An Interesting Relationship in Please Put Them On, Takamine-san

  • Mangaka : Yuichi Hiragi
  • Publisher : Yen Press
  • Genre : Comedy, Ecchi
  • Published : April 2021

We see lots of unique stories in manga and anime and this might be one of the most unique ones we’ve seen in a while. We read a lot of relationship stories in light novels and manga and the power dynamic is often skewed in one direction such as master and servant, popular girl and unpopular guy, subbie and dom in stories like M & M. We love these stories because to be human is to have relationships and that is a massive part of our existence and we crave them. So, what about a woman and the man who holds her underwear?

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Please Put Them On, Takamine-san follows the story of the wimpy Koushi Shirota and the school goddess, Takane Takamine. Both of them are on the opposite ends of the spectrum. Takamine mostly excels on whatever she puts her mind to. On the other hand, Shirota can’t seem to break through from being below average. However, their paths are meant to cross when Shirota decides to sneak into the gym to pass class hours. While hiding, he (un)fortunately sees Takamine removing her bra. He sees her breasts, but that is merely the start of his long adventure.

Why You Should Read Please Put Them On, Takamine-san

1. Interesting Power

The reason Takamine is removing her bra when she first meets Shirota is to use her power. She has an ability called “Eternal Virgin Road”, which allows her to regress back in time. However, everything has to have an equal exchange. That’s why Takamine loses her underwear everytime she uses her power. Interestingly, she also has the ability to set which specific point in time she’s trying to go back to. That means, she can freely make changes to curtail the effects of her actions to the present.

2. Intriguing Relationship

If we’ve managed to pique your interest during the introduction of this article, then hurray for us. Don’t worry, we won’t leave the question unanswered. When Shirota confronts Takamine on his weird déjà vu moment. Takamine comes clean and tells Shirota everything. However, that doesn’t come without a price. In the end, Takamine makes Shirota her closet. That means every time she loses underwear for using her power, it’s Shirota’s job to give and make her wear a new pair of underwear.

Why You Should Skip Please Put Them On, Takamine-san

1. Manipulative Heroine

It may sound quite alright, tempting even, but Shirota isn’t living in heaven. In order to make Shirota agree to become her closet, she blackmails him by pretending to be sexually assaulted and even calling the police. In order to escape such a bind, Shirota is forced to agree to being her closet. Takamine is true to her words and indeed goes back in time to fulfill her promise. However, the manipulation doesn’t stop there. Takamine often forces Shirota to do her bidding by psychologically messing him up and conditioning him into thinking that she’s actually has authority over him.

Final Thoughts

Please Put Them On, Takamine-san is really interesting at first glance. The title is too vague that there have been multiple speculations. However, when things become to turn, it plunges straight down. The series doesn’t have much plot, and the character development is quite scarce. But if you’re looking for a series that doesn’t take much brain capacity, a light read, and the frequent show of breasts, then this series may be for you.

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