Anime Rewind: Claymore - Youma Slayer

Claymore-Wallpaper-625x500 Anime Rewind: Claymore - Youma Slayer

Youma Slayer

  • Episodes : 26
  • Genre : Action, Fantasy, Super Power
  • Airing Date : April 2007 - September 2007
  • Producers : Madhouse

Contains Spoilers

Claymore Preview/Plot

When we think of Claymore, we picture beautiful women, horrifying monsters, and intense, fast-paced battles. In the world of Claymore, young women are taken and turned into hybrid creatures designed solely to hunt the very creatures that imbue them with their strength. Youma are dreadful, malicious beings that will kill anyone to sate their hunger. It is on one such extermination hunt where the Claymore Clare meets the young boy Raki and their fates are entwined.

Raki’s village has been under siege by a hidden youma, causing them to request Clare to kill it. After saving Raki from this creature, he becomes enamored with her beauty. He decides to follow her to repay her for saving his life, and she begrudgingly consents to his companionship. Thus begins a budding relationship that will see both of them embark on a dangerous journey of killing youma that will leave both of them forever changed.

Amazing Fight Scenes

Madhouse Studios is known for some incredible anime fight scenes over the years, and Claymore is no different. All the fights in Claymore are over the top but not extravagant. Clare will battle youma and even other Claymore throughout the series, and every fight feels both exciting and suspenseful to watch. It’s amazing seeing the outcomes of some of the early fights, but the ones towards the end of the series are incredibly elaborate.

A Tale of Redemption

Every Claymore has their own circumstances, but Clare has those that set her apart from the rest. She has her own cross to bear, but Raki treats her no differently from the beautiful strong woman he sees before him. Clare herself is searching to atone for the past, but Raki only sees her as his savior.

There’s Beauty in Sacrifice

In this world, Claymores are treated with disgust because they bear youma blood. Despite their outward beauty, without careful restraint, they can become even worse than the monsters they hunt. There’s a hidden link between Claymores and youma and the organization that creates the girls is working tirelessly so they never uncover it. However, Clare’s sacrifices to protect Raki are unraveling the truth slowly but surely.

Dark Fantasy Done Right

Aside from Berserk, Akame ga Kill and Goblin Slayer, there aren’t too many action-oriented dark fantasy anime that really stand out. What sets Claymore apart from those is that it puts action at the forefront but doesn’t slack on everything else either. It’s a very immersive blend that keeps you drawn into the story.

Final Thoughts

We loved Claymore and after this Anime Rewind you will too. It’s very much worth checking out and finishing all the way through. Have you see Claymore or recommend another anime like it? Let us know in the comments and it could be in another Anime Rewind!

Claymore-Wallpaper-625x500 Anime Rewind: Claymore - Youma Slayer


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