An Inconvenient Curse and a Probable Wife in Unnamed Memory

  • Mangaka : Kuji Furumiya, Chibi
  • Publisher : Yen Press
  • Genre : Adventure, Fantasy
  • Published : November 2020

Being cursed, hexed, or falling under a spell is an obvious pain in the butt. In games, you will get status effects, as well as debuff. In real life, things are a bit uncertain. Some demographics faithfully believe in voodoo, while others believe in shamanism. All of this, of course, can’t really be scientifically proven. That means if you claim you’re cursed, then there’s a ripe chance you will be viewed as inane. In that sense, just imagine what hassle you have to go through to lift said curse.

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

Our protagonist, Oscar, has been given a very vile curse. The royal blood shall end with his generation as any wife he has will die. In his bid to lift such a terrifying curse, he went to the Witch of Azure Moon, the strongest there is. It just so happens that he conveniently wields an anti-magic sword, so invading her castle is just like a casual stroll. When he met her, he fell head over heels for her. He figured she’s so strong the curse won’t affect her and asked her hand for marriage. Since this is not Disney’s Frozen, the witch rejected him, but after Oscar passed her trials, she agreed to live in the castle for a year to study how to lift his curse.

Why You Should Read Unnamed Memory

1. Masterful Worldbuilding

Obviously, this series is a high fantasy without anybody getting isekai. That said, the world is wonderfully built, and it’s obvious that a lot of thinking was poured while creating it. The Kingdom of Faras’ image is very distinctly portrayed, but there’s still logic behind it. Even though it seemed peaceful and perfect, that didn’t rid it of evil. There are a lot of times wherein the peace was disrupted and the kingdom had to act. That shows that no matter how peaceful it seems, remnants of evil still remain.

2. The Flow of Time Doesn’t Stop

In this series, the world continues to revolve even when the story’s focus doesn’t belong to them. That means that the other characters develop even when we’re simply seeing one character’s story at a time. That makes it refreshing to see the other characters after not seeing them for a while because there are just as many things that happened to them as much as how many things happened to the character is following.

3. Strong Witch Clad in Mystery

Tinasha, the Witch of Azure Moon, has isolated herself for a reason. As the series progresses, more of her mysteries get unraveled. We are shown that as powerful as Tinasha actually is, she is also really vulnerable, and isolation isn’t really the best of solutions. That, however, doesn’t mean she’s weak. Heck, she even has enough gusto to shut Oscar and his stubborn proposals every time. But hey, maybe we’ll see the time she’ll say yes, right?

Final Thoughts

Unnamed Memory is a good example of great writing. From the great characterization to amazing worldbuilding. Although high fantasy novels aren’t really scarce nowadays, Unnamed Memory still distinguishes itself among others. Learning Tinasha’s secret bit by bit is both interesting and heartbreaking. That said, Unnamed Memory is worth checking out.

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