Are There Too Many Anime Being Released Per Season?

Too much of a good thing can in fact be a bad thing so let’s be real for a minute. As many of us learned from our youth while candy is delicious and super sweet too much of it in one go can be quite bad. Even worse, too much candy leads to issues later in life so too much candy isn’t a good thing but quite the opposite. With that being said, we here at Honey’s Anime love the sweetness of anime and, equally, love how—in recent years—more anime have been releasing frequently per season. Yet, doesn’t that pose an interesting thought? Are There Too Many Anime Being Released Per Season? Our article below will go into why too much anime is both a good thing and equally a bad one.

More Shows to Watch!

If you look back to the younger years of anime, it was hard to find many shows that catered to your tastes in one season. If you loved mecha, you might find one Gundam season and maybe one other type of mecha released, but that would be it. In the last few years, there have been several dozen mecha shows released—Darling in the FranXX and Knight and Magic—almost in one season. More anime per seasons means more variety of series/genres to enjoy, which is always a good thing…right?

Quantity Doesn’t Equal Quality

Studio Kyoto Animation (KyoAni)—which our hearts go out to in their time of need—wasn’t a studio that released hundreds of shows a year but only a few here and there. Most of KyoAni’s works such as Violet Evergarden or Free! didn’t release back to back, but they are known for breathtaking art and amazing narrative. Studio A-1 Pictures—which makes some stellar creations—tends to release numerous shows per season, but some of their works tend to be hit and miss. In our minds here at Honey’s Anime, quality trumps over quantity and while we love having tons of shows to watch each season, we also enjoy those shows to look good and not just be done in a mass production style.

Never Lacking in Anime to Watch

Cable TV hasn’t yet become obsolete, but slowly other forms of entertainment are beginning to over ride it. The reason—or at least one of the big reasons—for this is that often regular TV has nothing to watch! Channel after channel of re-runs or shows you don’t care about occupy air and that just makes us groan as we flip through channels. Luckily, with how much anime releases now, we rarely can’t find a series to check out weekly or binge near the end of its run. It’s a blessing to have so much to watch, but it does come with a big consequence and that one should be apparent.


Besides the whole quality over quantity thing, too many shows mean just that…too many. In the summer 2019 anime season there are currently 38 new shows—including second seasons—and 47 shows still airing from past seasons. While the latter has lesser known shows that have been airing for years—Detective Conan, for example—that still is a lot of anime and that’s not even including ONA and OVAs! If you are a die-hard anime fan who pleasures him/herself on watching all the anime as it airs we’ve got news for you, there isn’t enough time in the world to watch all these shows and still go on with regular everyday life! That’s even aimed at those with more free time than others!

Final Thoughts

A lot of anime is never a bad thing per say folks. Anime is something we all love and every year more and more wickedly awesome shows release to captivate us in ways we didn’t think possible. What worries us though is that these shows air in such huge numbers that we are beginning to notice quality issues here and there—which makes sense as creators get pushed to their limits—as well as an oversaturated market of shows that just seem like clones of each other. Maybe too much anime per season might be a bad thing and we need to learn from studios like Kyoto Animation, White Fox and MAPPA—just to name a few—as they tend to not release more than a few shows per year. Though this ultimately is our opinion and we wonder what do you folks think? Are There Too Many Anime Being Released Per Season? Let us know in the comments what you think and why it’s a good or bad thing! For more article like this one, be sure to keep coming back to our awesome hive here at Honey’s Anime!

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