[Anime Culture Monday] Anime Recipes! Nabe (Hot Pot) (Fate/stay night: UBW) & Okonomiyaki (Kuroko no Basuke)

Hey everyone! Welcome back to “Eat Like Your Anime Faves,” a series where I teach you just how to eat like characters do in anime. That’s right; you'll learn how to cook real Japanese food from anime. I’m back again to give you more of what you love!

This time I tried to really think about what would be perfect for this season. Usually Nabe, or hot pot, is something that is cooked and consumed at the table where you eat. Essentially, you flash cook meat and veggies in a soup base that you prepare beforehand. You cook the veggies and meat in the soup for a few minutes, and then you dig in. It’s actually quite simple. The prep work takes a bit, however, the cooking is rather quick. Nabe is the perfect dish for fall and winter since it warms you right down to the core.

Miso Base Nabe from Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works

Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works made my mouth water when they dropped this gem into the show where the characters prepare a shrimp seafood nabe. I’ll be teaching you how to make a standard delicious nabe and you can feel free to sub out the meat for seafood. I’ll be sure to include portions for them as well. Oh! The best part about nabe is you can get creative and use various bases to make it!

Doesn’t that look delicious?

Miso Base Nabe: (4 people)

Pork belly (This can be almost any cut of pork.)
200g (1 pound)


Long carrot (baby carrots are okay too, but be sure to be generous)

Medium-sized leeks
2 stalks

1-2 cloves

1 block

Mushrooms (Enoki are the best. Shitake and generic mushrooms are fine too.)
2 handfuls

Optional ingredients include:

Daikon (Japanese radish), radishes, Sweet onions (Vidalia), potatoes, freshly sliced ginger, aburaage (thinly cut, deep fried tofu slices) or a second meat. Spicy food lovers can add in Kimchi and Doubanjiang (Spicy bean paste) as well!

For the soup base you need:

  • 3 tbsp of Miso paste. (Red, white, or a mix is acceptable)
  • 1 tsp of Soy Sauce
  • 10 grams of chicken stock powder (cubed is fine too)
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 5.5 cups of water.

How to Cook It:

  1. 1

    Prepare all of your vegetables by washing, peeling and then chopping them into bite sized pieces. Mince the garlic for the dish and set to the side.
  2. 2

    Pour the water into a low, wide-set pot. A normal pot will work just as fine.
  3. 3

    Bring the water to a boil.
  4. 4

    Add in all of the ingredients for the soup base, stirring constantly until all of the miso paste has dissolved.
  5. 5

    Next, add all of the ingredients to the pot, starting with those that take the longest to cook. Potatoes (If you use them):
    carrots meat mushrooms cabbage leeks tofu onions
  6. 6

    Cook for about 10 minutes.
  7. 7

    When everything is cooked through, turn off the heat and stir in the minced garlic from Step 1.
  8. 8


(Note: If you are underage, or new to cooking, be sure to let your parent/guardian know what you are doing. We don’t want you to get hurt! )

I hope that you can enjoy making this dish with your family or friends. It’s perfect for the Fall or Winter. Should you decide to be more adventurous, a good seafood combination would be Shrimp and Scallops. A ½ cup of each would suffice. Be sure to de-vein the shrimp first. Nabe is also great if you have a cold. The broth will do wonders if your throat hurts or you’re just not super hungry. Nabe will also Stay fresh for a few days afterwards, so it’s great to reheat and enjoy!


Okonomiyaki from Kuroko no Basuke

Okonomiyaki goes by another name. It can be referred to as the Japanese savory pancake or even Japanese pizza. Okonomiyaki translates to “one’s favorite fried item” and I’ve yet to ever meet someone who has not liked it! Every region in Japan has a distinct variation of Okonomiyaki, but they are said to have originated from the Kansai (Osaka) area or Hiroshima in Japan. Heavy in veggies as well, you may want to grab two spatulas to help you with this one!

Okonomiyaki: (3 people)

Yams or potatoes,grated
2/3 cup

Cabbage leaves roughly chopped/shredded. (Should take about 4-5 leaves)
2 cups

Thinly sliced pork (pork belly is recommended)
¾ cup

Chopped squid
¾ cup

A scallion (green onion) chopped
1 stalk

All-purpose flour
2/3 cup

1 cup

A dash

Bonito flakes

Chicken stock granules
1 tbsp


Panko or tempura crumbs
3 tbsp

Japanese Worcestershire Sauce


Aonori (Seaweed flakes)

Optional Notes:

These are the ingredients for traditional Okonomiyaki. Many people are squeamish about handling squid. If this is you, please feel free to sub out the squid for more pork. You can always use shrimp, scallops, octopus, sliced ham or bacon.

How to Cook It:

  1. 1

    Start out by washing and slicing your cabbage. Set to the side in a bowl.
  2. 2

    Pour the flour, chicken stock granules, bonito flakes and salt into a bowl and mix together with a fork. Pour in your water and mix well till there are no lumps left.
  3. 3

    Grate the yam or potato. Pour it into the mixture.
  4. 4

    Finely slice the scallion. Cut the pork and squid up and mix all three items into the batter and mix well.
  5. 5

    Finally, add in the panko or tempura flakes and eggs to the batter. Mix it in, but don’t mix until smooth. Just enough to start to blend everything together and break the yolks.
  6. 6

    Begin to heat your frying pan and coat it with some non-stick spray or oil.
  7. 7

    Once the pan is heated, pour in about 1/3 of the batter. Cook for about 7-5 minutes until it starts to turn golden brown.
  8. 8

    Flip the okonomiyaki over and cook for another 5-7 minutes until FULLY COOKED THROUGH.
  9. 9

    Cook the remaining two-thirds of the batter to make two more okonomiyaki.
  10. 10

    Top with the Japanese Worcestershire Sauce, followed by mayonnaise in a lattice. Top this with the bonito flakes and aonori.
  11. 11

    Dig in!

(Note: You are dealing with both raw seafood and raw meat. Be sure to wash your hands constantly as well as thoroughly cook the pancake through! )

If you did everything right, it should come out looking something like this!


Here we are again at the end of this week’s “Eat Like Your Faves” article! How are you liking it so far? I have tried to be diverse in what I present to you, but please tell me if I’m forgetting something or if there is a recipe you want done! From cakes, to cookies, to pasta, Japanese food, and everything in between, I really hope you are enjoying this. I also want to know if you are trying to cook any of these! Please tell me and give me feedback!

Till next time,

005 [Anime Culture Monday] Anime Recipes! Nabe (Hot Pot) (Fate/stay night: UBW) & Okonomiyaki (Kuroko no Basuke)


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