Anime + K-pop = The Best of Both Worlds!

It’s 2021 and if you don’t live under a rock, you probably have heard of K-Pop. From veteran artists like BTS to newer artists like TxT, this category of music has gained much popularity over the recent years. Chances are you probably have a friend who is obsessed with all things K-Pop and a friend who is obsessed with all things anime or someone who does a bit of both (In fact, this person could be you!). While anime has garnered a lot of attention in recent years—in a positive light as well thanks to anime like My Hero Academia and Attack on Titan—the real treat is when both these worlds come together.

That’s right, anime and K-Pop have officially joined hands! What a time to be alive! Many anime openings and endings have recently been sung by K-Pop artists, one of the popular anisongs that has taken the world by storm are of course the Black Clover opening “Everlasting Shine” that are done by the famous K-Pop band TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TxT). Not only that, TxT went on to sing anisongs for Haikyuu and World Trigger as well. Black Clover really loves having a variety of artists for anime because another ending, “BEAUTIFUL” is also sung by the K-Pop group, TREASURE. What does this new trend of mixing Japanese media with Korean songs mean for the anime community? That's exactly what we're discussing today!

Black Clover Opening 12 | Everlasting Shine

It’s Actually Been Going On for a While

Surprisingly anisongs being covered by K-Pop artists has been going on for a long time. The famous K-Pop group BoA covered Fairy Tail’s 15th opening, “Masayume Chasing” and another well-known K-Pop group, 2PM, debuted in Japan with Ao No Exorcist’s 1st ending, “Take Off”. So K-Pop artists taking up projects with anime is definitely not a new thing.

But what’s different right now is how K-pop has gained a lot of popularity all over the world and we’re able to see more of its impact in anime because of that popularity. Think about it. Back when anime also wasn’t mainstream, we anime fans simply had to rely on whatever source of anime we had to watch. Not many were necessarily googling which artist covered which anime song. However, better late than never and we at Honey’s Anime definitely think that this is the golden age for K-Pop and anime to join hands and support one another.

Fairy Tail Opening 15 | Masayume Chasing

Anisongs and K-Pop Might Actually Be A Great Thing

K-Pop artists are arguably becoming even more popular than American artists. This joining of K-Pop artists with anime might actually be a good thing for people who are fans of both and sometimes for people who aren’t. Each fandom would ideally be able to support each other and introduce one another to the other fandom. Many K-Pop artists are huge anime fans as well and this would give them more creative projects to undertake. There’s also proof that many fans of Black Clover were introduced to different K-Pop artists through anime itself. However, life isn’t all that rosy. If anisongs and K-Pop did join hands, there is a possibility that Japanese artists or J-Pop artists themselves will be neglected—just like anime and K-Pop were once upon a time. However, we won’t let go of our favorite Japanese artists that easily!

Black Clover Ending 13 | BEAUTIFUL

Final Thoughts

While nothing can be said about future K-Pop artists collaborating with anime, it’s also not far off because TxT’s agency is the same one as world-famous BTS and that means someday, we could see a collaboration between BTS and an anime!

What do you think about K-Pop artists collaborating with anime? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Anime-K-pop-The-Best-of-Both-Worlds-667x500 Anime + K-pop = The Best of Both Worlds!


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