Anime Rewind: Hitsuji no Uta (Lament of the Lamb) - Vampires Have Siblings Too

Hitsuji-no-Uta-Wallpaper Anime Rewind: Hitsuji no Uta (Lament of the Lamb) - Vampires Have Siblings Too

Vampires Have Siblings Too

  • Episodes: 4
  • Genre: Horror, Drama, Vampire
  • Airing Date: May 2003 - February 2004
  • Studio: Madhouse

Hitsuji no Uta / Plot (No Spoilers)

Sometimes your memory can play tricks on you, at least that’s the case if you’re a member of the Takashiro family. Kazuna has lived his entire life without knowing the dark side of his bloodline and how it has tormented the members of his family. He goes to school normally, eats normally, and even flirts with his crush normally. However, a chance encounter with his estranged sister changes everything in his normal life.

For reasons unknown to Kazuna or his sister Chizuna, members of their lineage are plagued by an overwhelming desire to drink human blood. Chizuna has borne this affliction since she was young, but now it’s starting to affect her younger brother as well. For them, there are only two options: harm and kill others or die. Hitsuji no Uta is an anime that forces tough choices on its protagonist, and no one comes out unscathed.

1. All of The Downsides of Being a Vampire

The Takashiro siblings really drew the short end of the Vampirism stick. They can’t fly or turn into bats and they don’t even have superhuman strength. The only bright side is that they don’t have to worry about burning to a crisp in the light of day, but the other negatives are overwhelming enough.

Throughout the short series, Kazuna is endlessly driven to stalk others, putting him at risk of losing his relationship with his high school crush Yaegashi who worries about him. As she attempts to get closer to him despite his violent outbursts, he withdraws harshly from her. It’s a very painful scenario which plays out, keeping your loved ones away to protect them from yourself.

2. These Siblings Get Too Close For Comfort

While Kazuna has very few memories of his sister, he has many of his mother before she died. His sister bears a striking resemblance to her and Chizuna claims that he reminds her of their father. Over the series, the two grow closer to each other, as Chizuna desperately sacrifices herself to save her brother from going as far as she has. They are alone in the world since no one else bears their affliction and feelings of love begin to grow between them. It’s bittersweet, immoral, and above all else, not meant to last.

3. An Ending That Leaves You With Questions...

Hitsuji no Uta was based on a manga by the same name, and for what it’s worth, the manga adaptation went on for a bit longer than this short OVA series. Some material was skipped, but the biggest difference is the ending. What choice do you have when you are forced to live in society as someone who poses such a great risk to humanity? For Kazuna and Chizuna, the choice was made for them from their birth. While the resolution isn’t exactly ideal, it is final. It’s up for debate which outcome would have been preferable.

Final Thoughts

Hitsuji no Uta is a dark, short-lived story that highlights the downsides of vampires that pop culture has often romanticized. We enjoyed the idea of this series, even if the execution was often found lacking at times. Did you watch this older title? If so what did you think of it? Let us know in the comments!

Hitsuji-no-Uta-Wallpaper Anime Rewind: Hitsuji no Uta (Lament of the Lamb) - Vampires Have Siblings Too


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