The Art of "Do It Yourself!!" - Matching Style to Atmosphere

The Fall 2022 anime season has finally arrived, and it is completely packed with sequels everywhere, like My Hero Academia, and highly anticipated new adaptations of popular manga like Chainsaw Man. Unfortunately, Slice of Life anime are likely to fall by the wayside in comparison to previous seasons with so many titles coming out this Fall, so we wanted to highlight a potential hidden gem that has already begun airing and captivated our hearts with its unique art style and atmosphere.

Do It Yourself!! follows the appropriately named Serufu Yua, whose name, when said by the characters as “Yua Serufu”, makes it sound like the anime’s title, as she joins the do-it-yourself club at school. As confusing as it all sounds, just think cute girls do cute things, but instead of a light music club like K-On!, it’s a DIY club reminiscent of a workshop or woodworking class. Do It Yourself!! provides a cosy atmosphere throughout, partly down to the laid-back nature of Serufu herself, but also the art that we want to dissect today!

For Comfort - Less is More

Creating an atmosphere often takes a lot of planning, visual effects, detail beyond detail, and meticulous planning. Just look at Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, which blended neon colours with deep shading to provide the electronic dystopian feel for Night City, or Arcane, which presents the grim realities of Zaun by muddying the colour palette used for backgrounds.

Both of these anime deliver compelling atmospheres for their narratives through complexity in art style but Do It Yourself!! takes a more straightforward approach - not to say the artwork lacks detail, but rather that the calm nature of the art style produces less visual noise to set a completely different atmosphere.

Warm and Detailed

Do It Yourself!! builds a comfortable atmosphere through a warm palette presented in a watercolour scheme with incredible detail to help develop the story before any dialogue is used in a scene. The best example of this is in the unique character designs, such as Serufu, who has messy hair and bandages to illustrate her clumsy nature, but by comparison, her childhood best friend Miku has straight-cut black hair and a neat uniform to show her composure.

The same attention to detail is paid to backgrounds to create the same atmosphere. This can be best seen in Serufu’s house, which has more wooden and traditional features, as well as her pets that greet her at the door when coming home from school. However, in comparison, Miku’s house is sleek and modern with concrete features, and she is greeted by Kurage-san, who’s a small jelly-fish styled robot that acts as a house servant.

Final Thoughts

The art style is critical to setting an atmosphere in an anime, and we feel that Do It Yourself!! sets a comfortable vibe without going over the top. Using simplistic watercolour themes and a warm palette, the art of this anime primes the viewer for a relaxing Slice of Life story. So, what have you thought of Do It Yourself!!, so far? Let us know in the comments!

Do-It-Yourself-wallpaper-1-700x394 The Art of "Do It Yourself!!" - Matching Style to Atmosphere


Author: Lewis Williamson

A researcher from Ireland, I watch and write about anime in my spare time, and I also play a lot of video games.

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