ANiUTa’s second interview with Artist of the Month, Minori Suzuki, has been released!

banner-aniuta-artist-of-the-month-minori-suzuki-week2-1-500x185 ANiUTa’s second interview with Artist of the Month, Minori Suzuki, has been released!

What You Need to Know:

  • In interview one, Minori Suzuki talked about the journey to her debut, and we’ll be continuing from there. In elementary school, she realized she wanted to have a job that used her voice, and then she learned about voice acting. Around that time, she had her first birthday for which she could ask for specific presents, so she got a CD player.
  • “I also got the soundtrack for Gakuen Alice. I liked the original manga, so I watched the anime and couldn’t get through the last episode without tearing up. I didn’t realize it at the time, but the cast was fantastic. For a school talent show, my friends and I made pom-poms and danced to a Gakuen Alice song.”

  • Once Suzuki entered high school, she got a part-time job and started saving money. After her parents gave their permission, she started commuting from home to a voice acting training school in Tokyo.
  • “From 11th grade, I commuted for one year. The courses were for the foundations of performing, so I mostly studied acting that uses body movement. I didn’t have lessons that focused precisely on voice acting, but one of my teachers was a voice actor, so I could ask about his experiences recording.”

  • Read her full interview on ANiUTa! And check her music video of “Feeling Around” the opening theme of TV anime Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san.
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