I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level Review - Funny Life Lessons and Fantasy!

With quite an imposing title, Slime Taoshite 300-nen, Shiranai Uchi ni Level Max ni Nattemashita (I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level) Gives you a very good idea of what you’re in for. You have your OP main character, a fantasy setting, and a pretty straightforward narrative. But while utilizing this formula, they teach us the importance of proper work-life balance. Fans of fantasy, cute girls, and comedy will find something special about I’ve Been Killing Slimes!

Art and Character Design

The world where Azusa is reincarnated after her untimely death is full of wonder and magic! Fittingly, the art is bright and cheerful with a surprising amount of detail given to the different towns and to Azusa’s magic spells. With things usually moving at a slow pace, it’s not usually necessary for the animation to be crisp and clear but for those few fight scenes, they really step it up! And without being too boob-focused, they do give some well-deserved attention to Halkara’s bouncing boobies.

Every member of Azusa’s family is a total cutie in their own unique ways save for the twins, for obvious reasons. Interestingly, there are 3 blonds in the main cast but each has their own particular shade. Being in a fantasy setting, they could have gone crazy with hair colors but instead relied more on the girls’ characters to keep them distinct. Most of the main cast is dressed rather conservatively to keep up the family atmosphere but there are still some fanservicey demons to spice things up!

Departure from Other Fantasy Anime:
You would think an anime with a hermit witch that doesn’t want to be bothered wouldn’t have a bustling, colorful cast. Instead of adventuring out and growing her group through exploration, cute girls gravitate towards Azusa for a multitude of reasons. It’s nice to see new places as the girls go on vacation or to see each others’ previous homes, but it’s an adventure setting without the seeking of adventure. Azusa can’t so much as step onto her porch without some new challenge waiting for her! She’s not comically lazy like some anti-heroes either, Azusa would just prefer to live a slow life with the perks of being so powerful no one can rob her of her peace!

While there is some humor in Azusa’s humble beginnings in killing low-level slimes to becoming the most powerful being in her world, I’ve Been Killing Slimes stick to a core concept: Rest is essential to productivity. They don’t wait till a character has a fever to press the issue nor do they make it a running gag where Azusa tries to avoid work. Sometimes it’s as blatant as Azusa telling Laika she must rest even if she feels motivated to work through the night. Sometimes it’s Azusa apologizing for not noticing someone’s feet hurt and immediately rectifying the situation even when more hands on deck would be helpful.

Still Has the Essentials:

What’s a fantasy anime without magic? Over the course of the anime, Azusa learns and uses all different kinds of magic. Offensive magic, protection magic, transformation magic, and the rules and thoughts behind these spells are often talked about instead of just shown to us. While there isn’t a menagerie of fantasy creatures, we do have our staples of slimes, dragons, and elves along with other beings that make the show feel other-worldly! And with Azusa’s overwhelming power, she’s able to quickly resolve disputes to keep things on a slice-of-life pace that keeps the audience happy and content!

Each cute girl we’re graced with has their own quirks and dynamics with other characters which make watching their interactions so fun! Halkara is a lush but she’s also very skilled with creating food and drink and takes notes on local cuisine. The twins are the super moe force of the show and usually just try to help out but also use their child-like charms on Beelzebub to help their mother out. Laika becomes almost a submissive housewife after her defeat by Azusa but still has her pride and combative spirit when it comes to protecting her home. Even with the hijinks and full-house antics, these important traits are not lost!

Final Thoughts

I’ve Been Killing Slimes goes a step further than ‘you deserve a break sometimes’ to ‘working steadily is necessary for success, not overwork.’ You should never be in a position that compromises your health for your work as it’s a hard habit to break as we see with Halkara and her energy drinks. The family aspect also makes this show stand out. Sure, there are some yuri-undertones, but it’s nice to see the sweet bond between Azusa as a mother and her two little children who love each other very much! It’s also nice to see the faithful jokes about big boobs and overreactions to things easily mitigated combined with fresh comedic scenarios. For a fun, cutesy, easy-to-watch experience that also has a good message, check out I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level! Let us know what you thought in the comments!

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