An Out-of-this-World Marriage in Fly Me to the Moon Vol. 1

  • Mangaka : Kenjiro Hata
  • Publisher : Viz Media
  • Genre : Comedy, Romance, Shounen
  • Published : September 2020

Fly Me to the Moon Introduction

A soulmate is a person that has been predetermined by fate as our perfect other half. Most manga, especially shoujo, tend to delve into this notion. After all, there are a lot of testimonials and anecdotes to either prove or disprove this very theory. As for whether it is real or not, reality has yet to prove it. However, we here in Honey’s Anime will believe that our soulmate -- other than our readers, of course -- exists somewhere out there.

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

In accounts about fated soulmates, the meeting is a very integral part of the story. In Fly Me to the Moon, Nasa and Tsukasa had their fated meet up and the hero of most isekai stories, truck-kun, made an appearance. Fortunately, this series does not fall under isekai or Nasa would have met his end. Instead of dying, Nasa was saved by Tsukasa. Literally, head over heels for her, he asked her on a date, but her response completely caught him off guard. She said yes, but only if he’d marry her.

Why You Should Read Fly Me to the Moon (Vol. 1)

1. Breaking the Fourth Wall Like It’s Butter

The series is a slice of life that’s not really a slice of life. It features everything about an adult otaku living his life, but with a sprinkle of a-magical-wife-suddenly-popped-out-of-nowhere spice. That said, Nasa tends to point out various real-life companies and series. Cool thing is that the series doesn’t even bother censoring these shoutouts. We’re under the impression that the publisher either doesn't give a damn about copyright or the series is actually paid to advertise.

2. It’s So Absurd, It’s Fun

Have you ever heard a joke that is so unrealistically corny that it actually made you laugh? Well, this series is something like that. The premise is so out of this world -- perhaps the rationale behind the title -- that it’s actually pretty funny. Right from Nasa’s confidence of having no back up high school to giving a new definition of not being able to sleep until dawn right after marriage. And yes, this series is absolutely safe for minors to read. At least, the first volume.

Why You Should Skip Fly Me to the Moon (Vol. 1)

1. Weird Plotline

So we have a boy who is named Nasa to symbolize the beautiful star-lit night sky. However, society lacks an actual sense of humor and finds it funny for being similar to NASA, the space station. As such, our main character decides to do his best so that people will picture him first instead of the space station every time they hear NASA. Well, good luck to him for that. The thing is, this doesn’t really affect the story that much. The series is actually about Nasa and Tsukasa’s, Nasa’s wife who asked him to marry her out of nowhere, marriage.

Final Thoughts

Fly Me to the Moon is honestly one weird manga that still somehow captivates us. As long as you can get past and turn a blind eye on the absurdities, it’s actually pretty funny. Plus, hey, not everything has to be perfect. As absurd as the context may be, we still manage to sympathize with our main character, Nasa-kun. His awkward antiques for meeting his dream wife and the attention to minor details like getting embarrassed for holding hands made us feel some second-hand embarrassment. For some reason, we kind of like that.

Tonikaku-Kawaii-wallpaper-1 An Out-of-this-World Marriage in Fly Me to the Moon Vol. 1


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