Anitore! 2nd Season - Anime Fall 2016

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Anitore! 2nd Season Key Visual 1
Anitore! 2nd Season Key Visual 1

Anitore! 2nd Season

Sports, Comedy

Airing Date:
October 5 2016

Rising Force

Honey’s Highlights

honey's anime character
A second season just a year after the first! Well I for one am happy, bring on the fanservice...
honey's anime character
Anitore! is for two types of people: those like Bee-kun who want to watch girls exercise, and those who want to learn to exercise themselves!
honey's anime character
This season has a new character played by up-and-coming seiyuu Eri Suzuki! All the seiyuu in this series are pretty young so that's refreshing.

honey's anime character
It was a short last series so it will most likely be 4 minute episodes again... But it's coming October 2016, so if you're interested, keep an eye out!


The 2nd season of Anitore!

That fat-burning anime is back, and it’s powered up! Have you got any muscles that you haven’t been using recently? Why not join in with this anime and enjoy exercising with the characters? There’s all kinds of training on an even bigger scale than the first season! A new character, Sakura Izumi, will also be making an appearance! Five girls aiming to be idols and one cute character will exercise along with you, and reduce that pesky body fat by even more than the first season... 10,000% ?!

Characters & Voice Actors List

Asami Hoshi

Voice Actor: Miku Itou

A super-healthy girl who’s good at all sports. She’s totally useless when it comes to studying, so much so that she faints in agony every time the word ‘equation’ is mentioned. Cheerful and energetic with unbounded innocence. A budding idol who can make friends with anyone and has super positive thinking. Her position in the unit is the centre!

Eri Higuchi

Voice Actor: Azumi Waki

Confident and determined, the youngest member of the group. She’s competitive and the type to see through her decisions to the end. However, until her motivational switch is flipped, her engine doesn’t seem to want to start… Has a complex about her small chest.

Shizuno Saotome

Voice Actor: Miyu Komaki

Tidy and calm, a young woman who always goes at her own pace. She’s very tolerant and gives off a healing aura. However, because she’s from a wealthy family her knowledge of the world is a little off, but that’s part of her charm. Loves cooking and her pet ferret more than anything else.

Shion Tachibana

Voice Actor: Maria Naganawa

A mysterious girl, a ‘fallen angel who descended from the world of jet-black darkness, Tenebrae.’ Apparently, her reason for wanting to become an idol is because it is ‘a destiny she was led to’ or something. However, she also has a clumsy side and sometimes gets her own backstory wrong.

Yuu Hiraoka

Voice Actor: Kanon Takao

Shy and easily embarrassed, a negative thinker who’s quick to get teary eyed. Wear glasses to correct her severe nearsightedness. If you take her glasses off, she becomes unable to do anything. She’s always wanted to be normal more than anyone else, but it seems her unique characteristics are soothing to others?

Sakura Izumi

Voice Actor: Eri Suzuki

A girl who suddenly appears before the other girls. She talks in an old-fashioned way and always wears a listless expression. But who exactly is this girl who shows such a daring smile?

Other TitleAnitore! XX
Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Cheer for You♪ by Asami Hoshi, Eri Higuchi, Shizuno Saotome, Shion Tachibana, Yuu Hiraoka, Sakura Izumi (Miku Itou, Azumi Waki, Miyu Komaki, Maria Naganawa, Kanon Takao, Eri Suzuki)

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: 6 pack
  • Director: Atsushi Nigorikawa
  • Script: Daisuke Ishibashi
  • Series Composition: Daisuke Ishibashi
  • Character Design: Shuuhei Yamamoto
  • Animation Director: Shuuhei Yamamoto
  • Original Illustrator: Masahito Onoda
  • Music: Yashikin

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