Anime Witch Battle: Wandering Witch Elaina Vs. Max-Level Witch Azusa

We love witches with their powerful magic and super cute outfits. When it comes to anime, it’s fun to follow the adventures of these magical cuties and their explosive power. The way they masterfully control the elements and create imaginative solutions holds us captive just as their adorable attire does. If you take them out of their respective anime, how would they hold up? Let’s look at the Wandering Witch Elaina and the Max-Level Witch Azusa head-to-head to see who has what it takes to be top witch!

Meet our Contestants:

The Ashen Witch: Elaina

Elaina’s incredible intelligence and determination led her to be the youngest witch to pass the sorcery exams in its history. She was inspired by the story of witch Nike and apprenticed under the Stardust Witch, another incredibly notable witch. Despite her youth, Elaina travels the lands to discover new lands and people as well as herself. Along the way, she learns new skills and fights enemies she would never have anticipated encountering prior to leaving her home.

The Witch of the Highlands: Azusa

Having met a terrible end in her previous life, Azusa is granted a mercifully easy life by the goddess Megamegashin. She chooses to be an immortal, capable witch in a fantasy world where she can mostly take care of herself. After spending her first 300 years killing a few slimes each day to practice moderate but dedicated work, Azusa maxes her level higher than any other creature!



Elaina: Noted for her cuteness wherever she goes, in part because she is often commenting on her own beauty. To be fair, her confidence is not unwarranted with her youthful face, flowing ashen hair, and big eyes. The front parts of her long hair are partially tied in two loose ribbons with a small braid on one side of her head. Others recognize her cuteness even to the point of obsession, like Saya, a fellow witch, who becomes enamored with Elaina. We give her a 9/10 with an extra point going to the beautiful colors and animation found in Wandering Witch Elaina.

Azusa: Choosing to appear as an eternally 17-year-old girl, Azusa also boasts a youthful appearance that will never change. Her long blond hair falls past her butt and has a thick braid going from the front of her head to the back. Is there something about witches and braids?? Anyway, Azusa similarly has big blue eyes you love to look into. Her beauty wins her a few devoted helpers over the course of I’ve Been Killing Slimes… Azusa gets a solid 8/10.

Spell Power

Elaina: From the very beginning, Elaina showed incredible promise and magical proficiency, becoming both the youngest apprentice witch and later, the youngest full-fledged witch in history. She learns quickly and is also willing to expand her knowledge when she comes across others she thinks have something to offer her. From turning back time to flying to elemental offense, Elaina showcases extreme magic proficiency in multiple areas and shows no sign of stopping. She receives an 8/10 but it’s likely this score will increase in the future!

Azusa: While originally being a witch of little renown, slowly whittling away the number of slimes has given her enough experience to surpass everyone else in her world. While she never wanted to come into such power, the adventurer’s guild confirms her unheard-of level. She’s able to fell huge monsters and impress everyone with not only her raw power but with how quickly she learns and masters new spells. She has 282 years on Elaina so it’s unsurprising her score is higher with a 9.9/10


Elaina: Very much a passerby most concerned with collecting stories for her journal, Elaina rarely gets heavily involved with the people she visits. She has been known to lend her power in exchange for money or, more rarely, when things seem too one-sided for someone. For someone that thinks so highly of herself and also boasts such skill, she really is a patient individual, having endured the Stardust witch’s taxing demands so long before breaking down. While she lacks physical power, her mental endurance earns her a 7/10.

Azusa: Azusa sacrificed her first life by enduring long hours and grueling work. Now, she focuses on manageable everyday effort to keep herself busy but maintain her slow-paced, easy life. Her magic boosts give her the ability to withstand powerful attacks, but she gets tired as others do from manual labor. It’s understandable, even admirable that she doesn’t push her endurance and instead tries to look for easy ways to overcome difficulties. For this, she receives a 5/10


Elaina: Elaina is confident bordering on hubris, goal-oriented to the point of missing the big picture, and curious at the risk of danger. Luckily, her fast-thinking and magical ability protect her from most consequences. She is quick to lend a hand for small fixes to show off or even bigger issues where money is concerned but she does not wish to be anyone’s savior. Yet even with her rather self-serving nature, she really doesn’t want others to suffer and will begrudgingly offer free help when things seem too dire. Wise beyond her years, Elaina’s personality scores her a 6/10.

Azusa: Azusa is a sweet, doting person once she gets close to people. She likes to maintain a more independent life away from others but can’t help wanting to make peoples’ lives easier especially since it’s so easy for her. She doesn’t like fighting or getting involved in other people’s drama but she is quick to defend others and look for solutions to ease people’s burdens. She’s bright and cheerful and thus earns a 9/10.

Final Score

Elaina: 30
Azusa: 31.9

Azusa scrapes ahead and steals the win from Elaina! Both witches are incredible in their own rights and worthy of recognition. However, there can only be one crowned queen witch! With her magical abilities, personality, and looks, Elaina reigns supreme! But with hints of a season two of Wandering Witch and Elaina’s indomitable spirit, who’s to say these rankings won’t change? Let us know in the comments who is the top witch in your mind!

Slime-Taoshite-300-Nen-Shiranai-Uchi-ni-Level-Max-ni-Nattemashita-dvd-349x500 Anime Witch Battle: Wandering Witch Elaina Vs. Max-Level Witch Azusa


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