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The world of anime is filled with judgment. By that, I mean people are always judging people who like anime! People who like anime are weird so everything they like has to be weird, right?

Sure, there is a lot of anime merchandise out there that tends to rub others the wrong way because they don't understand. Don't you always see articles about weird Japanese stuff? Yet, when you think about, doesn't everything have a function? Some people just like to judge first and think later, so most anime fans are associated with "weird anime merchandise".
Well, let's really look at these weird anime merchandise and really see how "weird" they are! Here's a list of the top 10 weird anime merchandise!

10. Glasses Stand

10 Top 10 Weird Anime Merchandise

The company Funny Trick has for sale on Japan Amazon a glasses stand like no other! Technically, the original design is of a glass glasses stand with an image of a familiar but lovable emoticon. You can place the glasses on the stand and your cute emoticon will suddenly become a meganenekko! If you're not a fan of the emoticon, you can also remove that image and put in an image of your favorite moe character (as other buyers have done) so that you can feed your glasses moe every time you need to put your glasses down!

Yeah, some people might wonder what the point of a moe glasses stand is, but it's actually quite functional! First off, who doesn't like a good meganenekko? Secondly, when you wear glasses, sometimes you need to put them down someplace safe where you won't step on them or lose them, as it is quite common. A glasses stand is handy for that, but why not make it a little fun by putting a picture of your favorite moe character in the stand? It's functional while aesthetically pleasing, so why should that be weird?

9. Eyemask

9 Top 10 Weird Anime Merchandise

When you are a little over sensitive to light but need to sleep, an eyemask is one handy product, but as far as weird anime merchandise goes, some people may be put off by the weird illusion of having "anime eyes" on an eyemask if you're sleeping. Why is that necessary?

Well, why is anything really necessary? An anime eyemask is just for fun because we all need a little of that in our lives, right? It's whimsical, but it also serves the purpose of blocking bright lights from your eyes when you're sleeping, which makes it pretty useful on long flights or when someone barges into your room in the middle of the night.

8. Oppai Sweatshirt

8 Top 10 Weird Anime Merchandise

Saitama has really made a name for himself in the fall anime season, but one piece of clothing that really catches your eye (aside from his yellow one piece) is his oppai sweatshirt! Anime enthusiasts are no strangers to oppai in their anime, but why wear it on a sweatshirt?

Well, many fans like to just wear merchandise for their favorite brand or object of affection, so why is it weird for anyone to want to wear the oppai sweatshirt? It's hardly as crass as some people might make it considering other things that are on the market. Plus, it's meant to keep you warm and cozy, so don't make a big deal out of something that's meant to be a joke. Don't you at least think it's something fun to wear just to see people's reactions as they stare at your oppai?

7. Osomatsu-san Otoshi Cushions

7 Top 10 Weird Anime Merchandise

Now check out the Osomatsu-san otoshi cushions each featuring a set of eyes from one of the Osomatsu brothers. When all the cushions are stacked on top of each other, the otoshi cushion tower is about 120cm tall or 47in!

Now, why would you need these otoshi cushions? Well, why do you really need cushions really? They're decorative, great for resting your head on, using to sit on the floor, and much more! With these Osomatsu-san otoshi cushions, you also get to see your favorite sextuplets whenever you need a good laugh! Don't you need a laugh every once in awhile?

6. Anime Panties

6 Top 10 Weird Anime Merchandise

When it comes to anime, you'll get an eyeful of anime panties, so of course, it doesn't surprise me that they also sell anime panties! And no, that doesn't mean they're panties themed with your favorite anime (though they make those too). It means they're panties made to resemble the panties you see in anime every time there's a crotch shot, flipped skirt, and clumsy fall.

There's nothing wrong with wearing clothes made to resemble your favorite anime characters or themed to your favorite anime, so really, there's nothing wrong with anime panties, right? Well, if you're female that is. You can just buy them and wear them to remind you of your favorite anime girl. Stripes, bears, white panties and all! And for those of you not wearing them, I'm sure they have their use too.

5. Figures

5 Top 10 Weird Anime Merchandise

People are often perplexed by the obsession of anime figures, because they just take up space and waste money, right? Well, that depends on how you look at them. Anime figures are actually quite detailed and can be used to remind you of your favorite characters, scene, or anime. Plus, they just have a knack for bringing a smile to your face!

Collecting figures is no different from other types of collections. People just tend to question it more since they don't understand it as a hobby, but really, it should be an acceptable hobby. Plus, that craftsmanship! They are even in the process of making a life sized Lum figure from the anime Urusei Yatsura that will measure about 5'3"! That's definitely going to make someone happy!

4. Bed Cover

4 Top 10 Weird Anime Merchandise 3

Another interesting piece of weird anime merchandise is the anime bed cover. This differs from bed covers you might be familiar with as it is a sheet with an anime character printed on one side of the bed sheet. Generally, it makes it appear like you're sleeping next to an anime character.

Wait right there! This doesn't have to be that weird. It's no different from getting bed sheets decorated with your favorite prints, designs, or symbols. It just happens to be an anime character. It's for decoration! Really, it's all in your taste and at least it's comfortable.

3. Sailor Moon Sanitary Pads

3 Top 10 Weird Anime Merchandise

For those days when you're on your period, you can look forward to the Sailor Moon sanitary pads! The packaging of the napkins will feature your favorite sailor scout and come in different thickness for whatever your needs may be.

While it's not entirely necessary, Sailor Moon sanitary pads may make your monthly cycle a little bit enjoyable as it gives you something to look forward to. It's not the most enjoyable time of the month, but it can be somewhat tolerable if you have something to look forward to. At the same time, it's really amazing to see how anything can be stamped with some theme and sold, isn't it?

2. Mousepads

2 Top 10 Weird Anime Merchandise 2

Whether you've seen them online or on Prison School, you must have seen an anime mousepad at least once. They're the mousepads featuring your favorite anime characters with a cushioned resting place for your wrist that resembles boobs or someone's butt. No, you didn't hear me wrong.

These anime mousepads definitely hold their place on this list of weird anime merchandise for their creative use of anime characters to sell a product, but don't you worry, there's a niche for that. While you may not understand why someone would want to purchase one aside from the whimsy, these mousepads are actually quite useful. Early onset arthritis can appear before the age of 16 and with the widespread use of computers, it is really handy to have a mousepad with the right padding for your wrists to rest on and reduce the strain on your hands. No one wants arthritis, right? Well, you may want to consider one of these mousepads to help combat wrist pain!

1. Dakimakura

1 Top 10 Weird Anime Merchandise

Now, the most infamous piece of weird anime merchandise has to be the dakimakura. What Westerners know as the dakimakura is a pillow with the face or entire body of an anime character printed on it. In actuality, these are called love pillows since dakimakura generally just refers to body pillows.

While it may seem like a weird concept, dakimakura have been around for a long period of time and have acted as a security or comfort object such as a security blanket. Dakimakura actually exist in different countries. It's supposed to add to the comfort of a child and make it easier to fall asleep. Of course, "love pillows" have the same function, so what's wrong with putting a familiar face on a pillow you'll be hugging? So long as it calms you, there's nothing wrong with that! There's a reason why people lined up to buy a Monster Musume Miia dakimakura!

uta no prince-sama jinguuji ren item wallpaper


You know, in the end, "weird" is just another label that we put on things we just don't understand. There's a lot of "weird" out there, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy them. Some of these items deemed as "weird anime merchandise" can actually be quite functional!

Hope you enjoyed this list of top 10 weird anime merchandise! Now, how many can you admit to owning, hm?



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