[Editorial Tuesday] Are You an Anime Addict?

luckystar-huruhi-cosplay-wallpaper-700x437 [Editorial Tuesday] Are You an Anime Addict?

With most hobbies, there is a fine line between an interest and obsessed. Whether a hobby takes up most of your life or a small portion of your life depends greatly on how interested you are in a particular hobby.

Many people like to make generalizations in regards to anime viewers about the degree in which you enjoy anime. As a rule of thumb, people will make the assumption that you're an anime addict!
This view is off base because not everyone who enjoys anime enjoys it to the same degree as others. That would be impossible, however there are a few ways to figure out if you are an anime addict.

On a scale of one to weeaboo, just how much of an anime addict are you?

How Much Anime Merchandise Do You Own?

The first sign of an anime addict involves gauging the amount of anime merchandise that you have in your possession. If you're at home, stop and assess your room. Do you have wall scrolls decorating the wall? Do you have figures lining the shelves? How about a dakimakura resting on your bed? Maybe you think that's too hard core, but how about a small anime keychain or several pins tacked onto your messenger bag?

Whether you own a little or a lot of merchandise can show how much of an anime addict you are. If your walls are lined with anime merchandise, you may be seen as an anime addict! Or maybe you have a shopping problem. Perhaps you're the type who spends every cent on your hobby. There's nothing wrong with that! It's well worth it.

There are many other individuals whose interests are a bit more mild so they choose to own nothing anime-themed or may tote around a button or accessory that's for the eyes of a perceptive anime enthusiast. Which group do you fall into?

luckystar-huruhi-cosplay-wallpaper-700x437 [Editorial Tuesday] Are You an Anime Addict?

What Do You Talk About?

Let's not forget that a person's conversation is made up of their interests. If you're an anime addict, you'll find that you are more prone to bring up anime in conversation amongst your friends, give your opinions on an anime, or push a recommendation on your peers. Hell, look at me; I write about anime! Don't those sound like the makings of an anime addict?

It's common for those with a great interest in a subject to bring it up more often than not. If your friends have the same hobby, you can all pass the time by talking about different series. Typically, you'll just find yourself discussing anime most of the time.

There are other anime addicts out there who develop an interest in the Japanese language. It's almost impossible to watch anime without learning a few Japanese words! If you're really hard core, and leaning towards weeaboo status, you'll intermix Japanese into your English or just exclaim in Japanese whenever it suits you. Don't you enjoy shouting out loud in a sentence that only a few people can understand? Well, if you're an anime addict, you do!

luckystar-huruhi-cosplay-wallpaper-700x437 [Editorial Tuesday] Are You an Anime Addict?

How Much Does Your Schedule Revolve Around Anime?

One of the most defining factors to determine whether you're an anime addict or not is whether or not your life revolves around anime. It's one thing to take the time to watch an anime in your spare time and finish at your pace. A lot of us do this most of the time. Some people may spend a few days binge watching anime because there are just so many series out there to watch and the one you're on is just too good to stop. That's what you call an anime fan. When you start ditching friends, spending whole weeks watching anime, you know you're dipping into Japanese otaku status.

If you're schedule revolves around watching anime, you may find you've got an anime problem. You may try to keep up with all the current anime this season by forsaking other responsibilities or people. Maybe you decide you cannot make an event because your favorite anime is airing. If you have found yourself in this situation where your life revolves around anime, you're most likely an anime addict! Your life revolves around anime!

luckystar-huruhi-cosplay-wallpaper-700x437 [Editorial Tuesday] Are You an Anime Addict?

What is Your Life Like Outside of Anime?

While this may seem like an odd question, but what is your life like outside of anime? When you're not watching anime or talking about it on the message boards, what do you do? Many anime enthusiasts will go to conventions, expos, and even cosplay meet ups to seek out other like-minded individuals to enjoy their hobbies with. Why not enjoy your hobby with people who understand you? Or you can take another route: do what you want regardless of the opinions of strangers. Maybe you're the type of person who walks around with a pair of cat ears on your head, a Naruto headband around your forehead, or you enjoy wearing a fox tail wherever you go. Whichever category you fall into, you're an anime addict!

On the opposite of the spectrum, you could just enjoy a life outside of anime. That doesn't mean you're not into anime; you're just not as addicted as other otaku might be. There's nothing wrong with having a life outside of anime!

luckystar-huruhi-cosplay-wallpaper-700x437 [Editorial Tuesday] Are You an Anime Addict?

Concluding paragraph

While labels and the desire to "be defined" aren't exactly imperative to our survival, you can use these questions to determine whether or not you are an anime addict! Does everything you do revolve around anime? Is that the major foundation for your life? There's nothing wrong with that!

Whether you're a casual viewer or an anime addict, that's for you to find out. Taking into consideration these questions, just what type of anime addict are you? Or, what other examples are there that would define a person an anime addict? Let us know in the comments below!

luckystar-huruhi-cosplay-wallpaper-700x437 [Editorial Tuesday] Are You an Anime Addict?


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