Anime Spotlight: K-Project

1. Intro

Kproject-logo Anime Spotlight: K-Project

In this series of articles I’d like to focus your attention on past anime that are either short series (13 episodes or less) or are obscure and didn’t quite get picked up by the mainstream. Hopefully, I can persuade you to try out these shows that you maybe hadn’t heard of or didn’t know what they were about. I’ll give you a brief introduction into the series and then a few reasons why it’s worth your time and attention. So, let’s start off with something that is slightly more well-known and a personal favorite of mine: K.

2. What is K

Kproject-logo Anime Spotlight: K-Project

K, or K-Project, is a show animed by GoHands studio that aired in the Fall of 2012. K can be categorized under headings such as: action, mystery, and supernatural abilities. This show had 13 episodes and was popular during the time it aired. However, without an immediate sequel follow-up, it’s presence dwindled and it wasn’t really brought up again until mid 2014.

So, what is K about? Well, the main character is Yashiro Isana. He attends the prestigious Ashinaka High School. He appears to be a typical student, albeit slightly forgetful. He never has his PDA which is mandatory for all students. For some reason, members of the HOMRA gang (Red Clan) are out to capture him. The Red King, Mikoto Suoh, and leader of HOMRA will stop at nothing to capture Isana.

Meanwhile, Scepter 4 (Blue Clan), led by Reisi Munakata, is a police-based organization that works to keep the peace within Shizume City. They are searching for Isana to figure out the truth and bring him to justice.

Former vassal of the Colorless King, Kuroh Yatogomi, is also on the hunt for Isana. Not sure why everyone is after him, Isana tries to avoid them all. His situation only gets worse when HOMRA releases a video of someone who looks just like Isana murdering one of their members. Unsure if the video is a fake, Isana has no recollection of the event, he has no choice to but to stay on the run and figure out what is really going on.

3. Why You Should Watch It

Kproject-logo Anime Spotlight: K-Project

This show has everything an entertaining and compelling anime should have. There is a murder mystery in which the prime suspect is caught on video, but even he has no idea if he actually committed the murder. There is an intriguing setting involving seven different “Kings” who lead their own organizations and use supernatural abilities. The colors, animation, fight scenes, and character designs are all excellent and keep you engaged with the story. Plus, there is a cat who transforms into a naked woman from time to time. That’s something you don’t get to see in every anime.

4. Future

If you try out the anime and decide to watch it all there is actually a film sequel, K: Missings Kings, that was released back in July 2014. However, it has not been released for Blu-ray or DVD, yet. There was also a recent announcement that an anime continuation of the series would be released sometime in 2015. There is no official title for the new show, but it will follow the story after the events of Missing Kings.

So, have you seen this anime before? If not, do you plan to give it a try? Are there other anime that you feel were amazing shows but didn’t get a sequel or the attention that the deserved? Let me know what you think and comment below.

Kproject-logo Anime Spotlight: K-Project


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