gakuen-No-INU-manga An Encyclopedia of Weird Fetishes Pretending to Be a Manga, Welcome to Succubus High!


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