Anime Commercial Collaborations! A Part of Japanese Otaku Culture!

As you already know, in Japan a lot of anime is created. Some companies unrelated to the receiver often collaborate with the anime or create original anime, and then broadcast the commercial on TV. Some companies collaborate with anime or create original ones, like hiring famous artists or musicians. For exmples, Macdnals Japan or Apple Japan also created thire original anime for promtiong thire concept or visions. In Japan, many funny or interesting anime commercilas are prevailed thesed days. In this article, we will introduce some of the commercials created by Japanese companies using anime to promote their message!

Collaboration Commercials


Title : Sante FX × EVANGELION Commercial

Sante FX series collaborated with "Shin Evangelion Movie version," for the first time in 8 years since "Evangelion New Theatrical Version: Q." Japanese pharmaceutical company Santen created a great anime commercial. The eye drops are in an EVANGELION case. The eyes are emphasized in the anime scene, and it matches the EVANGELION world.

Bang Dream! x Tea drink

Title : KIRIN “Gogo no Koucha” x Bang Dream! Collaboration Commercial

BanG Dream!, which is famous for anime and games "BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!" collaborated with a famous tea drink "Gogo no Koucha" to create an original story animation. The five members of "Poppin' Party" are heading to the next stage, with a warm Gogo no Koucha. The characters sings and are very cute, so please check it out!

Cells at Work! × Sports drinks

Title : Collaboration Video Episode 11.5 “Heat Stroke - If you have a Pocari Sweat"

The health drink "Pocari Sweat" manufactured by Otsuka Pharmaceutical and the TV animation "Cells at Work!" collaborated to raise awareness of heat stroke and further measures to avoid any serious injuries.
"Cells at Work!" is comically and scientifically interesting work by portraying the mechanisms and physiological phenomena inside the human body by anthropomorphizing cells and bacteria. It matches Pocari Sweat, which can replenish the water and ions essential to the human body.

Original Commercials

Anthropomorphism with Sweets

Title : Lotte x BUMP OF CHICKEN Baby I Love You Daze
Studio: Bones

An anime commercial created by famous sweets company, Lotte, in which characters who anthropomorphize various sweets are singing and dancing to the music. BUMP OF CHICKEN is an incredibly famous artist in Japan, who's known for singing many anime songs, for example Karma form "Tales of the Abyss" or Hello, World! form "Blood Blockade Battlefront." The actual sweets are personified well, and thier dancing figures are too cute.

Taste of Mother's Miso Soup

Titile : Marukome Ryotei no Aji - when you become a mother
Studio: The Answer Studio

An animation commercial movie created by Marukome, a food maker that has the overwhelming share of Miso in Japan. An animated film that tells the story of a daughter who always puts her family first before anything and always thinks of herself to do better. Marukome Miso soup is sold in many countries. When you pick up a miso soup, please remember this moving anime!!.

Recruting Concept Movie

Title : G-angle Co., Ltd. Recruiting Concept Movie [Cell Animation Ver]
Studio : G-angle

Created by G-angle, a creator company that creates content such as music, voicing, illustrations, 3DCG, and video. A video produced by the animation department of G-Angle as a concept movie of a student aspiring to be an illustrator who grows in-house, focusing on "high-quality cel animation." Along with the concept, a girl who wants to be an animator, grows up in the company as well. The animation has excellent quality and what each character is portraying is very captivating!!

Pursing New Originality

Title : SANYO CM "Adventure Without a Map" 90 seconds Ver.
Studio : CoMix Wave

This is a commercial created by CoMix Wave that has some staff who worked on "Weathering with You", "Your name." and has created various other original anime commercials. Some famous voice actors are playing the role, for example Natsuki Hanae who plays as Tanjiro from Demon Slayer or Maaya Uchiya who plays Norman from The Promised Neverland.
SANYO, a device manufacturer company of pachinko and pachislot machines, worked alongside CoMix Wave to produce this wonderful original anime commercial. The theme is the importance of creating new things.