Anime Rewind: Digimon Adventure (Digimon: Digital Monsters) – A Childhood Staple

A Childhood Staple

The first in the series that has spanned several generations, Digimon Adventure began the franchise with the story of a group of friends swept into a digital universe. Digimon has since become a much larger and more complicated tale than its first beginnings, but it was this original anime that made us fall in love with the world and its characters! Though often overshadowed by Pokémon, which was also growing in popularity around the same time, we wanted to take a look at some of the reasons why Digimon Adventure will always remain dear to us.

Contains Spoilers

A Creative and Unique Storyline

Digmon Adventure can be cheesy and cliché at times, especially when looking back at the first few episodes. However, we all know that it consecutively gets better as the anime goes on, growing into a much darker and more serious story than you might expect. In highlighting each of the kids and their partners working through individual struggles, it was much deeper than the average show marketed for kids around that time. And though it does still have some tropes fulfilled in how the plot plays out, Digimon Adventure has been unique enough that we can remember parts of it vividly many years later—a testament to the impact its story has!

Immersive World Building at Its Finest

Digimon Adventure has many of the classic elements of fantasy in its world, but they are so well constructed that even the most typical tropes are enjoyable! There is enough familiarity in the setting to allow viewers to follow along, and the elements that are brand new to us are introduced gradually so that the story makes sense. The Digi-World is one that is strange and colorful, unique in its own way, yet over time we begin to be familiar with it and the perils that the group of friends must face.

Character Development is Surprisingly Well Done

Taichi “Tai” Yagami, Agumon and the other Digi-Destined teams travel together on their journey. Along the way, we learn more about who they were before they came to this strange new world. Each kid goes through their own struggles, relying on one another and their newfound partners to help them get through the personal trials. The eight children are each unique and provide for a diverse cast. The Digimon balance out their respective partners well, with each gaining significant character development as well. The characters in this show were realistic, even with some of them being “Digital Monsters!” Especially for those of us who watched the anime as a child, watching these eight other children grow and mature inspired us as well.

Digimon Adventure even did a good job of incorporating the parents back into the later aspects of the show, allowing their kids to grow up a bit as they traveled back to save a world the older humans knew nothing about. Realistic character development abounds in this anime, and it was honestly what made this series stand out from others introduced around the same time. Tai and his friends set the stage for the anime that would follow Digimon Adventure, adding intricate and well thought-out characters to each new series. It is fitting that Digimon Adventure Tri should be created as well, since this show allowed the characters to grow up before our eyes. It is only natural that we should want to know how they got on later in life!

Character Development is Surprisingly Well Done

Excellent Animation For Its Time
Even though it still had that 90’s anime flair to it, Digimon Adventure had impressive animation that can still hold its own today. The many characters and their expressions all manage to seem realistic, even in this fantastic world. And the focus of the show, the monsters of the Digi-World, are both creative and well-animated. Though a few of the designs were more cliché than others, most of the Digimon overall are each incredibly unique. The animation blends together well, creating an interesting backdrop for the story to unfold. It doesn’t overwhelm or distract from the characters as a whole, but rather creates a unique setting as a Digi-World that is easily recognizable.

There’s More Depth to It Than Other Early “Kids’ Anime”

As the anime continues, Digimon Adventure develops into a dark and intriguing story. Each element combines to become something much larger than your standard animated “kids” show. The anime is treated with care, highly evident in the way the characters and plot are woven in throughout its course. Especially when compared to the wildly popular Pokémon anime, Digimon Adventure allows for far more unpredictability and more character development along the way. Don’t get us wrong, we love both franchises – but the Digimon show began with more structure and deeper meaning in the overall storyline.

Final Thoughts

If you grew up in the 90’s, chances are good that Digimon Adventure was an important part of your childhood! Though it might not have been as popular in the West side of the world, Digimon proves its endurance through its unique story, endearing characters and the important lessons that it taught us along the way.

Have you watched any of the original Digimon series? Let us know in the comments!

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