[Anime Culture Monday] Anime Recipe: Sakura Daikon from Dagashi Kashi

Welcome back to Anime Recipes. If this is your first time as a catchup, we look at food that we just cannot resist wanting to sink our teeth into. While some foods will be something that we are unable to eat, such as candy and brand products, other things we can. And thus, this series was born. We have covered sweets, breakfasts, bento and more, and this week, we are looking at an addition that can be added into just about any meal, but you often see it on the side of bento. What is it? Sakura Daikon! Let’s go.

Sakura Daikon from Dagashi Kashi

The Shikada family has run their Japanese candy shop for over nine generations, and just as the head, You, is carrying out his daily life, a strange woman with purple hair and a penchant for eating nothing but sweets, Hotaru Shidare, appears and makes him an offer. She works for the giant Shidare Corporation, and wants to recruit You to come work for her father’s company. You is on board as long as his son, Kokonotsu will take over the shop and keep it going for the tenth generation. Kokonotsu has no intention of doing that as he wants to become a manga artist. So, Hotaru must now show Kokonotsu sweet by sweet to show how great dagashi (Japanese candy) is and convince him to take over the shop! The first season was a success so it is hitting airwaves again for the winter 2018 block. Be sure to catch this comedy that will rot your teeth out!

Sakura daikon is a bit different from a standard treat in that it is something not normally considered a treat but more of an offshoot of the concept of one. It’s not sweet and why it is technically classified as one is a bit odd. However, it is! Sakura daikon normally comes, like we stated above, in bento and its name comes from the pink color that it takes on. You have a few different ways that you can make it. You have the option of using umeboshi (pickled plums) or ginger, but the choice is yours. One thing is for sure, no matter how cute it may look, it is not sweet at all. Rather, it is very tart! The good thing is that this a very easy recipe to make and if you like it, it makes a refreshing small snack right after meals!

What You Will Need:

Daikon (about half)

2 tbsp

Plum vinegar
1 tbsp

1 tbsp


Optional Notes:

There is another way to make this with ginger. Just sub out the plum vinegar for slices of fresh ginger. Just note that the flavor will be less sour and will be a bit spicier.

How to Cook It:

  1. 1

    For starter, you need to peel the skin off of the daikon with a potato peeler. A knife works too if you do not have a peeler, just please be careful.
  2. 2

    Next, cut the daikon in half and then thinly slice it. The slices should not be more than about 2-3cm (1in) thick. If you cut this too thickly, it will not be able to absorb all of the flavor and you will just end up eating raw daikon.

  3. 3

    Next, line a plate with the daikon and then sprinkle salt on it. Let it sit for about ten minutes in order to give the salt enough time to draw out the moisture.
  4. 4

    Once ten minutes has passed, wipe the moisture off of the daikon with a paper towel.
  5. 5

    Place the daikon into a Ziploc bag.
  6. 6

    In said bag, add in the sugar, vinegar, and plum vinegar.
  7. 7

    Seal the bag and shake it while massaging the daikon in order to make sure that all of it gets covered with the vinegar and sugar mixture.
  8. 8

    Let the bag sit for about 30 minutes still sealed. Once done, you are free to dig in! Just don’t eat too much at once. The trick is to enjoy it in small doses.
  9. 8

    Dig in!

(Note: Daikon is normally very easy to cut, but it is very wide. Be sure to maintain a full grip on the knife while cutting and be sure to pay close attention so that you do not accidentally cut yourself! )


Final Thought

Rumor has it that sakura daikon is a popular treat for individuals who are on a diet but want a snack. Now, whether or not they consume a lot to avoid unnecessary calories, we do not know. What we do know though, is that if you walk into any convenience store or restaurant and order a bentou or something bentou-esque, it is almost guaranteed that you will have some sakura daikon or pickled daikon come with your meal. Have you ever tried it before or has it scared you off? Do you want to now? Be sure to let us know in the comments below and if you are interested in seeing a dish from an anime series broken down. We are looking forward greatly to the next season of Dagashi Kashi and cannot wait to see the ridiculous situations and explanations that await Kokonotsu and Hotaru. Until next time!
005 [Anime Culture Monday] Anime Recipe: Sakura Daikon from Dagashi Kashi


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