Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist) Chapter 116.1 (Part 2) Manga Review – "The Power of the Koma Sword”

The Power of the Koma Sword
  • Mangaka : Katou, Kazue
  • Publisher : Shonen Jump
  • Genre : Action, Adventure, Shounen, Demons, Drama, Fantasy, School, Supernatural
  • Published : December 3, 2019

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

A month has once more passed and instead of getting chapter 117 for Ao no Exorcist we were given part 2 of chapter 116—titled 116.1—which took us by surprise. We continue witnessing the birth of Satan’s child and things are looking worrisome seeing as how our newborn is a powerful demon on par with his big ole dad. Panicking, Shiro contemplates taking the child’s life while his power is still under control but is instead given the Koma Sword which seals the demon side of the child within the blade.

Everyone celebrates as Yuri is given her child back and Shiro has seemingly saved the day…until the arrival of our demonic dad. Satan comes forth and isn’t too happy that Yuri has left him and thinks Shiro has betrayed him. A fight ensues between the exorcist and demon lord and we learn Satan was envious of Shiro who could be with his Yuri due to his human form. As the battle draws near its quick conclusion—though it was ferocious nonetheless—the demon lord himself enters Shiro’s body and now is clearly merged with him, something we knew of from the beginning of the series but never understood why till now. Unfortunately, this amazing past revelation is where the second part of 116 ends and another month must pass till we get—hopefully—the 117th chapter. Till that fated day in 2020, let’s discuss why you shouldn’t sleep on chapter 116.1!

Why You Should Read Ao No Exorcist (Blue Exorcist) Chapter 116.1

1. The Koma Sword Explained

In case you hadn’t truly understood how the Koma Sword activated Rin’s power—and why it could—chapter 116.1 reveals its origin. We learn the blade’s power acting as a medium between two worlds and is able to both hurt and to seal thanks to the powers infused within. The Koma Sword has been given its time to shine in the Ao no Exorcist series but this quick lesson really helps pinpoint how it allows Rin to originally unlock his demon form when he entered a fight after unsheathing it.

2. We Are the Same!

The biggest part of this second segment to chapter 116.1 is the reintroduction of Lucifer—Satan—and the revelation of how he entered Shiro’s body originally. After a truly amazing battle between human and demon, the fight concludes with Satan entering Shiro’s body and becoming part of him. We know this union doesn’t stick as the series shows but it is a true shock to now understand why when Ao no Exorcist first began it was so easy for Shiro’s body to be consumed by the demon lord himself.

Final Thoughts

Ao no Exorcist 116.1 wasn’t the 117th chapter we had hoped for after the usual month-long wait but it was a significantly better part than the previous one. Some key story points were more explained in this chapter, allowing us to see how the series began and why some earlier moments are more profound than we originally thought.

Chapter 117 has some big shoes to fill as it we believe it might finally end this flashback segment we’ve been in but do you think it will reveal anything else this series hasn’t already? Comment below with your thoughts so we can chat with you readers about Ao no Exorcist! For even more chapter reviews of this and other manga, be sure to keep stuck to our glorious hive here at Honey’s Anime!

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